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10 best wet dog foods


In pet stores and markets, various types of dog food are represented in great abundance. Trays and shelves of trade pavilions are bursting with offers of famous brands Royal Canin, Purina, Acana, Orijen and many others, both domestic and foreign.

The most important characteristic of such feeds is their compliance with the food and energy needs of the animal, which helps to avoid various troubles, such as an upset stomach in a dog.

On sale there are the following types of feed that can be used as a dog’s main diet:

  • canned food and offal,
  • dry feed
  • organic products.

Consider in detail the advantages and disadvantages of these types of feed.

Canned and offal for dogs

Usually, feed obtained as a result of processing the bones and internal organs of animals with the addition of animal fat, natural meat, fish and auxiliary ingredients is usually preserved.

Such feed can be packaged in soft bags made of polymer material or metal cans. Canned food was originally designed for long shelf life, which is why preservatives and food additives are added to them that do not add health to animals consuming such canned food.

If possible, feeding canned dogs should be avoided, preferring natural meat products.

Dry dog ​​food

In the diet of most dogs, dry food occupies from 30 to 80% of the amount of food consumed. The technology for the production of dry feed allows you to include in their composition a scientifically sound amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, including through the addition of grain and meat ingredients.

Such feed can be stored for a long time in a dried state, without losing its properties. The consumption of dry feed implies the consumption of a moderate amount of drinking water by animals, access to which should be around the clock. It is generally accepted that the division of dry feed into elite (or premium) and economy class. The difference between them is determined not only by price, but also by the presence / absence of expensive food additives in their composition. It is preferable to bet on more expensive types of feed.

Natural Products for Dogs

All dogs belong to the class of predators, which indicates the need to include meat products in their diet. This is not about canned foods, but about fresh meat (both raw and cooked using heat treatment). Natural products include bones with cartilage, which dogs (especially large breeds), and fish, eggs, milk and other products of animal origin are happy to treat themselves to.

Dogs also need food of plant origin, happily consuming cereals and soups. The presence of all the above types of feed in the dog’s diet is considered optimal.

Sometimes dog owners mistakenly give their pets a taste of cat dry food. This is not recommended, since the composition of the feed for dogs and cats varies significantly (even if produced by the same manufacturing company). If you have health problems, you should contact your veterinarian for advice on the conditions and diet of the animal. Often, drugs have to be added to the main food, which help the animal recover more quickly.

What feed classes are there?

Conditionally dry dog ​​food is divided into 4 classes, taking into account the quality of the ingredients.

For feed economy class use low-grade raw materials. This is mainly food waste, offal and soy. The composition does not introduce vitamins. To ensure the normal development of pets, owners will have to add multivitamin complexes to their pets ’diet. It is worth noting that the assimilation of feed by the economy class does not occur completely. Allergic reactions, indigestion or indigestion, diseases of the internal organs are possible.

The composition of the premium feed low-quality ingredients, preservatives, flavor and odor enhancers are also included. Compared to the economy, the amount of animal protein is increased. However, in most cases it is not meat that is used, but offal of not the highest quality. Manufacturers often do not indicate which products of animal origin were used in the production.

Super premium food contains high-quality components: poultry or lamb, cereals, eggs, biological additives. The advantage is that the food can be selected for a certain age of the pet, lifestyle, physical condition. The disadvantages include the fact that the composition contains a small percentage of products that are not digestible by dogs.

The highest quality and natural food Is a holistic. Its composition is well selected, it contains high-quality products that are suitable for human food. As part of such a feed, probiotics can often be seen that improve the digestion and general condition of the dog. Manufacturers write in detail the composition, indicating the variety of meat, cereals or butter. Nutritionists note the highest quality of this food and its benefits for the well-being and development of four-legged pets.

How to choose the right food for dogs?

Choosing the best diet for your pet, it is worth following a number of some rules:

  • Do not focus on advertising,
  • be based on international and domestic dog feed ratings,
  • choose a diet based on the age and health of the animal,
  • you must carefully read the composition of the selected feed,
  • consult with experts, experienced dog breeders and veterinarians.

You can communicate with doctors and like-minded people in specialized forums. Be sure to read the reviews about the brand of food that you decided to buy your dog.

You can buy high-quality dog ​​food without fear of a possible fake only in specialized stores that deliver goods from the manufacturer, but you can try to do this in a regular pet store. Remember, you cannot find real veterinary feeds in supermarkets: they contain only economy class brands.

As for online stores with home delivery, it’s very risky to buy dog ​​food in them. If you still decide on this step, then you should consult with experts about the reliability of the selected online store and the quality of its products, purchased in bulk.

Super Premium Dog Feed Rating

All the feeds presented below are approximately the same in terms of quality, therefore the rating is primarily based on popularity and price:

  1. Monge (produced in Italy, price from 400 rubles per 1 kg),
  2. Brit Care (produced in the Czech Republic, price from 340 rubles per 1 kg),
  3. Dukes Farm (produced in the UK, from 360 rubles per 1 kg),
  4. Grandin (produced in the Czech Republic, price from 335 rubles per 1 kg),
  5. Bosch (produced in Germany, price from 356 rubles per 1 kg),
  6. Summit (Canada, price from 250 rubles per 1 kg),
  7. Belcando (produced in Germany, price from 430 rubles per 1 kg),
  8. Arden Grange (produced in the UK, from 385 rubles per 1 kg),
  9. Barking Heads (United Kingdom, from 390 rubles per 1 kg).

Each of the feeds presented in our rating of super premiums is quite good in composition. Indicators of meat in the finished feed - from 27%, there are no artificial flavor additives, many vitamins and minerals.

Premium Dog Food Rating

In premium feed, the composition can not always be called full-ration, most often they use offal of meat production instead of meat, preservatives are not indicated.

And yet, if you decide to choose "drying" from this class, then here is the premium feed rating:

  1. Brit Premium (Czech Republic, price from 160 rubles per 1 kg),
  2. Hills Science Plan (Netherlands, from 367 rubles per 1 kg),
  3. ABBA premium (Netherlands, price per 1 kg from 185 rubles),
  4. Probalance (Russia, price from 140 rubles per 1 kg),
  5. Royal Canin (Russia, from 270 rubles per 1 kg),
  6. ProPlan (Russia, Italy, France, from 300 rubles per 1 kg),
  7. ProNature Original (Canada, from 215 rubles per 1 kg),
  8. Advance (Spain, from 260 rubles per 1 kg),
  9. Chicopee (Germany, price per 1 kg from 240 rubles),
  10. Faithful friends (Russia, price from 90 rubles per 1 kg).

