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Great Britain is the ancestor of more than 50 dog breeds, some of which (dorgi, fergi) were bred by the queen herself. More than 40% of British families have at least one pet, and most of the family pets are dogs. And which dogs are considered the most English (except for the hound of the Baskervilles)?

So, in the first place -

# 3 Clumber Spaniel - Clumber Spaniel

Although the Westminster Kennel Club calls this breed “dignified buffoon” (the dignified buffoon), the largest of the clamber spaniels is a great hunting dog, especially for hunting in lowlands and cross country. The name of the breed comes from the name of the estate of the Earl of Newcastle. Solid aristocracy!

# 4 English Bulldog - English Bulldog

Being naturally good-natured and friendly, bulldog dogs are very popular. At one time, the breed of stocky and hard-knocked dogs was bred for cruel entertainment bull baitingbaiting bulls with dogs. Perhaps the most popular bulldog of our time is Handsome Dan, the mascot of Yale University.

# 5 English Foxhound - English Foxhound

Outwardly resembling a large beagle, the English Foxhound is a hound used in traditional English fox hunting.

Isn't this the lazy dog ​​that the brown fox jumps over (phrase “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” contains all 26 letters of the English alphabet)?

# 6 Scottish Setter - Gordon Setter

Hunting dog, unusually smart - and gets along great with children! The breed bred in Scotland on the estate of the Earl of Richmond and Gordon. Remember the movie "White Bim Black Ear"? Bim is a Scottish setter, though of a non-standard color.

# 9 Sheltie - Shetland Sheepdog

A small copy of the collie, sheltie (Shetland Sheepdog) is a shepherd dog from the Shetland Islands in Scotland. Extraordinarily friendly, this dog loves to catch up with clumsy sheep, and in the evening - to sit down under the barrel to the owner.

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Character & temperament

The Welsh Hound has been kept as a hunting dog for many hundreds of years, living and hunting in packs. It is adapted to hunting in rocky and mountainous terrain in its native Wales. The different traits of the Welsh Hound make it unsuitable to hunt other parts of the United Kingdom due to the proximity to the road and railway line. A ban on hunting would have a catastrophic effect on the Welsh Hound since it has been bred to hunt the Welsh hills since the immemorial. Welsh Hounds tend to be slower than English hounds so they are not typically used for drag hunting. When trained, Welsh Hounds are very obedient and must be immediately responsive to the huntsman’s commands. Because of its irrepressible hunting instincts, the Welsh Hound is completely unsuitable as a pet.

Welsh hound breed history

The Welsh Hound is thought to have descended from ancient Celtic hounds. Many historians believe these Celtic hounds have been in Wales since sometime in the 5 th century. The Celtic hounds were bred to smooth coated hounds that might have descended from the St. Hubert Hound. These smooth coated hounds were thought to have come from the Margam Abbey. The dogs produced from this cross were then bred to smooth coated English Staghounds. These English Staghounds are thought to be the trio owned by Parson Jack Russell. The resulting dogs were solely used to hunt fox in large packs. Therefore, these dogs had to have a good disposition to be able to work with a pack even during the frenzy of the hunt. The Welsh Hound was used for over 200 years solely for organized fox hunts through the British Isles. Some researchers feel the Welsh Hound did not originate from Celtic Hounds, St. Hubert Hounds and English Staghounds. Instead, they believe the Welsh Hound is a direct descendant of the now extinct Segussi breed. Since the breed has such a long history, with its beginnings not recorded anywhere in known history, it is likely that nobody will ever know their exact origins. The official studbook for the Welsh Hound was opened by the Welsh Hound Association in 1922. The breed has remained pure since 1928. Since fox hunting is now outlawed in England, the Welsh Hound had to be reclassified as a rare breed companion or pet rather than an actual working breed. The United Kennel Club recognized the breed in 2006.

Welsh Hound Breed Appearance

The Welsh Hound has a typical foxhound look with strong shoulders, longer muscled legs and a sturdy trunk. Their bark is total hound and must be loud enough to carry across windy Welsh terrains while hunting. They give an overall impression of being sturdy and athletic. Their tail is set high and carried gaily but it should never curl over their back like a spitz-type breed. Their ears are long and hang down beside their cheek. The set of their ears should be medium low and close to the head. They have a broad nose that can be black or brown depending on their coat color. Their eyes are medium sized and set obliquely, the color is varying shades of brown with darker eye rims. The Welsh Hound has a dense coat that is harsh and medium long. Some Welsh Hounds have a smooth coat and this is not to be considered a serious fault. They can be found in black, red, tan, fawn or white. They can also be pied and have a mix of white and any of the previously mentioned colors.

Breed recognition

The Welsh Hound is registered with The Welsh Hound Association, which has been keeping the breed's stud book since 1922, and maintaining the breed as purebred since 1928. The association was formed "for the purpose of preserving and promoting the Welsh Fox Hound as a specific British breed ". The Welsh Hound was recognized by the United Kennel Club on January 1, 2006.

Since the outlawing of hunting with dogs in Great Britain, various clubs have been offering registration for the Welsh Hound as a rare breed pet.

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