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Horse Names and all sorts of others horse names, you can see in our large section of original names. Collected here nicknames for horses stallions and mares, beautiful nicknames for thoroughbred horses, and in general a lot of cool original nicknames.

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You do not know what to name a horse? Find a nickname for horses It’s quite simple now. Modern beautiful nicknames for horses described in our list with meaning and meaning!

If you become a happy owner horses and are interested in finding a nickname for a horse, pick up or a beautiful name for a horse, we hope that you will succeed, because we have collected not only Russian nicknames of horsesbut even all foreign names are for the horse. The plans for expanding the catalog include beautiful nicknames for horses - we plan to add a list of names for the horse in English and many other additional information about nicknames for the horse, separately with a detailed description - so bookmark our site names for the horse and go back to our site there is all nicknames are the names for your horse which are presented for free online.

Horses in our life

The horse has always been considered a strong animal with good health. Hence the expressions about equine health and equine doses. If a person works a lot, they will say about him that he "plows like a horse", if he is cunning and does not say anything, they will call him a dark horse, etc. In addition, there are many sayings in which this beautiful animal appears.

Today, horses, of course, are rarely used as labor. More often - for riding. Someone goes to special clubs for this, and someone gets a horse. In this article we will talk about how to choose a beautiful nickname for him.

How to choose the nicknames of horses?

The nickname is the fate of the animal. For example, once a horse received the name Midnight, and subsequently surprised its owner. During the day she did not go out into the sunlight, she was allergic, and at night she walked around the yard.

Traditionally, nicknames for horses, mares of the breed of purebred trotters and riding, begin with the same letter with which the name of the mother begins, and contain the letter that is in the name of the father.


Alexander of Macedon loved his horse very much and never used it in battle. According to another legend, Bucephalus was abducted by Persian barbarians and the Macedonian threatened that they would completely exterminate their people. The Persians immediately returned the pet to the owner.

By the way, the nicknames of horses are not always chosen by the owners. It is believed that the nickname Bucephalus was given to Macedonian himself by his enemies, and the prince began to call his horse like that, since the latter was distinguished by a disproportionate physique. There is an opinion that the stallion was not afraid of absolutely nothing. The only thing that scared him was his own shadow.


Caligula adored his stallion. Especially for him was built a stable of ivory and marble, in which stood a drinking bowl made of pure gold. Then, a palace was built for Incitat, in which there were a lot of various utensils. The horse had a personal servant. The emperor declared that Incitat was “the embodiment of all gods,” and ordered everyone to honor the horse.

After Caligula was killed, the horse, of course, was about to be expelled from the Senate. However, a problem arose. Before the term of office of the law expired, no one could be expelled from the Senate. Even the horse. The stallion was simply cut off the salary and removed from the Senate, since he did not pass under the financial qualification. In defense of Incitat, they said that he did not give Caligula bad advice and did not kill anyone, which could not be said of other senators.


Unlike previous horses, Bolivar is a literary character. This horse appears in the work of O. Henry. The famous American writer wrote the story "The Roads We Choose." It describes the story of two friends. One of them (Dodson) in a difficult situation threw his friend and fled himself on a horse, saying that Bolivar could not bear two. After some time, Dodson became a very large entrepreneur. Words thrown to a friend became his motto. It was them who he was guided by, communicating with partners.


Another literary character. Rocinante is the horse of Don Quixote. The owner could not choose a name for his horse for a long time. He believed that the nicknames of horses should reflect their present and past, consistent with the status and occupation of the owner.

Don Quixote called the horse Rocinante, since the word "rosin" means "nag," and "ante" means "before." That is, in his opinion, this nickname explained that previously the animal was an ordinary nag, and now it has become the first nag in the whole world. A distinctive feature of Rocinante was the terrifying thinness.

Fru fru

This is the nickname of Vronsky’s horse, a literary hero from Leo Tolstoy’s novel Anna Karenina. Vronsky loved his horse, but his selfishness destroyed the unfortunate animal. During the races, the count's negligence and negligence led to tragedy. He chose this nickname for his horse, as he was a great lover of operetta, and he really liked the French play, which was called "Fru-fru."

What is the name of thoroughbred horses?

The name of the breeding stallion or mare, first of all, must accurately reflect its pedigree.

The nickname of such a horse (aphid of a mare) must begin with the same letter of the alphabet as the nickname of his (her) mother, and in the middle - must contain the first letter of the father’s name.

We give an example. A thoroughbred foal was born from a mare, whose name is the Insidious Lady, and the stallion, who was his father, is called Arabesque. Such a thoroughbred baby is well suited for a name like KarAgez, where the first letter is from the Forged Lady, and in the middle the first letter is from Arabesque.