This rating is based on the ratio of composition, price, availability (availability in stores). It should be noted that the cost of feed such as Royal Canin, Hills and ProPlan is significantly higher than most premium class counterparts. The reason for this is probably a huge spending on advertising, which is present almost everywhere.

Dog food holistic rating

First of all, we note that dog food for dogs is actually a super-premium class. But we made their rating separately, and on which option you would not have stopped - this would be a good choice.

  1. Acana (Canada, price from 460 rubles per 1 kg),
  2. Go Natural (Canada, from 330 rubles per 1 kg),
  3. Now Fresh (Canada, from 395 rubles per 1 kg),
  4. Applaws (United Kingdom, from 520 rubles per 1 kg),
  5. Orijen (Canada, price per 1 kg from 570 rubles),
  6. CarniLove (Czech Republic, from 500 rubles per 1 kg),
  7. Farmina N&D (Brazil, Italy, Serbia, price per 1 kg from 390 rubles),
  8. Savarra (United Kingdom, from 315 rubles per 1 kg),
  9. Wolfsblut (Great Britain, from 420 rubles per 1 kg).

Although Go Natural wins against Acana in price, the latter contains percentages of all the main ingredients, but not in the former. This is an example of why one feed in the ranking is higher than another.

Hypoallergenic nutrition

  1. Eukanuba Dermatosis FP Response- It is recommended for the manifestation of eating disorders, as well as negative reactions of the dog's body to poultry, beef and grain crops. It is also prescribed for dermatitis and profuse hair loss (both during molting and during illness). Price - 2,200 rubles per 5 kg.

  • essential minimum ingredients
  • medicinal feed
  • high efficiency (ideal for intolerance to chicken, beef),
  • grainless.

  • relatively high cost (the price is comparable to holistic feed),
  • strong smell of fish.

  1. Proseries Holistic hypoallergenic- designed for those animals who are allergic to meat components. As an alternative to protein, quality fish varieties are used. Carbohydrates are barley and oats. It has a high content of multivitamins, accelerates immunity, improves the condition of the musculoskeletal system, improves the condition of the coat. Price - 1,200 rubles per 1.5 kg.

  • 1 source of protein
  • contains chondroprotectors,
  • balanced composition.

  • the composition contains crops
  • strong smell of fish
  • hard to find in pet stores.

  1. Grandorf Duck & Potato Adult All Breeds- the basis of the product is duck and turkey meat (70%), which cannot cause allergic reactions. It contains a lot of antioxidants and vitamins. Perfectly regulates digestive processes. Price - 1,000 rubles per 3 kg.

  • balanced natural composition
  • allergen free
  • grainless.

  • not at all pet stores,
  • sometimes causes an allergy.

Best dog food for the elderly

A caring owner knows that the nutrition of the animal must be appropriate for its age. The older the pet becomes, the more quality and rich its nutrition should become. Some brands offer a separate food line for adults and older dogs:

  • Barking heads for dogs older than 7 years “golden years” - excellent composition: meat fillet, fish, brown rice, seaweed, peas, fresh vegetables, dried fruits. The selected ingredients help prevent most diseases that come with aging dogs (including urolithiasis). This food perfectly strengthens the immune system and supports healthy joints. Price - 2 500 rubles per 5 kg,
  • Applaws grainless for older dogs is an excellent English feed, 76% chicken fillet. Peas and potatoes are used as carbohydrates in the production. Food is known for its minimal glycemic index, which is extremely important for older animals. The product contains saturated fatty acids necessary to maintain the normal functioning of the body. The composition also includes algae, yeast and plant extracts that maintain a stable hormonal background. Price - 2 100 rubles for 7.5 kg,
  • 1st Choice Senior- calf meat and chicken liver are used as a source of protein. The composition of the product includes plant extracts, fruits and vegetables, which ensure reliable oral hygiene and even fresh breath. The food maintains healthy joints, speeds up the exchange of saturated acids, improves the condition of the coat, and has a beneficial effect on the digestive system. Price - 3,200 rubles per 12 kg,

10 Hill's

Fairly expensive, but the most balanced and high-quality canned food for dogs. In the assortment, in addition to conventional wet food, there are medicinal varieties. There are a lot of flavors - poultry, fish, various types of meat, supplemented with vegetables, cereals and vitamin supplements. Thanks to the balanced composition, the dog receives all the necessary substances. Taste is also good - even the most fastidious pets eat canned food with pleasure.

The only drawback of the feed is its high cost. Buying Hills canned foods on an ongoing basis is expensive. The rest is a great addition to the main diet of dogs of different breeds.

Feed rating by points from 1 to 100 in different categories and prices

0 to 10 points. This category of feed is not cheap, but in terms of quality and safety for animals - the worst. The ingredients are refuse from the processing of carcasses of livestock and poultry, plus the presence of indigestible additives and drugs. For owners - this is the best way to get rid of an unfortunate animal and pretty quickly.

In this category:

  1. “Kiteket” - according to nutrition experts and veterinarians - 1 point
  2. Chappy - 1
  3. "Pedigree" - 3
  4. "Whiskas" - 3

10 to 25 points. Everything is present in “meat” feeds of this category except meat - this justifies the low cost of this product. Most often, the composition is garbage from meat processing, giblets, cheap cereals, bran. Vitamins have never been heard here, although on the packaging in most cases they are declared. Of course, food for animals of this category is not so dangerous for their life, but they certainly will not add health. In the absence of the best, the animal’s body gets used to this feeding, and with a clear lack of vitamins in their diet, the animals themselves find them or “save” them in their liver.

In this category:

25 to 50 points. Very economical food of low quality. Its composition is extremely low-useful ingredients, vitamins and protein, in addition, they are poorly balanced. It is suitable for unpretentious animals that do not have genetic health problems. With special care, young food should be fed with this nutrition, and it is better to completely exclude its use at least until the age of two.

In this category:

  1. Gourmet - 26 points
  2. Oscar - 38
  3. May Lady - 40
  4. May Lord - 40
  5. Friskis - 43
  6. Dr. Clauder - 45

50 to 75 points. This is a category of inexpensive feed of satisfactory quality, but poor in vitamins. For the most part, dogs live well on such a diet, if they increase their intake and introduce additional portions of fortified supplements. Savings in finance here are very relative, since you still have to buy the necessary components. The master is the master, as they say ...

