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Nicknames for hunting dogs - boys and girls


Choosing a nickname for a dog is a very crucial step. Before dwelling on some option, it’s good to pros and cons and be sure to read our article “On choosing a nickname for a dog”, because your pet will live with your chosen name all his life. Think about the fact that the nickname should reflect the temperament of your dog, be harmonious and clear. We tried to help you in this difficult choice and created a catalog of dog names in alphabetical order so that you can view more than 20,000 options and choose the one that suits you and your dog.

What to name a dog?

Before proceeding with the selection of the nickname of a hunting dog, it is worth noting what parameters you can focus on:

Simplicity and sonorous name.

Add that the pet name should be short. It is much easier to shout out the name of Rada, for example, than Aphrodite.

Pedigree selection

With a selection of hunting dog clichés according to the pedigree is not easy. Why? Because the dog is called by the breeder. But if the future owner is familiar with him and wants to contribute, 99% of 100 breeders will not resist. It’s easier for them, they don’t have to rack their brains over the invention of the next nickname of a hunting dog.

What is important to know? Hunting dogs are given a name based on the first letter of the mother’s name. If this is her first puppies.

The bitch is Alma. So, her first descendants can be called:

  • Isa, Anka, Ika, Aili, Anika, Asta, Astra, Ares, Aron, Arik, Art, Arn.

The second litter will be in the letter "B". Etc.

And if the bitch, for example, is called Sunny? Then her babies (first) will be called:

  • Soldiers, Solga, Saint, San, Sana'a, Serry.

We focus on color

The names of hunting dogs are selected for a variety of factors. Among them is the color.

So, a spotted female can be called a Spotted or Spotted. White male Snowball, Buran. Black dog Black or Blackie (depending on gender). The gray name is Gray or Gray. Or you can simply call it Gray or Serka.


Nicknames of hunting dogs are selected based on the behavior of the animal.

Is the dog restless and impatient? It can be called Shaly, Naughty, Excitement, Spark, Throw, Bullet.

For a smart and restrained pet, the names are suitable: Clever, Clever, Quiet, Quiet, Silent.

It is quite possible to give a name to a fast and active dog: Asset, Fast, Fast, Pilot, Letka.

Names for males

Let's pick up the nicknames for hunting dogs (boys). To sound beautiful, were not very common and sonorous.

Simple nicknames: Fast, Balamut, Golden Eagle, White, Hare, Whirlwind, Faithful, Terrible, Thunder, Proud, Marvelous, Caught, Catching Up, Catching Up, Sharp, Vicious, Screaming, Red, Kite, Fierce, Laskun, Cute, Toddler, Norn , Eagle, Motley, Quick, Frisky, Trotter, Gray, Flock, Samurai, Falcon, Solid, Smart, Run away, Furious.

In honor of the ancient gods: Ares, Hades, Set, Zeus, Chernobog, Koschey, Perun, Yaril, Jupiter, Mars, Hermes, Thor.

Beautiful nicknames: Aron, Iron, Ajax, Alt, Ars, Bars, Bon, Brut, Brunei, Bruno, Bocaccio, Baron, Briston, Bert, Vilor, Wooddy, Vinex, Volt, Weiss, Varna, Wurm, Wond, Vriston, Hector , Hecate, Heron, Hero, Gerd, Gray, Gres, Gandhi, Glorie, Dicks, Dayax, Dor, Dour, Dange, Datt, Dingo, Friend, Dorian, Debor, Evgen, Eson, Yenir, En, Eron, Ekat, Zhovs , Zhord, Georges, Jordan, Zherai, Zan, Zenor, Zeno, Zeldon, View, Zordey, Zorin, X, Icarus, Iron, Irs, Irbis, Kent, Claude, Ken, Cross, Kieron, Cyrus, Cois, Colt, Chris , Kerun, Korin, Kane, Klein, Ludwig, Lusik, Luvis, Lurin, Lors, Larn, Lyric, Liron, Lovis, L cop, Mage, Maurice, Mimic, Mist, Munir, Moore, Mukki, Noel, Novel, Nick, Nice, Nevel, Noer, Nest, Nor, Nord, Oryx, Oren, Orik, Ors, Orev, Oaks, Ocky, Oker, Pulse, Price, Pride, Pierce, Pryuk, Prat, Pole, Reeves, Ryan, Rocky, Ruby, Rex, Rinat, Rice, Sont, Sun, Sint, Seron, Sir, Slot, Soul, Tiger, Trump, Tyson, Umar, Umil, Uys, Uranus, Uray, Urs, Figaro, Fine, Fox, Fries, Fidel, Frank, Feris, Hans, Chloe, Hot, Chance, Chuck, Chinar, Ian, Jason, Yakki.