For half-breed names, the rules are a little softer, but they also exist. The first letter of the nickname of such foals should be the same as the first letter of the name of their father. Names of horses that take part in high-level sporting events may also contain information about the stud farm where they were born, or about the stable or club where they were trained and raised.

In many horse-racing federations of European countries this rule is generally elevated to the rank of mandatory, as a result of which one can often hear tricky, long and complex nicknames of horses at competitions. In our country, following the rules for naming thoroughbred horses dates back to the first half of the nineteenth century, when domestic trotting breeding horse breeding was actively developing.

Names of famous horses

The names of famous horses always stand next to the names of their great masters.

There are few people who would not hear about Bucephalus - the famous horse of Alexander the Great himself.

Napoleon Bonaparte's favorite horse was a stallion named King George. However, the French emperor himself preferred to call him Sheikh. It was on this horse that the dead Napoleon was taken to the place of his burial.

What about Rocinante? Horse Don Quixote - a knight of a sad image? The proud name of an unprepossessing and elderly animal has remained for centuries thanks to the pen of Cervantes.

In Russian history there are also famous horses that nicknames are known to any educated person.

The Victory Parade, held on Red Square in 1945, was hosted by Marshal Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov riding a light-gray handsome named Kumir.

Anyone who read Leo Tolstoy’s book “Anna Karenina” must have sincerely worried about a horse named Frou-Frout who died near Vronsky in horse racing.

It is also worth remembering the famous Arabian stallion named Smetanka of a rare, isabella color, for which Count Alexei Orlov had paid a fabulous sum for that time of 60 thousand rubles (several million dollars at the current rate). It was this horse that became the ancestor of the famous breed of Oryol trotters.

There are more modern horses whose names are included in the history of sports. Voronoi Absinthe brought his rider, Sergei Filatov, a gold Olympic medal at the games in Rome. At that time, this stallion was recognized as the best sports horse in the world. He even erected a monument at the Lugovsky stud farm, which is located in Kazakhstan.

The handsome black crow named Pepel won the world dressage championship with Elena Petushkova.

The famous horse Pheasant, in the saddle of which Viktor Poganovsky won the championships of the Soviet Union seven times in the discipline of jumping.

Anilin, or “thrice-crowned” is a wonderful horse who glorified the USSR and his jockey Nikolai Nasibov at the World European Horse Racing. He also erected a monument at the Voskhod stud farm in the Krasnodar Territory.

This list can be continued endlessly, but our goal was different: maybe some of these names will suit your pet?

What to name a horse and what can be guided when choosing a name?

Imagine, there is a whole science of selecting nicknames for animals. It is called zoononymy.

According to this science, the nicknames of horses are divided into the following groups:

  • by temperament. For instance. If a horse or a mare has a hot explosive disposition, then the stallions can be called Gladiator, Fighter, Brave, Bars, Eagle, and mares - Glorious, Terrible, Courageous, Tigress. Strong animals are called by such names: Mighty (Mighty), Strong (Strong), Goliath, Atlantis and so on. By dexterity and graceful mare, the nickname Marten, Swan or Chechetka will do, and the same stallion - Ermine, Tiger, Trickster, Dodgy,
  • the following group is associated with natural phenomena: Sunrise, Sunset, Wind, Hurricane, Thunder, Roll, Lightning, Thunderstorm, Blizzard and so on,
Helpful information
1there is a group of names corresponding to ancient or modern titles: Warrior, Knight, Khan, Merchant, Sheikh, Queen, King, King, Emperor, Count, Countess, Prince, Princess and the like

  • The following names can give special character traits: Kind, Buyan, Villain, Naughty, Insidious, Grunt. Grunt, Trickster,
  • names of famous people: Napoleon, Goliath, Hercules, Andromeda, Neptune, Zeus, Roland, Perun, Lyubava,
  • the horse breeding term may also become a name: Funnel, Serko, Golden (Gold), Marble, Horseshoe, Bridle and so on,
  • nicknames describing a characteristic appearance: Shaggy, Velvet, Wavy, Handsome, Beauty, Dolgogriv, Tailed, etc.,
  • Old Russian names: Glafira, Aksinya, Lada, Zlata, Pelagia, Thekla - for mares, Zakhar, Fedot, Prokhor, Dobrynya, Boyan, Miron - for stallions,
  • precious stones - a great set of names for beautiful horses: Agate, Diamond, Amethyst, Turquoise, Jasper, Rubin,
  • names by geographical objects: Paris, London, Moscow, Volga, Amazon, Mexico and so on, and so on.

As you can see - there is where to show imagination!

