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Diabetes is one of the most common diseases among degu. Unfortunately, this disease cannot be completely cured, but it is quite possible to live with it. Diabetes is more a lifestyle than a disease. Like humans, degus has two types of diabetes.

The first type is insulin-dependent. This type is inherited. The cause of the disease is thyroid dysfunction.

The second type is insulin-independent. This does not mean that you do not have to carry out insulin therapy, but there is no need for lifelong injections of insulin.


In type 1 diabetes, an insulin adjustment course is used. Unfortunately, pork insulin (used to treat people, carnivores) is almost useless for herbivorous rodents (excreted too quickly). From this point of view, the use of prolonged insulin (Kaninsulin, Lantus) is more appropriate.

A preliminary diagnosis can be established on the basis of monitoring the behavior of the animal, but an accurate diagnosis is impossible without a blood and urine test for glucose.

Signs of the disease

With an increased glucose level, the animal begins to consume water intensely, urination becomes more frequent (the volume of urine in most cases also increases). The appetite of the animal may not change, but, despite the normal consumption of food, the beast continues to lose weight. These are the first signs of the disease that indicate the likelihood of diabetes. In a more severe case, there is a loss of muscle mass, hepatomegaly (liver enlargement - diagnosed with x-ray and ultrasound), neuropathy (shuffling gait) may occur, and bilateral cataracts are also observed.

Unfortunately, most veterinarians do not work with rodents (with the possible exception of rabbits and chinchillas), and owners have to self-medicate. In this regard, I would like to focus on the "laboratory" methods for diagnosing the condition of the animal. You do not have to buy a huge amount of reagents. It will be enough to purchase test strips in a regular pharmacy for glucose control (strips for determining glucose in urine are needed, and the same for blood). If possible, then for a blood test it is better to purchase a glucometer.

To conduct a study at home, you will need approximately 0.5 ml of urine and 0.2-0.3 ml of blood (in the presence of a glucometer, a couple of drops of blood will suffice).

Material collection and diagnostics

Collecting urine is quite simple. Put the animal in a cage / carrying with a mesh bottom, and place the pallet down (under the grate). When the animal goes to the toilet, just collect the urine in a syringe. Before conducting a glucose test, you can evaluate the quality of urine. Normally, the urine of an animal flashes to water (to the touch), may not have a large precipitate (if the urine is a little unclear - it's okay), the color may vary depending on the nutrition of the animal. In a sick animal, urine is thick and slightly sticky.

Next, moisten the test strip in the urine, and as soon as the strip acquires a stable color, compare the color of the marker with the attached table.

For blood analysis, capillary blood can be used. With scissors / claw cutter we cut one claw on the paw and squeeze a few drops onto the test strip. If you have a simple test strip, then compare the color of the strip with the attached table, if there is a glucometer - just insert the strip and wait for the result.


The rate of glucose in the urine is quite vague (from 3.8 to 11.8 mmol / liter). If, over several measurements, the indicator stays at the upper boundary, or exceeds it, we can talk about the presence of diabetes.

Blood is a little easier. If the analysis reveals that the amount of glucose is 27 mmol / liter or less - the animal is healthy, but at 30 or more (as a rule, with a 33 mmol glucometer rolls over) - an insulin correction should be performed.

The dosage of the drug depends on the type of insulin used. As indicated at the beginning of the article, it is better to use prolonged insulin (Caninsulin) to treat degu. The dose is calculated according to the following formula 4-5 units / 1kg * animal weight, injections should be done twice a day with an interval of 12 hours. The course of correction lasts about a week, with constant monitoring of the state of the animal. Insulin can be injected both intravenously (which is difficult at home) and intramuscularly, however, the simplest and most painless method is subcutaneous.

Diet therapy

It is carried out both in parallel with the course of insulin therapy, and at the end of it. In case of exacerbation of diabetes, it is recommended to completely exclude fruits and berries from the animal’s diet (for the time of insulin therapy for type 2 diabetes, in the future it is enough to simply minimize the consumption of sweet berries and fruits), beets and nuts / seeds should also be completely excluded from the diet. Grain can be given (in small quantities), the main emphasis should be placed on hay, grass and seeds.

