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York chocolate cat


The main distinguishing features of this cat breed are its extraordinary color and excellent health. York chocolate cats delight their owners with a cheerful disposition and do not give them unnecessary trouble with the content. Unfortunately, in Russia it is almost impossible to find animals of this breed, because almost all of their livestock is concentrated in their homeland in America.

History of breed origin

The breed of York chocolate owes its origin to a New Yorker Janet Chifari and her pets: an ordinary yard black and white cat and a simple black cat. In 1983, a kitten appeared in their litter, completely different in color from their counterparts. It is this fluffy cat of chocolate color that is considered the first representative of the then-unknown breed.

The chocolate-colored kitten was so charming that Janet decided to keep it for herself. And when the female grew up and nourished herself, one of the seals inherited her color. Although their mistress had never been involved in professional animal breeding before, she decided to try to cross mother and son.

Over the next 7 years, Janet continued to cross animals that differed in the characteristic color of the fur coat, and she managed to fix the chocolate gene. During this time, 27 kittens of an unusual color were born. In 1990, they were examined by experts from the WCF and FIFe felinological associations to confirm the new breed. At first it was considered experimental, and in 2009 WCF officially assigned the status of a new breed to York chocolate.

Appearance description

Although the breed came from simple domestic animals, experts believe that its representatives borrowed some features from Siamese and Persian cats. So, from the Persians they got their long hair, and they borrowed the Siamese color. Despite the fact that York chocolate is considered a separate breed, a firm standard has not yet been fixed for it. The main distinguishing features of these cats include the following features:

  • The body has harmonious proportions. It is characterized by a powerful skeleton and well-developed muscles.
  • Elongated and slender limbs. The hind legs are significantly longer than the front. Protruding tufts of wool are visible between the fingertips.
  • The tail is straight, without creases, wider at the base and tapering towards the end, which is slightly pointed. The length of the tail is proportional to the length of the body of the animal. The entire tail is covered with fluffy hair.
  • The rounded muzzle in the upper part gradually narrows to a straight and thin nose without noticeable depressions.
  • Large and widely spaced ears are triangular in shape. They are slightly tilted forward.
  • Large expressive eyes can be yellow, brown or green. Their outer corner is slightly raised.
  • Thick long hair is slightly shorter on the muzzle and stomach. Many animals are decorated with a fluffy shirt-front.
  • The color is exclusively chocolate or purple. A combination of these colors is also acceptable, as well as a white shirt front on the neck and socks on the legs. Cats no older than 18 months may have a lighter coat with stripes or other marks that later disappear without a trace.
  • The average weight of animals is from 4 to 10 kg, and they live longer than 10 years.

Distinctive character traits

York chocolate cats are completely non-invasive. They are friendly and friendly, excellent at training and quickly find a common language with the owner. Such an animal will feel great in every family and will establish contact with representatives of any age group. You can not be afraid that the pet will harm a small child or will be very harmful, showing character.

Representatives of the breed also get along well with other petsbe it a cat or a dog. The exception is decorative mice and rats, which can become a subject of hunting. It is likely that the same fate will befall birds or fish, so they will have to be kept away or not started at all.

The charm of chocolate pussies is that they are absolutely unobtrusive. They will be happy to play with the owner all day, but if he does not have the time or mood, they will not be offended at all, but will go about their business. Such cats do not have to be kept at home all the time, Yorkies are completely independent and are not afraid to go out.


In eating Yorkies are quite unpretentious. Usually they don’t have stomach problems, therefore, such cats can be fed with ordinary homemade food with the addition of vitamins, as well as with special food. As for natural products, the menu of pussies must necessarily contain sea fish and fresh meat. Better if it is beef, chicken or turkey. Do not forget about vegetables that can be given in boiled form. It is not recommended to feed your pet with foods such as

  • meat offal, the only exception is the liver,
  • all kinds of smoked meats,
  • legumes.

Too bad pets can be too salty. As an addition to vitamin complexes, greens grown from seeds of cereal crops are suitable. Oats are especially useful. Regular use of such weed will help to remove wool from the body, which cats regularly lick.

