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Fish Cat (Felis viverrina) Eng. Fishing cat


Asian fish cat - Felis viverrina, a subgenus of Prionailurus - lives in Southeast Asia in small areas of India, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Sumatra and Java.

The length of the body from head to tip of tail is about 1 m. The muzzle is wide, the neck is short, the ears are small and rounded, the lower jaw is strong. Both legs and tail are short.

The mass of an adult animal is from 11 to 15 kg (cats), 6-7 kg (cats), with a body length of 96.5-119.3 cm, a height in the shoulders of 38.1-40.6 cm. It has a strong build, has a large by force.

It is curious that between the fingers of the forepaws of this cat there are membranes that help her catch fish. Fish cats can not only swim, but also dive for prey. In addition to fish, they feed on birds, frogs, snakes and even snails.

Appearance and features

The body length of an adult animal reaches 100-120 cm, up to 32 cm per tail. The height at the withers is about 40 cm. Weight is from 6 to 15 kg. Females are smaller than males: their weight is 6-7 kg, while an adult male can weigh up to 15 kg. Animals have a strong physique and are strong enough.

The muzzle of fish cats is wide and short, the nose is rather narrow, the ears are semicircular, small in size, set low on the head. The jaws are strong, especially the lower one, almost like pit bulls. The shape of the head is a round, short neck. The paws are not large, the tail is also short, thickened at the base. The coat is dirtyish grayish-brown in color with dark spots on the body and longitudinal stripes on the forehead and nape, rough, short, without shine. The tail is also ringed with dark stripes. The expressive eyes of the animal with a round pupil are bronze yellow.

Behind the dark ears, the fish cat, like most other members of the family, has white spots. Their presence emphasizes the position of the ears: when the animal presses its ears, this indicates an aggressive mood. On the front paws between the fingers are membranes: they help the animal catch fish, but do not allow the claws to be drawn.


Vivveria cats live in the tropics and subtropical regions in southeast Asia. The species is found in India and Indochina, in Ceylon, Sumatra, Java and Bali. Fishing cats live in places near water bodies.

One of the favorite habitats of Asian cats is the wet thickets of the mangrove forest, located in the tidal strip near the seashore or river mouth. Animals swim often and with pleasure.

Hunting and nutrition

Basically, cats of this species eat fish. During the hunt, they can wait for prey near the shore, and when they see a fish swimming nearby, rush into the water and begin the pursuit. Sometimes, at the same time, they can even plunge headlong. Having overtaken prey, the cat hits the fish with its clawed paw, then grabs it and brings it ashore.

Cats can walk in shallow water, looking for crabs, snails or frogs. They can also eat insects, snakes, birds, small mammals (such as mice) or carrion.


Most often, the offspring of fish cats appears at the end of winter. But there are cases when this happened at another time of the year. Females prepare in advance for the appearance of babies, choosing a place in the dense thickets for the "nest".

The duration of pregnancy is from 63 to 70 days. On average, two or three kittens are born. They are born blind and see in the second week of life. By 10 months, kittens are already becoming completely independent. In captivity, males participate in the care of offspring, but it is not clear how they behave in natural conditions.


Vivverian cats are known as rather aggressive and pugnacious animals. A real case has been recorded when a particularly large cat fisher (speckled cat), which was kept in a zoo cage, broke out of it, went into a cage to a leopard and killed it.

Caught at an early age or born at home, cat fishers become attached to people and easily tamed. They are in contact with domestic cats, can play with them, despite the fact that they are much weaker.

Home Content

Being a large predator, an adult wild cat-fisher is not adapted for life in a human house. A kitten who, from an early age learns to live with people, still needs special conditions.

First of all, it concerns nutrition. In the first months, you need to feed the cat with live food - dry ones can harm health. The main products in the diet of an adult animal should be fish and raw meat (poultry or beef). You can not replace natural food with dry - nutrients for the predator will not be enough. A cat can eat up to 1.5 kg of food per day.

Since the cat fisher loves to swim, the animal needs periodic water procedures. For example, living in an apartment vivver cats can swim in the bath. You can throw toys into the water, or arrange a “hunt” for the pet by running live fish in the bath.

Keeping a vivverian cat at home is a rarity. It is imperative to follow certain safety rules when contacting animals, in addition there are many other features of caring for representatives of this species. This cat cannot be fully domesticated: one day instincts will take their toll.

If you have a question about how much a cat fisherman costs, the price is quite high. The animal is in danger of extinction, and the cost of one individual is approximately 300,000 rubles.

Cat - Fisher - Felis viverrina

Fishermen always live in humid places, in the jungle. She feeds herself, fishing fish - hence her name came from. This cat leads a terrestrial way of life, therefore it does not have that grace that distinguishes a Bengal cat close to it, on the contrary, its body is massive, squat, and slow.

The body length of the angler is 1.00 1.20 m, and only 2/7 - 1/4 of the total length falls on the tail, its tip is always darker than the main color, the tail is not very thick. The head of this awkward animal is very large, wide, heavy. The ears are small, rounded, there are no tassels on them. The outer side of the ears is black, in the middle is a white mark. The forehead, like a Bengal cat, is decorated with longitudinal lines or rows of spots, the same with the crown of the head and neck. The main color is from olive brown to olive gray, the coat is matte, not shiny, therefore it is difficult to notice this cat. In the upper part of the body, spots are located along the body, in the lower - across.

Two varieties of cat-fisher are known, they differ little in appearance, differ only in size. Larger animals live in Sri Lanka, as well as along the entire coast of South and Southeast Asia right up to Malacca, they are also found in Sumatra. Smaller animals inhabit Java and Bali.

This water-loving animal lives in mangrove coastal swamps. He reluctantly climbs trees, but likes to wander in shallow water and swim where deeper. It is still unclear whether cats dive underwater for their prey, fish. In any case, they feed mainly on fish and crustaceans, which are caught sitting on the shore or going down to coastal water. Diet birds and small mammals. They even say that cat fishers attack sheep coming to a watering place and other large animals. The fishermen seem to have no enemies among the wild animals, except perhaps the leopard. The female brings two or three cubs, in the upbringing of which the father also takes part.

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