In fact, if you are not sure of your ingenuity, and you want to choose a name that is suitable and memorable, on the World Wide Web is full of whole lists of various names for every taste. You can also use the encyclopedic dictionary or geographic atlas. In addition, you can approach this matter with humor. Just don't overdo it! Maybe the nickname Vantuz will seem ridiculous to you, but we would be offended very much by the place of the horse!

And remember: the nickname that you like and suits the horse itself is another bridge between you and your pet. Spend your time choosing a sonorous and beautiful name - and the horse will be sincerely grateful to you!

Why do horses need a passport?

It is not enough to be guided only by the aforementioned principles, because it is necessary to take into account the official part of the registration of a horse. And although in Russia there is no law certified by the State Duma, according to which each horse must have a passport, but in fact it is. It is necessary so that there are no problems when transporting an animal, selling it or during possible competitions.

But what if the stallion is bought without him?

Where to register a pet?

The official registration of a horse or horse takes place at the All-Russian Research Institute of Horse Breeding, abbreviated VNIIK.

There, the direct owner may be asked to provide a number of documents necessary for the process.

Documents for registration

When planning to visit VNIIK, you should not only collect a number of appropriate documents, but also mentally prepare yourself for the fact that the process can drag on for quite a long time. In turn, it includes placing an order from the owner, a written and schematic description of the animal’s acceptance, assignment of an identification name and number, registration, registration in the registry, as well as registration and subsequent issuance of a passport.

Help from the story

It is not surprising that world emperors, generals and rulers were guided by such logic. And writers and poets gave horses in their works such nicknames of horses that turned them into strong and powerful animals. Take, for example, Alexander the Great, Taras Bulbu, Don Quixote or the glorious hero Ilya Muromets. A good example of this is the horse of Napoleon, whose nickname sounded like Marengo (in honor of the battle).

But Ilya Muromets, according to legend, chose a future horse when he was weak and showed absolutely no hope, and gave him a proud name. Even then, he was able to recognize in him a zealous associate. Nickname of horse Ilya Muromets - Burushka-Kosmatushka.

Particular attention was also given to the combat associate of Macedon, Bucephalus. Currently, this name is considered to be a household name and use it as a synonym for the word horse.

The nickname of the Macedonian horse is translated from Greek as “bull’s head”, from which it becomes clear that the commander expected considerable achievements from Bucephalus and was not disappointed. The stallion, like its owner, was not afraid of anything. Historians note that for a long time Bucephalus did not allow anyone to saddle himself, including the king.

Thus, the nickname of the horse of Alexander the Great fully met the expectations of the owner of the animal. The world knows many other examples when the names of animals influenced their character, formation of habits and behavior.

Horse Names Alphabetically

There are innumerable numbers, so we suggest that you familiarize yourself and choose the most interesting nicknames of horses.

August, Absinthe, Agate, Abel, Adele, Alibi, Amethyst, Amalia, Aramei, Artist, Crossbow, Alpha, Atlas, Watercolor, Angel, April, Amazon, Archangel, Ankor, Aspirin, Aura, Scarlet, Athena, Amar, Ali, Harlequin, Ataman, Antalya, Albert, Archibald.

Bavaria, Bandit, Billy, Bambi, Boyan, Bonita, Diamond, Bravado, Busy, Snow White, White Mane, Breeze, Beatrice, Bering, Bacardi, Bianca, Brig, Bonaparte, Billy, Bronx, Bansai, Bonnie, Boss.

Valentine, Babylon, Wanda, Verona, Venice, Vilaria, Viking, Jack, Whiskey, Versailles, Blizzard, Wadam, Volcano, Vernita, Valahan, Important, Vaudeville, Virginia, Counter, Wolla, Woody.

Gabriella, Pomegranate, Geisha, Garth, Harold, Hector, Giona, Gaia, Gastroler, Duchess, Gardemarin, Harpoon, Gloria, Hera, Thunderstorm, Golly, Dove, Hercules, Guinness, Goofy, Gonzo, Highlander, Gromada, Proud, Grunya Gladiator, Gordon, Gulliver, Gourmet, Gucci, Gnedoi, Goalkeeper, Hussar.

Diana, Jilly, Dantes, Gioconda, Jake, Dinara, Jerry, Juliet, Damascus, Ginel, Gina, Jennifer, Jancy, Docari, Dollar, Dracula, Day, Dimetria, Jedi, Dundee, Drive, Dumas, Diablo, Douglas, Domenic, Dingo, Djinel, Dietrich, Jus.

