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Aries zodiac sign (March 21 - April 20)


Sign of Fire, refers to the cardinal square (the square of the initiators).

  • 1st decade: March 21-31.
    Born 21-26 march - border guards to Pisces, a sign of Water.
  • 2nd decade: April 1-10. These are representatives of the pure sign of Aries.
  • 3rd decade: April 11-20.
    Born 15-20 april - border guards to Taurus, the sign of the Earth.

Patron of the sign: Mars, male planet.

Aries Love Sacrament

AriesBabyI amTo teach that love is innocence, and to learn that love is trust

The birth of a soul in the sign of Aries is like dawn, spring and Easter or the resurrection after death in the sign of Pisces.

Just as an infant, completely absorbed in itself, enthusiastically discovers fingers on its hands and feet, so the soul of Aries revels in the awareness of its physical existence.

To satisfy all needs, you just cry louder - adults will hear and immediately come to the rescue. The baby does not doubt anything and is not afraid of anything and nobody - simply because he never knew the refusal. In the same way, the soul of Aries touchingly believes in the invisible power of goodness, which fulfills her desires.

Aries do not think about the possibility of unhappiness, forget about pain and cruelty. The baby Aries is destined to experience acute disappointment again and again, to heal the wounding wounds of trampled trust. Faced with malice or indifference, the Baby feels abandoned, frightened, lonely and screaming loudly to attract attention.

The positive qualities of Aries: innocence and naivety, blind faith and reckless courage.
Negative qualities: painful pride, rampant, aggressiveness and impulsiveness without regard to circumstances.

For Aries, love is a vital necessity, if not existence itself. Therefore, he instinctively expects love and accepts it with joy, although he does not very well understand how to return it.

Aries requires love, because like a baby, without love, it languishes. Fear of loneliness can plunge Aries into a causeless panic, and only constant assurances of love will calm him. Aries needs to be reminded that after the winter, spring certainly comes.

How to recognize Aries

. They did not want to observe the simplest
the rules that their friends taught:
if you hold too hot in your hands for too long
red to the poker, finally burn yourself,
if you cut a finger deeper with a knife,
blood usually comes from the finger.

Have you ever met an extremely friendly, assertive person with a firm handshake and a constant smile on his face? If so, then most likely you have come into the view of Aries. Your assumption will be even fairer if, moreover, he takes leadership in the conversation, preventing you from inserting words.

Does your new acquaintance fiercely fight for a just cause and passionately defend the offended? It looks even more like him. Regardless of gender, Aries immediately rushes into the battle with injustice, often without thinking about the consequences. He will try to find out a relationship with anyone who dares to interfere with him. Later, he may regret his ardor, but in the heat of battle it just won’t occur to him. People under the influence of Mars have a very decisive character and are not subject to doubt.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it symbolizes life. Aries (ram) thinks only of itself.

He is a child and, like any child, is completely absorbed in his own Self and is occupied only by himself. His interests are above all. Like a baby, he is not interested in what others think and feel. The baby is wet or hungry, and he screams heart-rendingly, demanding what is appropriate for him.

So is Aries. If he needs anything, he will not hesitate to call you at 4 in the morning. Are you sleeping? But how can you sleep if he suffers from insomnia? No, please, stand up and get what he needs.

As a true child, Aries considers the world around him as an application to himself. But it would never occur to anyone to call a baby an egoist. The same can be said of Aries. He is so natural and sincere in all its manifestations that it somewhat brightens up his egoism and aggressiveness.

In Aries there is no trace of cunning, and he will remain so for life - trusting, mistaken and believing again. Any grievances received will be forgotten in a moment, should someone warm and caress him.

Aries can build castles in the air, but not at all in order to deceive anyone. He himself sacredly believes in everything.

In the character of Aries there is nothing hidden or complex: it is all in front of you, in full view. Aries is as vulnerable as a child, and almost as defenseless. When adults or stronger ones try to take away their favorite toy from the child, he begins to protest so violently that everyone understands that it is better not to mess with him, and give him the selected one. Aries acts accordingly: the determination to get one's own always contributes to the fact that he achieves his goal.