With proper nutrition and the absence of a genetic predisposition, the risk of developing diabetes is quite small, however, monitoring the behavior of the animal will not be superfluous. Particular attention should be paid to the proper feeding of pregnant and lactating females. If the diet is not properly composed, you risk the health of not only the female, but also the babies. Cubs receive nutrition through the mother’s body / with mother’s milk, even if the female does not have a predisposition to diabetes, if the diet is not properly formulated, there is a risk of developing type 2 diabetes (both in the young and the female). If you notice that the animal drinks more, often urinates, and loses weight - do not delay the appeal to a specialist. If the clinic does not have a rodent specialist, you still need to contact the veterinarian, because to purchase the drug you will need a certificate of insulin control (certified by the doctor’s signature and the seal of the clinic).

author - student MGAV them. Scriabin (acquired qualification: zooengineer - ecologist, experience in working with rodents for more than 1 year, experience in keeping rodents for more than 7 years) Baranova O.

With the assistance of rodentologists: Novikova E.S. (Moscow, clinic "Laska"), Belova M.V. (Volgograd) and Miroshnichenko A.N.

Special thanks for updating the article to the forum moderator - Irina.


"The treatment of diabetes is carried out under the supervision of a doctor throughout the patient’s life."
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FROM modern civilization knows how to lose in comfort. Recently, a flyer was thrown into my inbox. More precisely, the whole booklet. On the front side, young, wildly cheerful young people, holding hands and laughing freely, run towards the viewer. A gentle playful wind shakes their hospital chlamids.

This is a happy couple of diabetes patients. The booklet advertises a special device for diabetics, designed to measure blood sugar. The satisfied look of the patients suggests that they really like to have diabetes with this device. Priborchik really amazing. It resembles a mobile phone and is also beautiful - a screen on liquid crystals, buttons. It can be seen that the designers seriously worked on the appearance of the device (manufacturers in the booklet especially boast of design). A special, artfully tailored case is attached to the equipment, it even provides a special compartment for a plastic jar with sample paper - the so-called test strips. A drop of blood is applied to the test strip, after which the test strip is inserted into the device. A space-looking device designed to resemble a fountain pen is intended for blood production. A special compartment is also provided for him in the instrument case.

The device is indispensable for business people - the analysis of a test strip with a drop of blood applied takes only five seconds!

The device can communicate with the computer via infrared!

The device has a memory for the last two hundred analysis results with time and date!

The device itself calculates the average glucose level over the past two weeks!

The device has a function of automatic shutdown!

. Do not want, but buy. We have never been sick with such comfort!

And one more nice detail - each plastic cylinder with test strips contains a bright orange (for beauty) code chip that needs to be inserted into the device every time you buy a new package of test strips, otherwise the device will lie. This is to ensure that you buy test strips only from the designated company, providing it with constant cash drops. Each drop of blood of a diabetic brings a few cents of profit to the firm.

In addition to this wonderful appliance, a bunch of other similar ones are sold, like dozens of kinds of various medicines, syringes and, of course, His Majesty Insulin. Probably no disease is more profitable than diabetes. Well, is it even profitable to sell drugs as profitably: there, too, the consumer "sits on the needle" and every day needs a seller. The difference is that if an addict without a dose is very ill, then a diabetic without insulin will simply die. The perfect product! Buy yourself some life!

In this case, diabetes occurs. Every fifteen years, the number of patients doubles. At this rate, after thirty years, every second family in the world will have their own diabetes. Not a disease - a dream!

There is nothing more profitable than incurable diseases. In the United States, three hundred billion dollars are spent annually on diabetes care. In Russia - a billion. One hundred million dollars are spent on insulin purchases alone. The state in its infinite mercy buys this insulin on budget money and distributes it to diabetics. Every pharmaceutical manufacturer wants to get a piece of this guaranteed wholesale cake. Decide which of the manufacturers to buy, officials from the Ministry of Health. The worst Ministry of Health corruption sits on insulin. It happened that our officials bought insulin batches from pharmaceutical companies six (!) Times more than the average market price. You can dream about the magnitude of the “rollback” yourself. Money goes terrible there. Therefore, it happens, and shoot.

