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MOU "Duldurginskaya secondary school"

Scientific and practical conference

Research work on the topic:

student 4 - "A" grade

MOU "Duldurginskaya secondary school"

Head: Pavlenova N.M.

1. Theme: "The life of cats next to humans."

3. The purpose of the study, object, subject.

5. Methods and tools.

1.1.From the history of the origin of cats.

1.2.Perfect pet.

2.1. My observations.

2.2. The habits of my cat.

2.3 Hospital for cats.

Conclusions and recommendations.

In my research work, I want to share my observations, conclusions that I have come to. I believe that everyone needs to take care of our smaller brothers - animals. Caring for your pet, a person becomes kinder, more attentive to others.

I would like you to get acquainted with the animals that live near you when you get acquainted with my work. After all, we are responsible for those who tamed!

Theme: "The life of cats next to humans."

Currently, on our streets you can find many animals thrown by humans. I want people to think and help them.

The purpose of the study: to learn more about cats, and try to encourage people to treat animals with love.

Object of study: domestic animal - cat.

Subject of study: the habits of my cat.

Hypothesis: If you pay attention to an animal (cat), treat it with kindness and affection, then it considers you a friend.

Methods and means:

  1. Observation
  2. Photographing.
  3. Learn from the literature.
  4. Think for yourself.
  5. Analysis of the collected material.

2. The study of literature.

3. Watching videos, TV shows.

4. Consult a veterinarian.

5. Compare my observation of the cat with the observation of my family.

We live in a turbulent time, which is characterized by an accelerated pace of life, the rapid development of technology. In this regard, stressful conditions of people arise. To remove them, people tend to be closer to nature, acquire pet animals.

  1. The history of the origin of the cat.

The cat has been living next to humans for about 6 thousand years. Scientists believe that all breeds of domestic cats have developed as a result of artificial selection. They claim that they all come from a single ancestor - the North African-Near-Asian steppe cat and the domestication of them by man took place in Egypt about 4 thousand years BC. Evidence of the early domestication of a cat is not entirely reliable. Therefore, more cautious scientists believe that a cat became a real pet about 4 thousand years ago. And before that, she lived near villages in a half-wild - half-domestic position. Caught mice, people did not chase her, but fed her. In a word, they quietly tamed, and this taming, like no other pet, lasted for millennia.

  1. The perfect pet.

Nothing in the natural world gives the human mind as much food for thought as observing the habits of animals. In this sense, cats are interesting. Cats are affectionate and loyal animals. The beauty of the body structure, the shine and softness of the coat, its diverse color, elegance, grace, confidence of movements, gentle and bright individual character make the cat an ideal pet for many people.

The main condition for acquiring a cat is love for animals. Many take a cat to their home, and it becomes a close friend of both old and small.

I want to tell you about our pet cat, Cannon. He came to us as a kitten. I gave him my corner where he was supposed to sleep. But from the very first days I noticed that the kitten chose a different place for itself. He began to jump and sleep on my brother’s bed. Rearranging the bed to another place, I noticed that the cat moved again with his brother to his bed. So we did a few times a rearrangement in the house, and the brother moved to another place, and the kitten moved with him, too.

I tried to accustom him to my place. But he was returning to where he seemed to be better. I have a question: why? Our cat lived independently, did not obey others, loved affection, if he wanted to. He did not like a change of scenery, but when he was in the master's house, he easily endured it.

The cannon followed the man he liked. The cat chose his owner - my brother Seryozha. If someone says to the cat: “Scatter!”, He immediately runs to Seryozha’s feet.

Although there is an opinion that cats are looking for a place in the house where it is warm and has good energy, this is the place. Here we see that our Fluff is looking for a master and wants to be near him. My brother Seryozha is calm in temperament, likes to sleep, quiet (the same as a cat). The cannon manifested a conditioned reflex of tameness, attachment to a person. He quickly decided on the owner, his instinctively chose a friend, although he had a large selection of people in the house. And everyone tried to pay him a lot of attention, I especially wanted him to listen to me.

Our Fluff grew up, became an adult cat, but still sleeps near his master Seryozha. The gun is not changed in its choice, it most often plays only with it. Probably, the cat feels its more positive attitude towards animals, its affection, and attention. (Application)

The famous German zoologist A.E. Gorsch believed that, among other mammals (the exception is monkeys), cats have the highest degree of intelligence, they are patient, quick-witted, extremely attentive, have a lightning reaction.

The cannon is fraught with many more mysteries. He anticipates the event and has information that, from a person’s point of view, is impossible to obtain — for example, he learns about Seryozha’s return for a long time, and runs to meet him, sits by the door. It has been many times.

The cannon feels like a free animal and requires others to respect his choice.

3. Hospital for cats.

With our cat I visited a vetstation. I met and talked with a doctor - veterinarian Radnaeva Soelma Sukhebolotovna. She said that the owners of cats turn to them for help twice a week. People come and bring their favorite animals. These are the owners who take care of their pets. Here cats are treated, vaccinated against diseases, they even perform operations if it is necessary for the cat to recover. And people who treat animals should have a good heart. Veterinarian Soelma Suhebolotovna says: "Cats are savvy animals." Cats are different, each cat has its own character and habits. Cats should not be offended, they are vindictive.