In this category:

  1. Purina - 60 points
  2. “Sheba” - 67
  3. "Gourmet" - in different forms from 55 to 65
  4. Dr. Alders - 50 to 70
  5. Jimpet - 72
  6. "Dr. Alders Nature Coast" - 75

75 to 90 points. Good feed category. If animals take this food well, then moving to a higher and more expensive category does not make sense. The composition of the ingredients is balanced and as close as possible to what is stated on the package. It does not require additional vitamin supplements and does not cause allergic reactions.

In this category:

  1. Royal Canin (Russia) - 77 points
  2. “Pro Pak” (Ukraine) - 78
  3. Diamond - 79
  4. Leonardo - 80
  5. Belkando - 80
  6. Flazor - 82
  7. "Pro Pak" (America) - 85
  8. Nutro Gold - 85
  9. Nutro Nuggets - 85
  10. Royal Canin (France) - 88
  11. Biomil - 89
  12. “About Plan” - 89

90 to 100 points. The best, highest category of feed. The food is developed according to the most modern technologies. It is perfectly balanced, of excellent quality, contains a maximum of useful components for our smaller brothers. Despite the high price - this diet is very economical, since a relatively small portion gives the animal everything necessary for a healthy and active life.

In this category:

  1. Yams - 93 points
  2. Eagle Pack - 95
  3. Bosch - 95
  4. Eukanuba - 99
  5. Hills - 100
  6. Nyutro Choys - 100

9 Royal Canin

A well-known manufacturer of animal feed, unlike other companies, offers a very wide selection of medical preserves for dogs. For example, with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, liver, diabetes mellitus and urolithiasis. The manufacturer also offers various rations depending on the age and breed of the dog. The main components - fish, meat and poultry are supplemented with cereals and vegetables. Also included in the composition are herbal ingredients, trace elements, vitamins, fish oil and other beneficial additives.

Veterinarians consider the treatment line to be the best; they often prescribe these foods to dogs with various health problems. Standard canned foods are slightly inferior in quality to soft feeds of other manufacturers from the same price category. But in general, dog owners note a pleasant aroma and texture. Judging by the reviews, their pets also highly appreciate the taste of canned food, they eat it with pleasure.

8 Happy Dog

Under the Happy Dog brand, a rather rich selection of various pastes and canned meat is produced. The manufacturer is trying to diversify the diet of pets, offering them soft foods from lamb, heart, liver, rumen, veal, lamb and even game. There are completely canned meat without additives, as well as balanced diets with rice and vegetables. The composition is completely natural, it does not contain any preservatives, soy, artificial flavoring additives.

Many veterinarians believe that this is one of the best wet dog foods among the entire range presented in pet stores. It has a natural composition, mouth-watering smell, attractive appearance and affordable cost. But some dog owners suspect that the composition contains salt, although this is not indicated on the package.

7 Almo Nature

Canned meat for dogs from a well-known manufacturer of pet food is popular. They are distinguished by a variety of rations, tastes. There are purely canned meat without any additives and balanced rations with the addition of cereals and vegetables. This manufacturer is one of the few, along with meat feeds, offers canned fish for dogs.

Judging by the reviews, users also like that the manufacturer produces packages of different sizes. Large ones are more profitable to buy, they are well suited for home feeding, and small ones are convenient to take with you on the go. Dogs like food. Many add it to dry diets to feed their picky pets.

6 husse

Not the most common, but high-quality brand of dog food. There are not so many varieties of soft canned food, but they are produced in large jars and have a good composition. Fodders are presented in three flavors, are made in the form of paste or meat pieces in jelly. The manufacturer does not use soy, artificial flavors and dyes, preservatives. Therefore, the composition includes only high-quality meat, offal, cereals, eggs and a complex of minerals.

In the reviews, dog owners write about the high digestibility of the feed. Perfectly balanced composition, pleasant meat aroma, mouth-watering consistency - all this makes Husse canned food an excellent addition to the main diet of the pet. The jar is big - for dogs of small breeds it is enough for more than one meal.

5 Chicopee

Under the Chicopee brand, a small selection of feeds is available, but they all have a balanced composition and excellent taste. In addition to meat and cereals, the complex includes a complex of minerals and vitamins necessary for the health of the dog. The manufacturer does not use the most common allergens, so the feed is completely absorbed and well tolerated by the dog. Common flavors are lamb, beef, chicken, turkey. Given the natural rich composition and Italian production, canned food is quite inexpensive.

Users and veterinarians leave good reviews about the feed. Canned outwardly look delicious, have a pleasant meat aroma. The owners appreciated the additional vitamins and minerals in the feed, good ingredients. Dogs also like canned food, they eat them well and feel great.

4 edel dog

Under the brand name Edel Dog, a fairly wide range of canned food for dogs is produced. They include not only meat, but also a side dish - cereals or vegetables. Despite this, the proportions of the ingredients are quite balanced, the food is a complete diet for daily feeding of dogs. The manufacturer offers options with a rabbit, turkey, veal, poultry, beef. There are very interesting combinations - calf in tomato sauce, gourmet grilled chicken.

The hosts respond very well about these canned goods. Their pets eat food readily in pure form or mixed with other products. Canned food is always fresh, their smell is pleasant, and their appearance is mouth-watering. An additional advantage is the low price.

Why is a dog allergic to food?

Food allergy in dogs is a manifestation of the body's protective response to ingestion of elements in relation to which the dog has an increased sensitivity or complete intolerance. This means that if a pet has components in the food for which it does not have or lacks necessary enzymes to break down, the body exhibits a strong inadequate response.

Such provocative products are:

Allergies can occur from an early age or after prolonged exposure to a specific food element. More often she is subject to dachshunds, pugs, Chinese crested, Labradors, Yorks, bulldogs, boxers.

Features of hypoallergenic feed

Hypoallergenic types of food for dogs are made taking into account the absence of typical allergens. The animal protein necessary for dogs is not presented in the form of beef and chicken, but in the components that usually do not provoke a reaction, for example, a lamb or a rabbit.

Often, animal protein is hydrolyzed, i.e. split whole elements into small, low molecular weight, which in this state are less active. Carbohydrates are not soy and wheat, but rice and other well-tolerated foods. Vegetables and probiotics are also included to normalize digestion.