Nicknames for bitches

What nicknames for hunting dogs (girls) can I choose? To be sonorous and beautiful?

Let's start with simple names: Quince, Asya, Ausi, Anka, Barbie, Britney, Basia, Busya, Bead, Rukva, Brunette, Brownie, Verna, Vax, Vila, Vaughn, Gasha, Gorda, Gray, Ghana, Race, Catching up, Dora , Dana, Dulsa, Eve, Zhenya, Zhona, Tooth, Zola, Zara, Dawn, Inga, Inca, Bark, Cool, Fox, Lina, Lira, Lot, Luna, Luta, Misa, Mira, Myrtle, Marta, Maya, Masya , Nora, Nick, Niall, Nana, Horde, Orsa, Alder, Tort, Bullet, Pusya, Panna, Panya, Frisky, Rika, Ron, Rome, Rema, Riya, Santa, Cindy, Salt, Falcon, Sivka, Torah, Trail , Tosya, Tasya, Ulka, Justa, Yanka.

In honor of the ancient goddesses: Athena (Afi), Artemis (Themes), Aphrodite (Afra, Dita), Hestia (Geta, Gesa), Vesta, Hebe, Hera, Gaia, Demeter (Demi), Hecate (Gecki), Discordia (Dissi) , Cordy), Isis (Isa), Persephone (Background, Percy), Juno (Yuna), Minerva (Neri).

Beautiful nicknames of hunting dogs (bitches): Aelita (Lita), Aisa, Alyssa, Akorda (Aki), Axia, Akness, Berta, Bibi, Bardo, Bretti, Bilona (Bila, Lona), Bike, Verda, Virsya (Virsi), Vine, Vetta, Vira, Vivi, Vivea, Gloria (Glory, Lori), Gerda, Gressi, Grace, Gorna, Gigeya, Gucha, Dilma, Dick, Dikata, Derry, Dera, Drapka, Dufy, Erna, Erina, Erona, Essi , Evita (Vita), Evgeni (Zhenya), Ekata, Erma, Jazi, Jazira (Zira), Zhani, Jacqueline (Jacques), Zhori, Zhuri, Zhuravushka (Zhura), Zana, Xena, Zephyr, Zef, Zayn, Zori, Zolli, Zibera (Zibi), Irma, Irta, Iris, Iron (Ron), Irka, Irna, Ilta, Ixia, Iveria (Believe, Evie), Kurti, Kaina, Kelly, Claude, Kiki, Kami, Cameo, Camila, Claudi, Kirra, Cretti, Cowra, Lisa, Lucy, Lucia, Loki, Lorena (Lori), Loni, Ludwig (Luvi), Lucia, Lorna, Lima, Maisy, Mary, Molly, Maxi, Morena, Mori, Mara, Mickey, Nosta, Nonika (Nona), Niveria, Niva, Nancy, Noela, Nori, Nuri, Nobi, Norn, Olda, Osya, Olsa , Orahna, Orata, Orry, Olivia, Olive, Olenka, Pretti, Pruna, Prudy, Parma, Party, Parna, Pacey, Pryukva, Panyana (Panya), Peppy, Poly, Polka, Pasca, Pira, Saw, Ron, Riya, Rhea, Romulus, Remus, Reed, Rada, Roddy, Roxy, Roxane, Rush, Ruth, Rune, Raya, Randy, Rose a, Rika, Riva, Roena, Ressi, Rob, Sana, Saina, Santa, Seyra, Sona, Samba, Sasi, Sura, Solly, Silka, Salya, Stacy, Surim, Teyra, Teysa, Terra, Tory, Toisa, Tisa, Trixie, Twissy, Tiger, Ulm, Unka, Urita, Urra, Uma, Urma, Uda, Ukki, Fanya, Fenya, Fraya, Floy, Fota, Fixy, Handicap, Franka, Fran, Hannah, Chloe, Himry, Hana, Hida, Hanoi, Hashi, Hatti, Tsatsa, Tsana, Tserea, Tsusa, Tsushima, Tseroya, Tsira, Tsitsa, Tsaka, Tsada, Tsasta, China, Chama, Chapa, Cherry, Chun, Chast, Chaka, Santhi, Shelma, Shaya, Shara, Shaun, Ern, Erista, Eris, Eva, Eron, Essa, Yust, Yun, Yud, Yutta, Yunir, Yudwig, Juran, Yuf, Yufs, Yul but Yulika, Uecker, Yasta, Jasna, yokes, Jaska, Yamba, Yanora, Java, Yaveya, Yasa.