It is advisable to purchase the same food as for Persian cats. Pure water should always be freely available to the animal. You can not dramatically change the diet, followed by stomach problems.

Care Features

Caring for York chocolate cats is similar to caring for the rest of the cat family. Particular attention is required to their long coat. If you do not comb it regularly, it may fall into shreds that will have to be cut. Therefore, you need to arm yourself with a special comb and put in order the hair of the pet at least once a week, and during molting do this 2-3 times.

Periodically, the cat needs to be bathed, but this usually does not cause problems. Although the representatives of the breed do not belong to lovers of bathroom procedures, they calmly behave during washing. Washing a pet is recommended no more than 4-6 times a year. The exception is when a pet is very dirty with something.

Once every 3-4 weeks, the cat needs to cut its claws. This is done in cases where the pet is not on the street and does not grind them naturally.

Representatives of the breed are quite active by nature, so they need to spend a lot of time in motion. This will contribute to the development of muscles, which will positively affect the health and well-being of the pet. It is very useful to play with your pet more often, and if possible walk it on the street.

Cat health

Since the parents of Yorkshire chocolates were not purebred, their descendants did not suffer from genetic and chronic diseases. All representatives of the breed have very strong immunity, which allows their owners not to shake too much about their health.

But despite this, the cat needs to be shown to the veterinarian from time to time. He will clean her ears and get rid of tartar, and will also take preventive vaccinations. About health problems will tell the state of the coat of the animal. If it ceases to shine, it means that the pet lacks vitamins or some changes occur in his body. In this case, do not hesitate to visit a feline doctor.

Yorkshire chocolate cats will bring joy and good humor to the house, without demanding in return anything but a good attitude and a bit of affection.

Brief information

York chocolate cat is a random selection result. She first appeared in 1983 in New York, when a long-haired cat had one of the kittens born with a chocolate color,

These cats love attention, but they know how to be unobtrusive,

In Russia, Europe and the USA they are very popular.


York chocolate is a descendant of ordinary cats. This is a great friend who gets along well with older people, knows how to keep company in games with children. This cat is not characterized by aggression.

Individuals of both female and male sex can skillfully adapt to the character of the owner. York chocolate cats are easy to educate due to the fact that they understand the intonation of the owner and feel his mood.

As a rule, representatives of this breed are very energetic - they like to frolic with toys, they love it when they play with them. Companies of other pets will be happy if they are in the family (the York cat gets along well with them). These cats quickly get used to dogs and do not show aggression to them. However, on the first day of the appearance of a new tenant in the house, the York Chocolate will surely try to hide in a secluded place, for example, behind a sofa or on a cabinet. After some time, she will understand that nothing is threatening her, and will try to get to know each other.

When deciding to have a new pet, keep in mind that Yorkies are excellent mouse traps. This means that decorative rats and mice will have to be kept away from them and always be on the alert, because there is no point in fighting a cat's hunting instinct.

These cats quickly become attached to the owner, they love to climb under the covers and on their knees. But York chocolate is not one of those who brazenly requires affection, often it is just glad to be around and enjoys the human society.

As with all long-haired animals, you need to take care of the chocolate cat regularly: it is recommended to brush it once a week with a brush. A cat should be bathed as necessary, as representatives of this breed are usually afraid of water. If York chocolate often goes for a walk, bathing and combing should be done more often.

The energy of a chocolate cat needs a way out, and the muscles need training. From time to time, you have to play with her. Representatives of this breed do not tend to run away from the territory in search of adventure, but still the owner should keep the situation under control.

As for health, veterinarians call the York chocolate cat one of the most trouble-free breeds. However, this does not eliminate the need to show the pet to doctors for prevention.

Conditions of detention

The size of the housing does not matter much. York chocolate cat gets used to the new house and to walks on the street. Nevertheless, experts recommend paying attention to the pet so that it is not too sad. If there is such an opportunity, you should periodically arrange walks - from two to three times a week is enough.

