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There is raspberry in St. Petersburg,
What is called the "Dawn"
There are normal boys
Lost a lot of nothing.

Mamma was a seamstress
Katala was the father
From cop olives
He found his end.

Need for the life of a thief
A pen and a suitcase
Then only he is satisfied
When he is drunk in the ass.

Tell moms to the kids
They didn’t live like me -
In the "Dawn" damned this
My life is lost.

They take me in a carriage
Lattices on the doors
My hands are in bracelets
And the chest is all in domes.

There is raspberry in St. Petersburg,
What is called the "Dawn"
There are normal boys
Lost a lot of nothing.

There is a house in New Orleans,
they call it Rising Sun.
And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy,
and God, I know I'm one.

My mother was a tailores
sewed my new blue jeans
my father was a gamblin 'man
down in New Orleans.

Now the only thing a gambler needs
is a suitcase and a trunk.
And the only time he'll be satisfied
is when he's down and drunk.

Oh mother tell your children
not to do what I have done
spend your lives in sin and misery
in the House of the Rising sun.

Well I've got one foot on the platform
the other foot on the train.
I'm going back to New Orleans
to wear that ball and chain.

There is a house in New Orleans,
they call it Rising Sun.
And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy,
and God, I know I'm one.

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The muscular body of the ribs (including the long tail, which is tilted back and half-hanging ears) is covered with thick, soft, silky, medium-long hair (color can be varied, but only in the combination of several colors and shades), most often without a down coat (in principle, it is undesirable ) Due to the fact that these animals practically do not fade, it is permissible to keep them for people with allergies and those who can not devote enough time to their pet to care for his coat. The combing of the Rybs wool should be carried out once a week by different types of combs and brushes, you will have to bathe only with special dog shampoos intended for soft wool, or ordinary children’s. In addition, it is recommended to slightly cut off the overgrown hair over the eyes so that it does not harm the mucous membrane of the eyes.

Despite the good "warming" to keep such pets can only be in the house, in warm conditions. "Fur coat" will be a defense both in frosty weather and in wet. But in the summer it is necessary to spare the ribs sansa and walk with him only in the shade in order to prevent heat stroke and in no case take him to the beach.


In terms of character, these dogs are quick-witted, high intelligence, liveliness, devotion and incredible courage, which is usually inherent in all representatives of small breeds. So, such a pet will not only frolic and play with adults and small hosts, but will also be able to learn some commands and even tricks.

It is also worth noting the good and tolerant attitude of Rybs Sansa to other pets. After all, it often happens that dogs of small breeds "on the spirit" can not stand the competition and show their displeasure with fights and complete disobedience. Because of such shortcomings, many potential owners are simply afraid to take on a representative of decorative breeds. But such "harmfulness" of character does not apply to the ribs.


“. vagueness and ambiguity are their own virtues in Sun Dogs. ”
Kill screen

“. an engaging, thought provoking exploration of how humans might use technology to transform ourselves and our solar system. ”
Game jolt

“. a memorable and intelligent flavor to its economically written stories. ”
Failbetter games

About this game

Sun dogs is about exploring our inner solar system, altering your body, and embracing death.

In a future where humanity alters itself without a second thought, you must do the same.
Skim along the Sun's corona, float in the Venusian clouds, travel the Martian plains.
When your body dies, your mind will be given a new one, and you will keep going.