Elis, Euro, Eve, Elman, Emar, Yenisei, Yer, Etis, Essi, Elagia, Yezhon, Yelova, Evrik, Ekaterina, Endai, Yeros, Erger, Europium, Unicorn, Exi, The Only One.

Juliette, Jasmine, Geneva, Geneva, Jazel, Justin, Josephine, Georgette, Jelli Gesell, Jusen, Zhidel, Zherda, Jeannette, Germion, Priestess, Janet, Pearl, Giselle.

Zoya, Zayed, Zatea, Zosha, Zemfira, Zorka, Zaryana, Zeda, Golden, Fill, Zeus, Zuru, Zulan, Cinderella, Zurad, Fuse, Zambo, Vigilant, Bunny, Zoria, Sunset, Zero, Probe, Zephyr, Starry, Zenith, Zarok, Star, Zolly, Cufflink, Zara, Zerab.

Ibiza, Ibis, Emerald, Hippolyta, Iliad, Infinity, Ima, Ivris, Illan, Iris, Ithaca, Ivory, Iminur, Inca, Indigo, Irtysh, Inbar, Ishtar, July, June, Irbis, Raisins, Inferno, Ikarus, Irakli, Impulse, Ginger, Ilam, Emperor, Ideal, Its Khan, Illenor.

Kandy, Camellia, Cahors, Captain, Caprice, Carat, Karana, Crown, Karelia, Kelly, Kreisi, Xenia, Cleopatra, Hummingbird, Cappuccino, Cairo, Cadet, Catalina, Catty, Comme il faut, Caliph, Caitlin, Cosmos, Cooper, Cady, Prince, Cameron, Coral, Trump, Clyde, Cowboy.

Lavender, Leslie, Lali, Limonka, Fishing line, Linsi, Londa, Laurent, Lavra, Laorina, Lexa, Lesya, Linda, Liberia, Linfia, Lucia, Limira, Lubava, Loya, Lucy, Lazorina, Liana, Lolita, Linguistics, Leo, Lemon, Lancelot, Lotus, Pilot, Lewis, Leon.

Matilda, Median, Moor, Milena, May, Milady, Mike, Madina, Major, Macmillan, Sailor, Montana, Meolly, Maestro, Mendi, Major, Marathon, Mowgli, Mirta, Megan, Montia, Mahito, Lightning.

Nazira, Nefertiti, Nicole, Nabis, Nikki, Niagara, Nirvana, Nikita, Napoleon, Nora, Nikki, Nibbi, Forget-me-not, Narzan, Nara, Noel, Nelson, Nayan, Narcis, Naphthalene, Nemo.

Oplus, Ovid, Osot, Olkhard, Oasis, Opal, Oberon, Oliver, Olsan, Olympus, Omar, Ordan, Othello, Olkan, Odyssey, Oligarch, Ozar, Ogonek, Ulstr, Oracle, Otis, Ozgan, Osot, Oracle, Oscar, Brave.

Peacock, Poker, Pythagoras, Peter, Peach, Ghost, Pierrot, Pluto, Leader, Pirate, Prologue, Pompey, Pepsi, Plasma, Panther, Puria, Palm, Piper, Winner, Bullet, Prizewinner, Ambassador, Polis, Pulse.

Rainbow, Ralph, Riley, Rista, Rachel, Rita, Rio, Richard, Rolize, Remira, Rina, Ripley, Robin, Mermaid, Rachelle, Rebus, Rimius, Richmond, Ranger, Ramses, Ruby, Regina, Rumba, Redhead, Ringo, Ginger.

Stacy, Sumin, Saigon, Saturn, Sapphire, Seidon, Sancho, Sensei, Serge, Silva, Sigma, Sarah, Sicily, Celeste, Peregrine Falcon, Stensi, Selika, Sandor, Sybil, Safari, Sierra, Scarlet, Solly, Sarbonne, Snezhinka, Santiago, Silver, Stalker, Sting, Lucky.

Taiga, Tyson, Tefi, Temida, Tamara, Tango, Taran, Tido, Tracy, Tira, Terra, Tequila, Tonic, Tanna, Tamir, Timur, Tarhun, Texas, Tilly, Triad, Tulip, Thomas, Troy, Trey, Terra, Tigger, Tommy.

Pattern, Ulka, Ugolok, Will, Uranus, Uryuk, Uruguay, Urania, Ursa, Success, Nerd, Waldo, Ultra, Untina, Urengoy, Umberto, Stubborn, Undina, Umka, Ulkus, Umberto, Will, Windy.

Falin, Handicap, Fiona, Fan, Faraday, Phobos, Phenomenon, Pharaoh, Feudal, Philadelphia, Flute, Phoebe, Felsey, Phoenix, Flora, Foxy, Fantasy, Frida, Violet, Flipper, Ford, Phobos, Flash, Ferdinand, Florentino.