York chocolate cat is a wonderful animal for both an ordinary apartment and a spacious country house.

WCF Breed Standard

Wool texture15
Wool color15

general description: cats of large size, with strong bones, well-developed muscles. Semi-long coat of saturated color, has a silky texture and shine. The undercoat of a Yorkie chocolate cat is soft and snug against the body.

BodyMedium and large size, strong backbone, strong muscles. The chest and shoulders are not wider than the hips. The legs are long and slender. Paws are oval, tufts of wool between the fingers. The hind legs are longer than the front. The tail is medium or long, wide at the base and tapering slightly to a rounded tip. The tail is well pubescent along its entire length. The neck is medium.
HeadMedium in size in the form of a modified wedge starting from the tip of the nose and extending to the tips of the ears. The forehead is slightly rounded, the nose is straight and long, of medium width along the entire length, but with a slight indentation at eye level. The muzzle is elongated, but it seems slightly square due to the pronounced pads of the mustache. The chin is strong with a smooth contour, located in line with the nose and upper lip.
The earsLarge, moderately pointed, broad at the base, slightly inclined forward, tufts of wool are present on the inside. Ears are widely spaced from each other.
EyesMedium in size, oval in shape, inclined towards the nose. The distance between the eyes is at least one eye width. The eye color of a Yorkie chocolate cat varies from golden to green.
WoolMedium length, thin and shiny. Soft and silky in texture. The undercoat is well developed and fits snugly to the body. The coat is shorter on the shoulders; the coat gradually lengthens towards the back.
Colorchocolate and lilac (lilac), chocolate and lilac with white. The color is uniform throughout the body, smooth and dense along the entire length of the hair, without shading, white spots and stripes, rust.

Disadvantages: white medallion or white spot on the abdomen in cats with a solid coat color.

Breed adoption

In 1991, Janet Chifari ventured to put her best cats on the court of felinologists. Whether the York chocolate cat will be accepted or not, Janet didn’t risk anything at all: it was that rare case when the brand’s popularity had already overtaken the reasonable arguments of reason.

This year, Janet was “wrapped up”, making it clear that no one was going to consider a certain mix of “bombing” and “British” or “Nibelung” with Siamese as a separate breed, but Jen turned out to be a persistent lady.

It took her two more years to gain a foothold in the positions of popularity and spread a couple of dozen of her chocolate “yorks” throughout the country.

As they would say “under public pressure”, in 1993 the breed was adopted by the CFF (“Cat Fanciers Association” - the US Felinological Organization) and this was the first step towards a big victory.

It is necessary to take into account the specifics of CFF. This oldest organization makes exhibitions in which ordinary domestic purses are Very Important Pets - V.I.P. persons. This means that ordinary domestic kitty, with appropriate care and some distinctive quality, can be registered in the CFF system, receive its titles, win regional and even national awards, and even claim (and receive!) The status of a separate national breed.

The serious world of felinologists is wary of this organization, but without hostility. Moreover, the opinion of the “Cat Fanciers Association” has to be reckoned with, as they are the main suppliers of mixed breeds, on the basis of which it is quite possible to develop a new stable breed. This is the richest market for all kinds of feline species and genes, to which the expression "forge of personnel" is quite applicable.

The main condition for obtaining a title at CFF shows is to prove the applicant’s popularity and to have at least little evidence of the origin of the domestic cat to be judged. All this in cats York from the independent cattery Janet Chifari was in abundance.

The young generation of Yorkshire cats and cats were recognized as a separate breed and were listed on the CFF in 1993, as promising, but for amateur (limited) breeding. And already in the 95th, having received a champion title at an exhibition organized by ACFA, this organization also received recognition.

In 2009, chocolate York conquered judges from the WCF (International Association of Felinological Clubs.), Which was held that year under the patronage of GCCF (Great Britain).

And right at the show, as a bonus, receives a clearly defined breed standard from TICA (USA), which is valid for all yokshire "chocolates" to this day.