Hypoallergenic food options contain a minimal amount of artificial components, or they are completely eliminated, and the total number of components is reduced to a basic minimum. The quality of the feed is high, all the constituent elements are nutritious, but easily digestible.

Symptoms of Allergies to Conventional Feed

External indicators of an allergic reaction are:

  1. Skin problems - itching, redness, blisters, rash, eczema (usually localized on the muzzle, between the ears, fingers, on the stomach, in the groin),
  2. Deterioration of the coat, hair loss,
  3. Swelling
  4. Digestive upset (vomiting, diarrhea),
  5. Discharge from the nose, eyes, ears,
  6. Cramps or cramping
  7. Low activity, lethargy.

In each case, the manifestations are individual, all symptoms may be present, or only some of them.

How to choose a good hypoallergenic food

  • When choosing a suitable diet, you should focus on the absence of a main allergen in the composition. If the dog does not tolerate wheat, then dry food with rice should be selected, while other typical provocative substances (for example, chicken) may be present.
  • As a rule, the line for allergy sufferers is available only in premium and super-premium products, or in holistic. Budget options are undesirable to use, because they include low-quality elements, a large number of cereals, as well as artificial additives.
  • When choosing a suitable brand, you must also take into account the age of the pet, the degree of activity. There are special hypoallergenic food options for certain breeds, pregnant and neutered pets.

Often it is not possible to choose the best option on the first try, so it is better to first buy a small package of food / canned food.

1st Choice Sensitive Skin & Coat Adult Lamb & Fish

Basic feed information
The country of manufacture:Canada
Price of feed, in rubles:
  • 0.35 kg - 222
  • 2.72 kg - 1,300
  • 7 kg - 2 850
  • 15 kg - 5,300 rubles.

The product is super premium. Energy value - 387 kcal / 100 g. Protein - 22%, fats - 12%, fiber - 2.6%.

In the line of this feed there are 2 varieties: for all breeds and for small dogs. The diet includes:

  • Lamb meat
  • Herring,
  • Rice
  • Potatoes,
  • Pearl barley and oatmeal
  • Dried vegetables
  • Vegetable oil,
  • Mussels
  • Vitamins and minerals.

The advantages of 1st Choice include:

  1. A positive effect on the functioning of the stomach,
  2. Maintaining healthy sensitive skin, reducing itching and redness,
  3. Microflora recovery,
  4. Getting rid of hair problems,
  5. Availability of option for small breeds,
  6. The presence of chondoprotectors,
  7. Affordable price.

Cons are:

  • The presence of cereals, fish, potatoes, which are typical allergens,
  • High calorie
  • The absence in the line of varieties for puppies, elderly, active dogs, nutrition is designed for ages from 10 months to 7 years,
  • The presence of fish is not suitable for daily feeding of castrated animals.

Acana (Akana)

Basic feed information
The country of manufacture:Canada
Price of feed, in rubles:
  • 0.34 kg
  • 2 kg - 1 200
  • 6 kg - 2,700
  • 15 kg - 5,800

A popular member of the holistic class . Calorie content, protein, fat, carbohydrate content depends on the type of feed. There are about 20 options in the assortment, among them: food for babies, seniors, dogs with high activity, large and small breeds.

The composition includes:

  • Animal protein, which is represented by one of the following products: lamb, sea fish, turkey, chicken, duck, beef, elk, wild boar, kangaroo or offal,
  • Legumes (lentils, peas, beans) - replaces crops,
  • Various herbs
  • Apples
  • Pumpkin.

Akana Pros:

  1. Lack of artificial components,
  2. Easy to find in the store,
  3. Lack of cereals, potatoes,
  4. The possibility of using food for dogs that do not tolerate gluten,
  5. A large number of varieties, you can choose the right option for an animal of any size and age.

The negative aspects include the presence of poultry meat in some types of Akana, as well as beef, which may be potential allergens.


Basic feed information
The country of manufacture:Netherlands
Price of feed, in rubles:
  • 3 kg - 1,000
  • 12.5 kg - 3,300

Biofood is a super-premium food category, eco-diet. All products are grown in ecologically clean areas.

Calorie content, protein, fat, carbohydrate content depends on the type of feed. In the line there is an option for puppies, age and active dogs, large breeds.

The diet contains:

  • Lamb with rice or chicken, lamb, beef with corn or wheat,
  • Offal,
  • Salmon Fat
  • Seaweed,
  • Vegetable extracts,
  • Phytoelements,
  • Vitamins and minerals.

The advantages of Biofood include:

  1. Ecological purity of products,
  2. Affordable price
  3. Quality components
  4. A wide range of products,
  5. The presence of animal fat.

The disadvantages are:

  • Difficult to find on sale,
  • Many components are allergens typical of dogs (fish, chicken, beef, corn, wheat).

Best dog food from the point of view of veterinarians

All varieties of ready-made dog food can be classified into three main groups - economy class, premium class and super premium class. Of the categories that were presented above, for obvious reasons, animal nutrition from 50 rating points and above is recommended. But this does not mean at all that the food in the economy class is all poisonous, just like the elite super-premium class is not suitable for all dogs. Do not forget that each animal has different needs and characteristics of the body.

Brit (Brit)

Basic feed information
The country of manufacture:Czech
Price of feed, in rubles:
  • 1 kg - 200
  • 3 kg - 540
  • 8 kg - 1,300
  • 15 kg - 2,300

A popular line of super-premium food categories. Energy value, protein, fat, carbohydrate content varies depending on the type of feed.

In the Brit lineup there are options for adults, age-old pets, with problem joints, puppies, for large and small breeds.

The composition includes:

  • Animal protein (lamb, venison, chicken or salmon).
  • Rice or potato
  • Dried vegetables and fruits,
  • Vitamin Supplements
  • Minerals

The positive sides of the feed include:

  1. Affordable price
  2. A large number of varieties for all categories of pets,
  3. The presence of a line with chondoprotectors.

The disadvantage is the presence of chicken, fish, potatoes in the diet, because they are not tolerated by all allergic pets.

Feed classes, what is it?

Owners of cats and dogs, when talking about the quality of feed, very often use the definitions of their classes. The same terms are used in their practice by veterinarians, breeders, sellers of pet stores and other specialists in the pet business.

Although feed classes are tightly used, these definitions are very arbitrary. There are no standards in the industry that determine the "class" of feed and its division into "super premium", "premium", "economy" and others, and not only in our country, but throughout the world. No manufacturer is required to clearly indicate the class of feed on the packaging or on the official website, and most do not.