Hannah, Haspia, Hiba, Hill, Hesta, Khatanga, Hidana, Hazy, Chloe, Horsi, Halima, Brave, Helia, Hemmy, Hogur, Honor, Predator, Brave, Hilton, Khan, Khair, Hogur, Hugo, Hoas, Hacker, Higir, Hachiko, Good.

Flower, Tsargan, Tsanterkhan, Tsar, Tsimbal, Zoster, Zinnia, Celeste, Zeitnot, Tsippi, Citrus, Cerberus, Cent, Gypsy, Circe, Tsukat, Tsima, Tsvetana, Tsippi, Gypsies.

Chico, Alien, Charles, Chips, Miraculous, Champion, Chesterfield, Challenger, Black Sea, Churchill, Miracle, Black, Chaly.

Chance, Chef, Sherkhan, Brown, Sean, Flurry, Schumacher, Stirlitz, Sherl, Chocolate.

Expresso, Elbrus, Eclipse, Alvin, Enem, Aegeus, Aesop, Escalibur, Ecstasy, Elf, Eliot, Egoist, Eddie, Andy, Exclusive.

Juvent, Jeweler, Ural, Yudin, Jupiter, Yuzhny, Eustace.

Hawk, Yaramly, Amber, Janis, Yarik, Jan, Anchor, Yasy.

After such an impressive list, there is no doubt that everyone will be able to find new original nicknames for the horses. The list is wide and will make it easy.

Forbidden nicknames

These include the names of stallions or horses with a commercial bias, as well as those who won in especially significant historical competitions.

In addition, horse carers - horse care professionals - argue that they should not be given nicknames that can be vulgar and offensive.

Good name - happy horse

The best way to choose a name for a horse is to trust it. Pay attention to the appearance of the pet and, most likely, you will be able to discern its distinctive feature, which will become the starting point for the name. For example, how the nickname of the horse of Ilya Muromets or Alexander of Macedon became such.


This beautiful horse, up to eight months old, did not have a nickname. In December, it was necessary to declare the foals that were born in 1961. The nicknames for all should begin with the letter "p". This filly was named after the Marquis de Roquepin, who during the reign of Louis XVI was the governor of the king and owned part of the territory of the eighth arrondissement of Paris.

At the age of three, Rockepin, who has an athletic physique, began to take her first steps on the run. She is a living confirmation of how the nicknames of horses affect the character. At the races she was one of the best, she won victory after victory. Just like the Marquis, who achieved a high position and material prosperity, Rokepin did not stop at anything and achieved incredible success. One of the jockeys even once compared her to a Ferrari. The most important achievement of this horse is a triple victory. Then she took part in competitions for the prize of America.

Un de me

However, as soon as Un De Me was harnessed to the rocking chair, her natural scope and extraordinary flexibility immediately burst out. Jean-René Goujon, the most respected Frenchman in equestrian sport, entrusted this horse to Jean-Louis Pepion, who devoted his whole life to this filly.

Un de Me was 4 years old when she covered the distance in just one minute, 16.9 seconds. On this day (09/07/1968), a bright and brilliant career of Un de Me began. In total, she won 82 races. Today, some owners pick up nicknames for horses, mares, taking the name of this French star as a basis, in the hope that they will repeat her bright fate.


The young years of this stallion were very turbulent. At 2 years old, Eclipse was not considered a promising horse. He had a short stature and a low front of the hull. The horse was auctioned. However, its new owner immediately experienced the wild temper of the stallion. Eclipse did not want to obey anyone and did not allow himself to saddle. Only the coach from Ireland could curb the wild horse.

Eclipse's career began on May 3, 1769 in Epsom. On this day the horse won the race for the first time. Its owner made a bet that the stallion will run 12 leagues in 1.5 hours (1 league is approximately 4 km). Eclipse reached the finish line 10 minutes earlier.

In addition, Eclipse has become an excellent stallion producer. Among his descendants are 344 champions.

Choosing nicknames for horses, stallions, people are often guided by their personal impressions. This horse actually had two names. The first is Ribot, his master gave him. And the second - Piccolo (Kid) was appropriated by Italians themselves for the appearance of the stallion.

This horse took part in 16 races and won 16 times. Ribot twice participated in the races for the prize of the Arc de Triomphe. And both times (in 1955 and in 1956) became the winner. No less brilliant was his performance during the Royal Horse Race for the prize of Queen Elizabeth II and King George VI.

The Italian kid was distinguished by the fact that in all the races he was ahead of his opponent by no less than 6 buildings.