Description and nature of the breed

  • York chocolate cat has a half-long, graceful, muscular body and a thin skeleton. Muscular strength is clearly visible in males (cats). Sexual dimorphism is pronounced not only in appearance, but also in weight.Cat - 5-5.5 kg. Cat - 6-8 kg.
  • The head is a rounded wedge without flat edges. The nose is long enough, with no pronounced stop between the forehead and back. Slight bending without pronounced deepening is allowed.
  • The neck is long, thin, but without dryness.
  • Ears are large, widely spaced, broad at the base, smoothly rounded. Small or pointed ears are considered a disqualifying defect.
  • The limbs are long, thin-boned with well-developed muscles. Even on the forelegs and hair between the toes are desirable.
  • Eyes of medium size, not repeating the eastern form, with an expressive look of golden green. Blue, hazel or bright green eyes of the eastern type or small “bearish” eyes will be considered a serious flaw.
  • The tail is thin, gradually tapering towards the end, richly pubescent. The coat is the same length throughout the tail. Tail bent, shortened or longer than the length of the body - disqualification.
  • Wool from long to long. Thick, soft, thin and silky. With long hair, a rich frill is a must. At half-length - a thick collar.
  • Color - all shades of even chocolate color. Lilac is allowed. Mixing both colors on the same individual is not permissible. Kittens can be born with a tabby pattern and weak tipping (a different color at the very tip of the hair), but by the age of 18 months the pattern should disappear without a trace. At an older age - a serious remark up to disqualification.
  • Serious remarks or disqualifying vices include both a frankly oriental, light type of cat structure, and a heavy one. The presence of spots of white or any other color on the body of the cat or “socks” on the legs, as well as the presence of a darker point on the face, tail and legs.
  • The character is friendly, agile, aggression is excluded.
  • Mating with other breeds of cats is strictly prohibited!

Failures in fixing the breed

The joy of Yorkie chocolate cat lovers was short-lived.

It turned out that attempts to breed the Yorkshire chocolate cat "inside" lead to various undesirable consequences, such as point spotting, tail wrinkles, loss of rich coat, deepening in black or smoky colors, various distortions in the bones, up to the deformation of the skull. And the same “Siamese” gene is guilty of all these troubles, which easily passes upon repeated doubling-tripling from the dominant to the nasty-recessive one, which entails various troubles. Initially, supported by the genes of Persian, British and ordinary domestic cats, the gene behaved “correctly”, and left face to face with its own mirror image, it began to “bizarre”. If Janet Chifari knew the basics of genetics, she was hardly in a hurry to recognize her cats as a separate breed.

Catching her bit of fame, disappointed in the selection, Janet abandoned her attempts to strengthen the pedigree of her pets and soon sold her cattery along with all its contents (brown and not so cats) to the Canadian breeder Lukas Kadin. Cats moved from New York State to Linkletter for permanent residence. Since then, Canada has been the second homeland for cats from York State.

Those who got bronze-chocolate cats that survived the fall and match the breed description, organized their own small club of York cat lovers and are trying to keep the breed afloat or at least reduce the recessiveness of the aggressive Siamese gene.

What they get is not very clear yet. It is only clear that the breed of York chocolate cat is currently transferred to the experimental class, and work on its conservation and strengthening continues.

Breed price

Find this cat in Russia and the CIS is very problematic. The offspring of those cats that exhibited Janet outside of Canada and the United States in its pure form has long been gone. The fact that CFF organized its last exhibition in the post-Soviet space in 2007, that is, 2 years before the presentation of the Yorks, played a role, which means that they could not get to us through the exhibition material.

For European reasons, the Yorkshire cat is not particularly popular in Europe, although there are also fans there and in some places you can buy kittens ... without a pedigree.

It is difficult to name the approximate cost of such a kitten, given that this breed is not sold anywhere in the Russian Federation. The simplest thing is to get a chocolate miracle on the market, if you really want a little exotic, but it may not be York, and the cost will obviously be considerable.