Name Tips

When choosing the nicknames of hunting dogs - dogs and bitches - do not take words that carry a negative. Do not call the dog Skeleton, Monster, Demon and the like.

You can not name a pet with the names of saints. For example, Igor or Barbara. But Varia or Garik is a completely different matter.

The name of the future pet should be sonorous and sonorous. It’s easier to call a bitch Umka than a Swell. Say both names and understand the difference.


We talked about the names of hunting and hound dogs. The future owner is presented with all kinds of names for the pet. We highlight the main aspects:

When choosing a nickname for a pet, they rely on the pedigree, color, and character of the dog.

Do not give names that contain the negative.

You can give the dog the simplest nickname. It can be selected from the proposed options.

The main thing is that the dog name is short. And it was easy to pronounce.

Dog names for letter B

A photo. Boerboel. Posted by Voltgroup / Shutterstock.com.

Choosing a name for a four-legged friend is a responsible occupation, requiring the owner to carefully study the external data and the character characteristics of the puppy. The nickname should bear some characteristics of the breed, match the character of the pet or express the aspirations of the owner in relation to the new stupid man who has found refuge with him.

The list of nicknames for puppies with the letter “B” provides room for choosing the name of males and bitches of any breed.

For example, Barguzin is an excellent name for the Buryat-Mongol wolfhound, listed in the Russian pedigree book only in 2000. It, by analogy with the free Baikal northeastern barguzin wind, is suitable for other large hardy breeds.

For a dog with a black or dark gray coat color, the sonorous name Basalt is appropriate. It is called a dark-colored volcanic mineral.

Boys Black (English - black) and Budulai also cannot have a light cover.

The baron - the carrier of such a nickname for dogs with the letter "B" does not have to be purebred, but it is desirable that its exterior correspond to an honorable feudal title.

The Barracuda guard shepherd inspires fear in people encroaching on a protected area, like a predatory namesake-fish that pounces in the warm seas on gaping swimmers.

The little shaggy little dog Poor thing is so named because it was found in puppyhood in the most deplorable state. Now she faithfully serves benefactors, frightening passersby from the gate with a shrill bark.

The restless playful girl of the Basenji breed eagerly responds to the nickname Bloch. It is difficult to keep it in place, the hunting instinct makes it react to the appearance of birds and small animals.

It is not at all difficult to choose for the most exotic dog breed - just look at the list of names in the letter “B” below.