And certainly you will not find food anywhere on the packaging of which is written "economy class". It turns out that public opinion relates the same product to different classes - it all depends on private opinion or on personal interest, for example, online stores or manufacturers themselves. So myths about feed classes are born - let's see if there is a lot of truth in them.

On our resource you can find an article about feed classes. In it, we present a summary table of the characteristic signs of finished feed and the true features of each class so that it is easier for you to navigate, since this spontaneous classification has still taken root in the minds of consumers.

Myths and truth about feed classes

Many people think that if the product is called "super premium", then it is of excellent quality, and if it is "economy", it leaves much to be desired. It's a delusion!

A feed class does not mean that its ingredients have any particular quality - high or low!

In our rating, we do not use the division of feed into classes. The points that get the feed of different brands are in no way connected with this well-known, but extremely inaccurate classification.

“Elite in a bowl” or “Everything is sad”? Find out your PPC's brand rating!

We studied dry feeds of 100 different brands, focusing not on the marketing messages of manufacturers on the packaging, but only on the list of ingredients in the composition.

As a result, it turned out that many feeds that manufacturers and sellers classify as “superpremium”, “holistic”, “ultrapremium” are not leaders in the PPC rating.

In order to clearly show this to you, we divided all brands into five categories:

  • “Elite in a bowl” (average score from 41 to 55),
  • “Four with a plus” (average score from 31 to 40),
  • "Solid middling" (average score from 21 to 30),
  • “Could have done better” (average score from 11 to 20),
  • “Everything is sad” (average score from 1 to 10).

The average score for each brand was derived based on a study of the composition of those specific dry feeds that we processed at the request of users in 2017. For your convenience, brands are listed in descending order - from highest average to lowest. We also suggested that you compare the average score in the PPC ranking with the class that is attributed to a particular brand on the Internet.

Check what category of PPC the brand of the feed you are feeding your pets belongs to!

The brandA typeFeed Classes by Results
internet search
score of 55
PPC assessment
Orientjendry foodbiologically relevant / holistic52Elite in a bowl
Piccolodry foodsuper premium / holistic52Elite in a bowl
Wildcatdry foodsuper premium / premium / holistic48Elite in a bowl
Applawsdry foodnatural / super premium / holistic47Elite in a bowl
Acanadry foodbiologically relevant / holistic45Elite in a bowl
Optima novadry foodsuper premium / holistic40Four plus
Carnilovedry foodholistic39Four plus
Canagandry foodsuper premium / holistic38Four plus
Grandorfdry foodsuper premium / holistic38Four plus
Primordialdry foodsuper premium / holistic38Four plus
Duke's farmdry foodsuper premium36Four plus
Wolfsblutdry foodsuper premium / holistic34Four plus
GO!dry foodsuper premium / holistic32Four plus
Meowing headsdry foodultra premium / holistic / super premium32Four plus
Nutramdry foodsuper premium / holistic32Four plus
Farmina natural & deliciousdry foodsuper premium / holistic31Four plus
Guabi naturaldry foodsuper premium30Firm middling
Pronature holisticdry foodsuper premium / holistic30Firm middling
Barking headsdry foodultra premium / holistic29Firm middling
Brit caredry foodsuper premium29Firm middling
Leader balansdry foodsuper premium29Firm middling
Savarradry foodsuper premium / holistic29Firm middling
Ginadry foodsuper premium / holistic28Firm middling
Mealfeeldry foodsuper premium28Firm middling
Natykadry foodsuper premium28Firm middling
ProSeriesdry foodsuper premium / holistic28Firm middling
Organic Menudry foodsuper premium28Firm middling
Supra frostdry foodsuper premium27Firm middling
Normandry foodpremium / holistic27Firm middling
1st Choicedry foodsuper premium26Firm middling
Farmina ecopet naturaldry foodpremium26Firm middling
Nuevodry foodsuper premium26Firm middling
Skinner'sdry foodsuper premium26Firm middling
Good hostdry foodpremium26Firm middling
Arden grangedry foodsuper premium25Firm middling
Grandindry foodsuper premium25Firm middling
Sam's fielddry foodsuper premium25Firm middling
Summitdry foodsuper premium / holistic25Firm middling
Farmina matissedry foodpremium24Firm middling
Golden eagledry foodsuper premium / holistic24Firm middling
Liveradry foodsuper premium / holistic24Firm middling
Bozitadry foodsuper premium23Firm middling
Brit Premiumdry foodpremium23Firm middling
Magnussondry foodsuper premium23Firm middling
Mongedry foodsuper premium23Firm middling
Royal farmdry foodsuper premium23Firm middling
Flatazordry foodsuper premium22Firm middling
PRO PACdry foodsuper premium / premium22Firm middling
Pronature Originaldry foodsuper premium22Firm middling
Farmina fun dogdry foodpremium / economy21Firm middling
Frank's progolddry foodsuper premium21Firm middling
Hussedry foodsuper premium / premium21Firm middling
Natural coredry foodsuper premium / holistic21Firm middling
Nero golddry foodsuper premium21Firm middling
Scythiandry foodsuper premium21Firm middling
Farmina cibaudry foodpremium / super premium20Could have been better
Farmina fun catdry foodpremium / economy20Could have been better
Organixdry foodpremium20Could have been better
Probalancedry foodpremium20Could have been better
Fitmindry foodsuper premium19Could have been better
Leonardodry foodsuper premium19Could have been better
Sanabelledry foodsuper premium19Could have been better
Trainerdry foodsuper premium19Could have been better
Unicharmdry foodpremium19Could have been better
Boschdry foodsuper premium18Could have been better
Hau Hau Championdry foodsuper premium / premium18Could have been better
Satisfactiondry foodsuper premium18Could have been better
Schesirdry foodsuper premium18Could have been better
Forza10dry foodsuper premium17Could have been better
Gemondry foodpremium17Could have been better
Ntariodry foodsuper premium17Could have been better
Purina onedry foodpremium17Could have been better
Purina pro plandry foodsuper premium / premium17Could have been better
Seven-Tails Breederdry foodpremium17Could have been better
Biomilldry foodsuper premium16Could have been better
Blitzdry foodsuper premium16Could have been better
Happy catdry foodsuper premium / premium16Could have been better
Hill'sdry foodsuper premium / premium16Could have been better
Safaridry foodsuper premium16Could have been better
Bab'indry foodsuper premium15Could have been better
Farmina cimiaodry foodpremium / super premium15Could have been better
Happy dogdry foodpremium / super premium15Could have been better
Rexdry foodpremium14Could have been better
Bewi dogdry foodpremium / super premium13Could have been better
Purina darlingdry foodeconomy13Could have been better
Wellkissdry foodpremium13Could have been better
everydaydry foodeconomy13Could have been better
Stoutdry foodsuper premium13Could have been better
Cat fitdry foodpremium12Could have been better
Optimealdry foodpremium12Could have been better
Purina cat chowdry foodpremium12Could have been better
Purina dog chowdry foodpremium12Could have been better
Whiskasdry foodeconomy12Could have been better
Kuban feeddry foodpremium12Could have been better
Our branddry foodpremium12Could have been better
Almo naturedry foodsuper premium11Could have been better
Eukanubadry foodsuper premium11Could have been better
Perfect fitdry foodpremium11Could have been better
Royal canindry foodsuper premium / premium11Could have been better
Vaskadry foodeconomy11Could have been better
We have one more, the last category - "Everything is sad." Not a single brand in terms of average score among the dry complete feed we studied here got here. Although it contains individual feeds of these brands that received 10 or lower points in our ranking. You can see them on the checkpoint website.Everything is sad