Breed care

York cat is easy to maintain, it is necessary to comb it once a week. During molting, comb out the pet two to three times a week. The cat calmly endures bathing, but we do not recommend doing this all too often. York cat food consists of premium feeds, you can switch to high-quality natural products.

Head and face

The shape of her head resembles a triangle and is planted on a long and movable neck. The muzzle of cats is small and has a convex forehead characteristic of the breed. The ears are large and erect, pointed at the ends, widely set. The eyes of the cats of York chocolate breed are almond-shaped, green, gold or hazel.

Wool and colors

The coat is medium-long, thin and shiny, and adheres well to the body. The texture is soft and silky with an undercoat that should not be fluffy. The coat is shorter on the shoulders and gradually becomes longer towards the back. In the breed, it was not possible to fix a single color, so 4 types are allowed:

  • chocolate with white
  • pure chocolate
  • lilac with white
  • pure purple.

In the standard color of the breed, one spot on the chest or abdomen is permissible, and in the two-tone type, white spots can be present on the chest, collar, face, paws and stomach. Adult cats have a more saturated color than young kittens.

Slideshow with york chocolate cats:

Maintenance and care

If you decide to have a Chocolate York cat, you should be prepared for the fact that its long hair can leave marks on your carpets and sofas.

In leaving cats Yorkshire chocolate breed unpretentious. Their long hair requires periodic combing to avoid the formation of lumps. If lumps of wool have already formed, then try to carefully unwind or arm yourself with scissors and cut the lump - the wool will quickly grow on this spot on its own. To avoid this picture, buy a soft brush and scratch your pet's coat in the evening, while watching your favorite shows.

You need to bathe such a cat as needed. Periodically wipe the eyes with a swab dipped in warm water and remove sulfur from the ears. The cat copes with the care on its own, while she really likes it when her owners look after her. For them, the main thing is that they feel attention and self-love - this is the only way Yorkies can be happy.

Power Features

The York chocolate cat is not choosy in its diet, but the main thing is to provide it with a balanced diet. Add vitamins and minerals to feed, which you can buy today in a specialized store according to the age of the animal. Feed small kittens 4 times a day.

At a young age, kittens feel a high need for milk. In adolescence, a York chocolate cat needs 3 meals a day, and from the age of 8-9 months you can switch to an adult regimen - 2 times a day.

Try to keep water in the bowl all the time, and change it at least once a day. The diet can include both raw meat and boiled meat. Cats also need to add vegetable and cereal soups, chicken and turkey meat to the diet with offal, but without skin.

Health and Life Expectancy

There is no evidence of genetic diseases. Subject to the rules of nutrition and caring for a cat of the breed York, no predisposition to disease has not yet been noticed. In extremely rare cases, cats of this breed may experience stomach problems.

On average, cats live for about 14 years.

Kitten selection and price

In Russia, the CIS countries, and generally in most European countries, a York chocolate cat cannot be bought. The breed is considered quite rare even in its homeland - in the USA. Finding a kitten in the American Kennel is perhaps the only way to get a unique pet. Unfortunately, there is no data on nurseries or on specific prices on the Internet, or rather, it was not there before. But time goes on and if you are interested in a York chocolate cat, the price for it is already known.

A thoroughbred Yorkshire chocolate cat kitten, purchased from a professional breeder, will cost you 150-500 y. e. Price is formed under the influence of factors such as:

  • the presence or absence of a pedigree,
  • kitten gender
  • class and standard of breed.

If you buy a cat as a pet, you can indulge in the disadvantages of the breed. But deciding to continue to participate in exhibitions with a pet or just to breed rare cats, the issue of purchase should be taken much more seriously. And the price of a Yorkshire chocolate cat kitten, depending on the purpose of the acquisition, may be higher or lower than average.

But to the question - where to buy a York chocolate cat, the answers must be sought on bulletin boards. It was there that recently began to appear advertisements for the sale of cats of the breed of chocolate, from where they managed to find out the first data on pet prices.

We invite you to participate in solving this issue. If you have up-to-date information on prices and addresses at which you can buy York chocolate, leave your comments!