Nobody needs cured diabetes - neither insulin producers, nor sellers of miracle devices, nor the Ministry of Health. He is needed only by the sick (and even then not always, but more on that below).

. Meanwhile, diabetes is treatable.

Actually, this was known at the beginning of the last century. It was then that the Russian doctor Zalmanov cured diabetes with the help of hyperthermia. He put the sick in a very hot bath and warmed for some time. After a certain number of sessions, diabetes passed. The method was based on the fact that at high temperature in the tissues capillary growth begins. And people with a good capillary system do not have diabetes. In contrast, diabetes itself destroys the capillary system.

“This is natural,” says Boris Zherlygin, a sports physiologist, author of one of the most effective methods for getting rid of diabetes. - Imagine high blood sugar. Syrup, jam flows through the veins! An untrained heart is unable to push such a thickened blood into the thinnest vessels. Capillaries atrophy, tissues begin to rot. By the number of limb amputations, diabetics lead. Therefore, the first thing you need to do to fight diabetes is to train your cardiovascular system. Then you can at least avoid complications, such as persistent ulcers, amputations. And for the most part - get rid of diabetes.

The big minus of Dr. Zalmanov’s system was that some people with a weak cardiovascular system did not withstand hyperthermia - they got a heart attack in his hot baths and even died. A different method of capillary restoration was needed. Actually, he was always known to medicine - movement. Another 600 years BC ancient Indians used exercise to treat diabetes.

“The capillaries sprout under the influence of a certain muscle load, accompanied by proper breathing,” continues Zherlygin. - It is known that the load reduces blood sugar. One hundred years ago, when there were no drugs for diabetes, doctors recommended that patients move more. Diabetes patient Chaliapin chopped wood before eating. And at the heart of my healing method is the load. Plus a special breathing system. Plus a diet. Plus work with the patient’s nervous system.

Zherlygin himself faced the problem of diabetes by accident twenty years ago. Then Boris was a simple Soviet athlete. And simple Soviet athletes liked to give insulin as doping, honestly, though, warning that they should be extremely careful on insulin doping: overload can lead to a sharp drop in blood sugar, coma and death. And somehow Boris’s conversation with his trainer flowed from insulin to diabetes. “But diabetes in the initial stage can be cured quite easily,” the trainer said then. - Physical activity in anaerobic mode. Runners, marathon runners, skiers - people with good carbohydrate metabolism - never have diabetes. ”

At that time, young Boris was greatly impressed. “Why don’t you go to the Ministry of Health and offer this technique, at least as a preventative measure for diabetes?” Boris asked the trainer. “I want to live not in a mental hospital,” he answered.

“I was struck by his eyes at that moment,” Zherlygin recalls. “They were like a beaten dog.”

Boris was not as careful as his coach. Carried away by this idea, he first began to read books on diabetes, then developed and tested a system of physical exercises to eliminate it, after which he went to the Ministry of Health.

Thus began in his life a strip full of hardships and adventures. By that time, Zherlygin already had a lot of cured people - a mountain of medical histories that confirmed: diabetes can be controlled with a physical exercise system. There were experience, statistics. There were even students who picked up the banner and also began to successfully treat. Instead of confessing, Zherlygin and Co. received a lot of headache, resentment, slander, anonymous letters, and even waving a gun at the nose. Good connections in the organization with an unpretentious sign - “FSB” saved from a very sad result. Even in this formidable office, people have diabetes, and some of them were treated by Zherlygin. After turning on some invisible drive belts, the evil people lagged behind Zherlygin and his students, but the Ministry of Health did not accept his method of treating and preventing diabetes. The war ended in a draw. As a result, Boris remained in the same strange niche in which he had practiced before - the head of the goodbye diabetes club. This was allowed to him: they say you are a sports physiologist, so do your gymnastics, but don’t go into medicine!

“Listen, can diabetes be cured by jogging?”

- Diabetes can be cured with a simple run! But only in the initial stage. After all, diabetes has two types, two stages of development. Type 2 diabetes is the onset of the disease. The first type is already insulin-dependent diabetes. But it can be cured! Only this work is much more complicated.

- Is it possible to remove a person from insulin?