Dry feed

Answers to questions on choosing the best dry dog ​​food private practicing veterinarian L. Rudnitskaya, St. Petersburg:

If you decide to buy food on the advice of friends, you should first look at its composition, which should be indicated on the package. The largest amount of animal protein indicates the high quality of this feed. Note! If grains, say corn, are listed first in the list of ingredients, then this food can be classified as an economy class. Corn is a good volumetric filler, which gives the dog the illusion of satiety, but does not have great energy value, and is poorly digested.

Highest feed categories they are better absorbed by the animal’s body and well digested, so the daily dose of such a diet is less, but better. In the premium and super premium food categories, fatty acids, glucosamine, probiotics, chondroitin must be present. The amount of these useful components is greater than the higher the category of the feed mixture.

If smell ingredients, food coloring or artificial preservatives are indicated in the list of ingredients, this indicates that the feed is of poor quality. All of these substances can significantly undermine a dog’s health! Carcinogens disrupt the normal functioning of the kidneys and liver, cause anemia, food allergies, pruritus, and other unpleasant symptoms.

Super Premium Feed enriched with natural antioxidants, vitamins, herbs. In fairness, it must be said that offal is also a component in higher categories of feed, for example, the heart or liver of poultry and cattle. But offal such as the intestines, trimmings, feathers, lungs - are contained exclusively in the economy class category.

It happens that the most expensive food does not suit the dog. This does not mean that there are many unnatural ingredients in the feed, just one of the components causes an allergic reaction or intolerance specifically in this animal. In this case, you need to choose "your" food for the dog or switch to natural ...

Food has recently appeared in the Holistic class., which means "holistic." The composition of this food may contain from 3 to 4 meat ingredients of the Human Grade category, which are also suitable for the human diet. The basis of such a well-balanced diet is meat, vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs, as well as fatty acids, prebiotics, probiotics, healthy digestive enzymes and a complex of vitamins. Such a diet is extremely useful for animals and does not cause painful symptoms. This is the feed of brands - Acana, Earthborn, Orijen, Go Natural, Earthborn ...

Wet food, canned meat

Wet dog food or canned meat - favorite food for tetrapods. All types of this category of food for dogs can be divided into the following types:

  • Basic, everyday food
  • In the form of goodies (meat delicacies),
  • Food for treatment.

The main feed should contain all the necessary substances that should be replenished in the dog's body every day. it meat and vegetable products, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. This food should not be mixed with the food of another brand to avoid problems with the digestive tract.

Meat delicacies (goodies) are not recommended to be given to the dog often. You can use food such as encouragement, for example, during training or a stimulus to reinforce various behavioral factors.

The use of therapeutic feed is carried out mainly as prescribed by a nutritionist or veterinarian. If a dog has health problems or disorders associated with age, previous diseases and pathologies, this is an opportunity to carry out prevention, treatment and feeding “in one bowl” without problems.

Some useful tips from veterinarians, breeders and dog owners!

So, if the decision to feed your pet with canned food has already been made, then food in the premium and super premium categories is recommended. These foods have a properly balanced natural composition, are safe for dogs and contain ingredients to maintain their health.

Directly upon purchase pay attention to the following points:

  1. The packaging must be free from damage and rust. Tin jar without dents or bombs.
  2. Pay special attention to the shelf life of the feed. Do not risk the health of the animal!
  3. Learn the composition. In the right canned meat, the meat ingredient should come first in the list. Otherwise, it will be, at best, a vegetable soup. Also take an interest in the presence in the feed of healthy cereals, vegetables, the presence of fortified additives, etc.
  4. It makes no sense to buy several identical canned foods at a time. It may happen that this particular feed is not suitable for the dog. Act by the method of gradual rational choice.
  5. Introduce wet and dry food alternately into your dog’s diet. Wet food contains up to 75% moisture, which compensates for the lack of water in the dog's body. Dry food cleans teeth well and protects against tartar. Some dogs not without pleasure eat "soup" from dry food with water.
  6. When choosing a wet food, do not forget about the peculiarities of your pet - age, breed, state of health, genetic predisposition to diseases, anthropometry of the dog and his “personal” preferences.

According to veterinarians, the following brands are among the best feeds in the premium and super-premium categories: ROYAL CANIN, BOSCH, BELCANDO, GIMBORN SHINY DOG, dr. ALDERS, HILLs PD k / d, YARRAH, MERRICK, OSCAR, EXI, HAPPY DOG, POILUX, ANIMONDA and other feeds of this line ...

It is worth noting that canned feed better absorbed by the animal’s body than, say, dry or not always full naturals. They are very thought out and contain all the necessary elements of the dog’s daily nutrition.

Bosch Sensitive Lamb & Rice

Basic feed information
The country of manufacture:Germany
Price of feed, in rubles:
  • 1 kg - 633
  • 3 kg - 1,450
  • 15 kg - 5,000

Food is super premium. Energy value - 374 kcal / 100 g. The amount of protein - 22.5%, fat - 14%, fiber - 2.5%. In the lineup are options for large or small breeds.

