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How to process a hedgehog, if you take it from the forest?


People who meet a hedgehog, especially a cute little hedgehog in nature, often take them home to amuse their children. But a little time passes and the prickly lump, which requires care and attention, and also brings a number of inconveniences, they quickly get bored. Then the owners return freedom to him.

well, if the hedgehog lived in the house for several days or a week or a friend. And if longer? Then such a living toy after living in an apartment is unlikely to survive in the wild.

There is another aspect that every person should think about before taking a wild animal from nature and bringing it home. A hedgehog crawling in the forest collects numerous ticks on its body that live on it between needles for many days. It is estimated that for one spring season of hedgehog activity, a hedgehog on itself can shelter and feed thousands of ticks.

And ticks are not only tick parasites. They can attack a person, and sticking to him can transmit with his saliva a whole bunch of various diseases, starting from tick-borne encephalitis and ending with all kinds of hemorrhagic fevers. Therefore, before you bring the hedgehog into the house, think about it!

Often, people who have a hedgehog in their home decide to wash it in water, not even suspecting that water for a hedgehog carries a mortal danger. Therefore, hedgehogs in nature try to hide from the rain, I avoid living in swamps and damp places. It is believed that when water gets on the body of the hedgehog, the prickly glomerulus instinctively turns around against its will and then becomes practically defenseless against predators.

Interestingly, a hedgehog regularly drops several needles, and new ones appear in their place. The length of the needles of an ordinary hedgehog does not exceed three centimeters. Therefore, do not be surprised to find these dangerous objects in the room where the hedgehog runs. Given their non-sterility, you expose yourself and your household to the danger of getting infected by pricking with such a needle. The hedgehog uses its needles for self-defense, but they can serve as a shock absorber in case of accidental fall from a height.

Hedgehog is a noisy animal, in addition, he is a nocturnal animal, and all his activity occurs at a time when you want to sleep in silence. Eating a lot of hedgehog and very noisy. When moving, it makes a lot of various noise, such as: stamping, panting, rustling of needles, the roar of movable and thrown objects.

Considering the above, consider whether you are ready to have a hedgehog without the need for an emergency at home? Isn't a fish or a hamster better?

The main parasitic diseases of hedgehogs

  1. Salmonellosis.
  2. Ticks - subcutaneous and ear.
  3. Pulmonary worms or leptospirosis.
  4. Lice and fleas.

Even the fleas that this animal has are not like the others, because they lead a semi-attached lifestyle. Unfortunately, these cute animals very often in nature are a real breeding ground for parasites. In order to rid the hedgehog of unwanted cohabitants, urgent measures should be taken, after which you can introduce the hedgehog to his new home.

First aid

The first thing you should do is to treat fleas and ticks. At the time of quarantine, reduce your communication with the animal. In any case, it is necessary to take the feces of the hedgehog to the laboratory and take the animal for an appointment with the veterinarian, with the results of the tests.

It is not recommended to make an anthelmintic for the prevention of hedgehogs, they have a weak liver. And such medications, like antibiotics, adversely affect this organ.

You can get rid of fleas and ticks this way:

  1. The veterinary pharmacy sells special products for skin parasites. It is necessary to moisten the handkerchief in the solution and cover it with the hedgehog. Then take a terry towel and wrap the animal in it. Dead fleas are very easily pulled out of needles. The next day, the procedure is repeated.
  2. A warm bath and some shampoo. Take the animal in its arms and lower it on the shoulders in warm water. You can pour warm water on it. Take a small brush and clean the flea needles. So that the hedgehog does not freeze after water procedures, it should be wrapped in a towel. In the future, the animal should be bathed only when it is dirty or it smells bad.
  3. Ticks are removed with tweezers and a special solution from the pharmacy. The parasite is removed so that its head does not remain in the skin of the hedgehog. You can get a pair of tongs at a pet store.

After processing the hedgehog from parasites, it can be put in a cage and put a feeder and a drinker. Quarantine lasts one month. If during this period of time he does not get sick, then with him you can behave as with a healthy pet. In case of illness, you should re-take it to the veterinary clinic and find out the cause of the disease.


You should adhere to infection prevention by contact with the hedgehog. It consists of the following:

  1. Follow hygiene rules carefully. The owners of the hedgehog and people in contact with the animal must wash their hands.
  2. A hedgehog should not live in a cooking place.
  3. Veterinarians are required to provide complete information about the risk of infection from these animals and advise on caring for them.
  4. If you experience symptoms of a disease, be sure to consult a doctor.