- Can! Give me any person, and if he cooperates with me, I will take him off insulin! The trouble is that many do not want this. To do this, every day for about one and a half hours to do an individually selected set of exercises for each person.

“You know, it's easier to get an injection.”

- So many argue. I had one woman from the province. I gave her a complex. And then she tells me: “I am a respected person in my city and I cannot allow people to see me on the street doing such exercises. This is not solid. ” It’s easier for her to inject.But if a person thinks, he will understand that curing is more cost-effective than injecting himself! Exercise will take you an hour and a half hours a day - about one twenty-fourth of life. That is about 6%. And diabetes of the first stage reduces life by 30% - this is WHO data. After being cured, you will not only regain that third, taken away by diabetes, but also add ten more years to your “regular state”, because exercises generally prolong life.

If a person with the first degree will not even engage in my methodology, but simply run around, he will reduce the required dose of insulin by ten times. And here, medicine seems to deliberately bring a person from the second stage of diabetes to the first - insulin-dependent. The patient begins to be stuffed with pills that increase blood sugar. Therefore, I forbid novice diabetics to eat pills. Then, depending on the state of the person, I give a load. It is clear that the survivor of three heart attacks shows one load, and a healthy man - others. You can’t just start and run away from diabetes yourself. You must first consult a doctor, otherwise run straight to the grave.

“Why do people get diabetes at all?”

- They eat a lot and move a little. What do you think, how much more does a modern citizen overeat compared to what he really needs?

“At least three times.” I once thought: will I really die of hunger if I eat three times less than now? No, of course! Well, lose weight as a last resort. It seems to me that even if I eat five times less, I won’t die. Just fat will not be.

- Here is one way to prevent and treat diabetes! You know, a marathon runner can run three hundred kilometers. Today the world record for daily running is three hundred and three kilometers. That's enough for an athlete to have enough energy from food. Now take the usual fat aunt - how long can she run?

- Well, two hundred meters. Then he will die.

- That's it. One and a half thousand times less! Do you think she eats one and a half thousand times less than an athlete? Yes, almost as much or even a little more! And its nutrition is less balanced and of high quality. Well, where does all this go of energy go? In the toilet, in fat, in the destruction of the body. This overconsumption just carries the body! It can shoot diabetes, heart attack, gout, and cancer. All diseases - from the abnormal operation of the body.

- Sugar is a white poison! Food is hard death! It's time to end them.

. Several groups of doctors are already working according to the method of Zherlygin, treating patients with the second (non-insulin-dependent) type of diabetes. Sometimes they even manage to remove the first type of diabetes from insulin patients. True, these doctors work illegally, semi-underground.

In addition to Zherlyginsky, in Russia there are several more similar systemic developments for the fight against diabetes of various authors. All of them, including Zherlygin’s technique, are most applicable precisely for prevention purposes, so that a healthy person does not receive the second type of diabetes, and the second type of diabetes does not pass to the first in the patient. However, the Ministry of Health still prefers pills.

Patient M. Has diabetes for 28 years. Dosage of insulin 70 - 75 units per day. During the year of treatment at Zherlygin, the daily dose of insulin was reduced to 9-14 units.

Patient B., 42 years old. The diagnosis was made in March in the clinic of the Office of the President of the Russian Federation. Prescribed insulin - 14 units per day. Received treatment by Zherlygin in April. May 18, insulin is canceled.

Patient N., 51 years old. Weight 90 kg. Hereditary predisposition to diabetes - they were sick by mom, grandmother. Diagnosis: type 2 diabetes. She began to study according to the methods of Zherlygin. Sugar returned to normal, health improved dramatically. He does not take pills. Recently, even started to eat sweets.

Patient A., a boy of 12 years old. The dose of insulin is 24 units per day. During the month of treatment, Zherlygin (from June 6 to July 10) was withdrawn from insulin. Currently lives without insulin.

Patient 75 years old - vision deteriorated sharply, kidneys refused, getting ready for amputation, tremendous pressure. Now she is well over 80, she reads without glasses, crouches 200 times, her kidneys are normal

The material used photographs: Leo SHERSTENNIKOVA, East NEWS / AGE