The diet includes:

  • Rice
  • Lamb
  • Potatoes,
  • Egg,
  • Mussels
  • Flax seeds,
  • Dried vegetables
  • Yeast,
  • Fish fat,
  • Vitamins

Feed advantages:

  1. Allergenic Wheat and Corn Free
  2. Chemical additives excluded
  3. Using only high quality components,
  4. Reduced animal protein
  5. The presence of animal fat.

Cons of feed:

  • The presence of potatoes, yeast and eggs, which may not be digested by all dogs,
  • It’s problematic to find in a store,
  • Only 2 varieties, both for animals from 10 months to 7 years, there are no options for puppies, aging, active, sick, etc.

Eukanuba Dermatosis FP Response

Basic feed information
The country of manufacture:Netherlands
Price of feed, in rubles:
  • 1 kg - 500
  • 5 kg - 2,000
  • 12 kg - 4,300

High-quality medicinal food for animals with allergies, especially with skin manifestations of the reaction. Belongs to the super-premium class. Calorie content - 408.2 kcal / 100 g. Protein - 23%, fat - 14%, fiber - 3% . There is only 1 feed option in the line.

The diet includes the following products:

  • Different types of fish (meat replacement),
  • Potatoes (alternative to cereals),
  • Dry beets
  • Animal fat,
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

Advantages of Eukanuba Dermatosis:

  1. Grainless feed
  2. Does not contain allergenic meats,
  3. The quality of the components is high.

The disadvantages of the feed are as follows:

  • High calorie
  • There is no product line, only 1 option,
  • The presence of fish and potatoes, therefore food is not recommended for pets with intolerance to elements, neutered dogs,
  • Difficult to find on sale,
  • Perceptible fishy smell.

Grandorf Duck & Potato Adult All Breeds

Basic feed information
The country of manufacture:Belgium
Price of feed, in rubles:
  • 1 kg - 650
  • 3 kg - 1,600
  • 12 kg - 5,300

Grandorf - food category holistic. Calorie content - 412 kcal / 100 g. Protein content - 26%, fat - 16%, fiber - 3.5% . Only 1 view in the lineup. The feed includes:

  • Duck
  • Turkey
  • Sweet potato,
  • Sea krill
  • Medicinal herbs,
  • Extract of grapefruit, orange,
  • Apples
  • Vitamins

The following advantages of this food option are noted:

  1. High protein content
  2. Grain-free diet and lack of meat in the composition,
  3. The quality of the components.

Disadvantages of the Grandorf brand:

  • Seafood, as well as exotic fruits and herbs, can be a source of allergies,
  • Only adult dogs available
  • High calorie
  • Inaccessibility of purchase,
  • High price

But what about canned food?

When processing applications from users, we strive not for quantity, but for quality. In 2017, descriptions and evaluations of canned foods for more than 40 different brands appeared on the site. On the one hand, this is a lot, and on the other, for complete statistics, we have not yet studied enough types of canned goods of each brand.

Therefore, so far we have limited ourselves to statistics on dry feed. In 2018, we will pay close attention to canned food and promise to prepare a separate report on leaders and outsiders in the future.

3 best dinner

A line of canned meat for dogs made from quality ingredients. The manufacturer offers a wide selection of flavors - feed from beef, horse meat, lamb, rabbit, rumen, turkey, veal and even quail. There are feeds for adult dogs and puppies, as well as ready-made rations of meat with rice and vegetables. The composition is good - only meat or offal, salt, water and a gelling component are included in purely meat varieties.

At a lower cost compared to similar feeds, these canned foods have a pleasant, mouth-watering aroma and a natural look. The owners of dogs consider that they eat very quickly. Otherwise, they are completely satisfied with the quality of the product. Dogs eat it willingly, look good with constant use, do not experience digestive problems.

2 Four-Legged Gourmet Golden line

A good brand of wet food for dogs made without any additional additives.The composition includes only meat or offal of different varieties with mouth-watering jelly. Wet foods are available for adult dogs and puppies. In the assortment you can find canned meat from beef, lamb, rabbit, heart and liver, cold cuts, chicken, turkey ventricles. Canned food is not the cheapest, but very high quality.

Judging by the reviews, in appearance and smell, canned food resembles a good meat stew. Dog owners attach photographs of open cans to the reviews, where good pieces of meat and a small amount of transparent jelly are clearly visible. But all this applies only to canned food of the Golden series, other products of the company are of lower quality. Dogs eat food with great appetite, feel good. The only drawback of the Four-Legged Gourmet food is that it is not sold in all stores.

1 cesar

The manufacturer Cesar produces exclusively wet feed, offers them in a good assortment and at a very attractive price. Among the diets you can find beef, rabbit, veal, chicken, lamb with a variety of vegetables and sauces. For example, beef stroganoff with cheese sauce and herbs, chicken with spinach and pumpkin. These wet feeds belong to the premium class and are fully consistent with the manufacturer's statements.

Most dogs eat it with pleasure, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of the owners. The only and quite significant drawback is very vague, incomplete information about the composition. But the price is very affordable, and the choice of flavors is much wider than that of most manufacturers, so Cesar wet foods are very popular. In addition, when feeding their dogs with the Cesar brand, the owners did not notice a deterioration in their well-being, coat condition, or stool changes.

GO! Daily Defense Lamb Meal Recipe

Basic feed information
The country of manufacture:Canada
Price of feed, in rubles:
  • 0.23 kg - 240
  • 2.72 kg - 1,780
  • 5.45 kg - 2,600
  • 11.35 kg - 4,100

Gow is a type of holistic. Energy value - 410 kcal / 100 g. Protein - 22%, fat (the presence of Omega 3, 6 is taken into account) - 16.4%, fiber - 3%. The feed is represented by one variety.

In the composition of:

  • Lamb,
  • Oatmeal,
  • Brown rice,
  • Seaweed,
  • Vegetables,
  • Oil,
  • Flax seeds,
  • Rice bran
  • Various herbs.

Positive aspects of the brand:

  1. Lack of wheat and corn,
  2. Use of non-allergenic meats,
  3. Low price.

Cons are:

  • Lack of animal fat
  • A large amount of carbohydrates,
  • High calorie
  • Lack of assortment line for different categories of dogs.