Preparations for the correct and effective treatment of the hedgehog should be prescribed only by a veterinarian. He will also tell you in detail what to feed and how to properly care for your animal.

Even despite the fact that the hedgehogs are not very suitable for the role of a pet, the time spent with him will bring a lot of positive emotions if you take good care of the animal.

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Each animal that fell into captivity, getting used to home maintenance, is subjected to a real test. Hedgehogs often suffer in captivity. Imagine not so long ago he

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Interestingly, the hedgehogs have 36 teeth

And they fall to old age gradually.

Hedgehogs are very affected by ticks. After all, ticks live willingly on the body of a hedgehog, especially since hedgehogs are very difficult to get rid of them. Indeed, on their body there are many thorns that do not allow the hedgehog to get rid of ticks. But, hedgehogs are very tricky animals. To get rid of the hated ticks, they use cigarette butts on the needles, the smell of tobacco scares away the ticks.

In epidemiology, there is a concept like a hedgehog. According to it, scientists determine the accumulation of ticks in a particular area. Every hour is the number of ticks that the hedgehog has fastened on itself for one hour, running through the forest.

Hedgehogs have hibernation that lasts 128 days. At the same time, his body temperature drops to 2 degrees, and breathing stops to 8 breaths per minute. The normal body temperature of the animal is 34 degrees, and the frequency of breaths is 40 50 breaths per minute. After waking up, they intensely seek food for several days.

These animals have a tiny tail. Its size is only 3 centimeters, so it is often not visible under the needles.

They distinguish well colors, but are still blind. But, this is offset by good hearing and sense of smell.

Eared hedgehogs in danger almost do not add up to a ball. They run well, and it’s very difficult to catch him with dangerous predators. But, if suddenly the predator managed to overtake an eared hedgehog, then he does not get lost, but tries to prick the enemy in a sensitive place with his needles.

These animals are immune to viper venom.

They do not specifically hunt them, but when necessary they always defeat snakes. Hedgehogs really like to feast on vipers. After all, a snake bite will cause only a slight swelling in him. But, if the snake bites the hedgehog, in soft tissue, the animal will have a slight malaise.

Experiments were conducted on hedgehogs, and it was proved on them that poison does not act on hedgehogs, which can kill 45 rabbits. For example: arsenic, hydrocyanic acid cause a little poisoning in the hedgehogs, which quickly passes. After such a poison, hedgehogs usually recover quickly. Hedgehogs eat plenty of poisonous insects. They do not even have strong poison. For example: arsenic and potassium sulfide.

Hedgehogs and Mice

The most common myth is that hedgehogs feed on mice. They may ate mice with pleasure, but they cannot keep up with them.

Children's books are full of pictures with hedgehogs carrying apples or other fruits and vegetables. This is also a myth. They are not able to curl up so as to chop a large object on themselves.

Hedgehogs are very well and quickly tamed. In addition, they get along with pets. For example: dogs and cats. People are reluctant to have hedgehogs at home. After all, they especially stomp strongly at night.

Interestingly, scientists have proven. That the hedgehog has both hemispheres of the brain smooth. They are very dumb, while they quickly learn to carry out light commands and even a hedgehog can be taught to the tray. But, hedgehogs always choose a place for a toilet on their own. Only then will people need to put a tray in that place.

An interesting story about the death of hundreds of hedgehogs. This was the culprit of McDonald's. They made McFest ice cream in wide-necked cups. Hedgehogs easily poked their heads into the glass, but they could not stick it out. Thus, the hedgehogs were starving. After this issue was taken up by the environmentalist. Ice cream glasses have changed. They made wide necks and now the hedgehogs are safe.

Urine of hedgehogs is used in folk medicine

Namely in Serbia. With her help they save people from alcoholism.

Gypsies even have a traditional dish - this is hedgehog goulash. But in ancient Rome, hedgehog skins were used to comb sheep. The most interesting thing is that in Rome hedgehog skins were a hot commodity that they were often faked. And very often, the courts of Rome examined cases of fake skins. Probably, they were very much appreciated in Rome and were a hot commodity.

At the moment, there is no need to eat hedgehogs. Only if you do not get lost in the forest for a long time. Hedgehogs need to be valued and not offended. After all, these are unique animals.

Such unusual facts about hedgehogs have now become known. Maybe many were known. Thanks to hedgehogs, scientists find a hotbed of encephalitis ticks.

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