Hills Prescription Diet Canine Allergen-Free

Basic feed information
The country of manufacture:Netherlands
Price of feed, in rubles:
  • 3 kg - 2,300
  • 10 kg - 6,000

Hills is a super-premium type of health food. The number of calories is 349 kcal / 100 g. Protein contains 19.6%, fat - 13.3%, fiber - 2.9% . There is only 1 option in the assortment, without dividing into animal categories. Both dry type and canned food are produced.

In the composition of:

  • Hydrolyzed chicken liver,
  • Potatoes,
  • Corn flour,
  • Soybean oil
  • Animal fat.

Advantages of Hills:

  1. Chemical ingredients excluded
  2. Hydrolysates are well tolerated by dogs with allergies,
  3. Affordable price,
  4. Ease of purchase
  5. The presence of animal fat,
  6. Low calorie content.

The disadvantages of the brand:

  • The presence of corn and potatoes can trigger an allergic reaction,
  • Lack of line for different categories of dogs.

Acana Lamb & Okanagan Apple

Basic feed information
The country of manufacture:Canada
Price of feed, in rubles:
  • 0.34 kg - 315
  • 2 kg - 1,230
  • 6 kg - 3,000
  • 11.4 kg - 5,100
  • 17 kg - 8 600

Food class holistic. Calorie intake is 329 kcal / 100 g. Protein in the diet is 27%, fat - 15%, fiber - 6.5%. One feed option, designed for all breeds and ages.

In the diet:

  • Lamb
  • Offal,
  • Pumpkin,
  • Apples
  • Lentils
  • Peas
  • Phytocomponents to prevent fermentation,
  • Minerals

Advantages of this Canadian brand:

  1. Does not contain cereals, potatoes, sweet potatoes,
  2. Fish, which can be a source of allergies, are replaced by algae,
  3. Low calorie
  4. Good protein content
  5. Lack of artificial components,
  6. Quality components
  7. Ease of purchase.

Cons are:

  • The price is above average
  • Lack of options for animals of different ages, activity.

Now Fresh Grain Free Small Breed

Basic feed information
The country of manufacture:Canada
Price of feed, in rubles:
  • 0.23 kg - 250
  • 2.72 kg - 1,600
  • 5.45 kg - 2,600
  • 11.35 kg - 4,200

Grain-free holistic food. Energy value - 374 kcal / 100 gr. Crude protein - 27%, fat, including Omega 3 and 6 - 20%, fiber - 4%. Only 1 option - for small breeds.


  • Turkey meat
  • Potatoes,
  • Egg,
  • Peas,
  • Lentils
  • Vegetables,
  • Fruit,
  • Seaweed,
  • Yeast,
  • Grasses
  • Duck
  • Vitamins

Positive sides:

  1. Lack of meat, wheat, corn, often provoking allergies,
  2. Affordable cost.

The disadvantages of the brand:

  • It contains a lot of potatoes and eggs, which are allergenic foods,
  • There are no animal fats,
  • A large number of exotic fruits can provoke a protective reaction, that is, cause allergies,
  • Designed only for small breeds,
  • The ingredient "natural taste" in the composition cannot be deciphered.

Proseries Holistic hypoallergenic

Basic feed information
The country of manufacture:Canada
Price of feed, in rubles:
  • 0.2 kg - 113
  • 3,5 kg - 1,500
  • 12.9 kg - 4,200
  • 15 kg - 5,800

Food class holistic. The energy efficiency potential is 380 kcal / 100 g. Protein - 21%, fat - 12-14%, fiber - 4%. There is 1 type of feed, without division into categories.


  • Herring and anchovies (as a substitute for animal protein),
  • Oats
  • Barley,
  • Rice
  • Yeast,
  • Fat,
  • Seaweed,
  • Vitamin Supplements
  • Chondoprotectors.

Advantages of Prosiries Holistic:

  1. Low price,
  2. Lack of animal protein, wheat, corn,
  3. The presence of chondoprotectors.

The disadvantages of the brand:

  • Not intended for individuals with intolerance to oats, barley, yeast and fish, neutered animals,
  • Hard to find in stores,
  • There are no options for puppies, seniors,
  • Strong smell.


Basic feed information
The country of manufacture:France (Russia)
Price of feed, in rubles:
  • 0.7 kg - 300
  • 1.5 kg - 590
  • 3 kg - 1 200
  • 7 kg - 2,300
  • 14 kg - 4,200
  • 17 kg - 4,400
  • 18 kg - 3 900

Premium brand. Calculation of the energy indicator - 355 kcal / 100 g. Protein - 27%, fats (including Omega 3, 6) - 18.1%, carbohydrates - 38% . It is supposed to be used for medium-sized breeds, there is a similar variety of feed of this brand for small and large.


  • Marine dehydrated fish (replacing animal protein),
  • Rice
  • Animal fat,
  • Corn
  • Soy
  • Dried beets
  • Aromatic additive
  • Cellulose
  • Egg powder,
  • Oil,
  • Vitamins

Pros of the type of food:

  1. Affordable price,
  2. Dehydrated protein is better absorbed.
  3. Ease of purchase
  4. Lack of meat, often acting as an allergen.

The main disadvantage is that it is not suitable for dogs with a reaction to corn, soy, fish, eggs, neutered animals.

Pro Plan Purina

Basic feed information
The country of manufacture:France (Russia)
Price of feed, in rubles:
  • 0.7 kg - 290
  • 1.5 kg - 600
  • 3 kg - 1,300
  • 7 kg - 2,500
  • 10 kg - 3 300
  • 14 kg - 4,700

Premium Food . Nutrition, amount of protein and fat depends on the variety. There are lines for puppies, adults, seniors, breeds of different sizes, options for pets with sensitive gastrointestinal tract, skin problems, and other diseases.

In the composition of:

  • The source of protein is salmon, lamb, chicken or beef (depending on variety),
  • Corn,
  • Rice
  • Animal fat,
  • Dry beets
  • Chicory,
  • Egg powder,
  • Fish fat,
  • Aromatic additive,
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Yeast.

The advantages of feed include:

  1. A wide range suitable for all categories of animals,
  2. Affordable,
  3. Prevalence in stores.


  • Corn, eggs, yeast - potential allergens, are in all varieties of the brand,
  • In some versions of the Pro Plan, the composition includes fish, chicken, beef - also a possible source of an undesirable gastrointestinal reaction.

There is no ideal food brand that solves allergy problems, in each case a special option is needed. The owner, along with the veterinarian, can choose the right food based on the marker that causes the reaction, the budget and the usefulness of the product for the needs of the pet.