The one who is patronized by Mars, always with captivating honesty and touching credulity looks directly into your eyes.

You're his best friend, right? And sincerely love him, right? Not? Tears are ready to pour out of his eyes, but he is holding back. And if you still happen to see him crying, then know: you have wounded him in the very heart. Aries would rather die than allow others to notice his weakness, sometimes he literally risks his life, if only he would not think that he is not courageous enough.

Talking with someone, Aries looks directly in the face of the interlocutor. If he looks away, then he is simply not interested in the conversation. At that moment, something else caught his attention, and he is not trying to hide it. Do not be offended. Remember the child who, taking one toy, immediately grabs another.

Aries will by all means achieve leadership in his chosen career. It is easy to recognize the ram-loser by the disgruntled appearance with which he is forced to obey someone else. The conquering Aries is liberal, unusually generous, but wishes everyone around him to sing praises to him loudly.

But what you will never find in Aries, no matter how hard you try, is refinement, tact and modesty. When the Lord handed out these qualities, Aries was in a completely different place. Aries is pretty impatient. If even a very pretty waitress gives him a stale sandwich in a cafe, he will not hesitate to tell her everything he thinks about it. But if he likes the service, he will leave a tip twice the amount appropriate for the occasion.

Aries is too straightforward, if not worse. Falsehood and evasion are completely uncharacteristic of the people whose protector is Mars. Straightforwardness and exceptional honesty are the hallmarks of Aries, although these qualities are by no means always positive.

Aries is irresponsible. Sometimes, in anticipation of something interesting, completely capturing their attention, they may forget about their duty.

You can talk a lot about the ardor of Aries, but he rarely gives in to despondency. Depression, even if there is sufficient reason for it, passes in Aries quickly and without a trace. The passion for leadership and the deep conviction that no one can do anything better than him sometimes interfere with Aries and plunge him into the abyss of all sorts of troubles. Aries will aggressively conduct its business, check and double-check performers, and as a result, it can create an ulcer or a nervous breakdown. But what Aries cannot be blamed for is laziness.

Being unsophisticated by nature. Aries are completely incapable of diplomatic tricks and tricks. Aries usually takes half their lives to learn basic diplomacy. But if he comprehended this too, then his success, thanks to his natural intuition and huge creative potential, is truly grandiose. Surprisingly. Aries often create wealth not for themselves, but for others. Most of them, all their lives without having their own angle, rent an apartment or a house. But, apparently, the pursuit of the day is not the main goal of Aries.

Although Aries is moving forward with confidence in life, caring little about the feelings of others, and his attitude to everything can be expressed with the short motto “first of all, I. ", He is nevertheless one of the most generous and kind signs of the Zodiac. There is no cruelty in him. He sincerely believes that he can do any business better than others. If Aries has to choose between fame and fortune, he will not hesitate to prefer the first. This does not mean that he despises money, not at all. Just fame and recognition is more expensive for him.

Aries is very quick-tempered, but outbursts of anger are usually lightning fast and in a minute Aries forgets the reason for anger and sincerely smiles at you. ”In this connection, one cannot help but recall one of the famous updates - Nikita Khrushchev, who, in order to force himself to listen, tapped the podium with his shoe on the stage in the meeting room of the UN General Assembly in New York.

People whose patron is Mars are often accused of an unbearable nature. And this is partly true. But they are not vindictive, do not know how to grieve for a long time and are always surprised by those who can not forget about the offense for a long time. How, do you still remember what he told you passionately? But he didn’t think so at all, it just accidentally escaped. Aries is able to ask forgiveness even from its sworn enemy.

Sometimes, in order to fulfill a cherished dream, Aries can be deceiving. But even Aries resort to innocent lies very rarely, since their lies are always noticeable. Aries are not interested in gossip, they are too focused on themselves and their own affairs to indulge in discussions about the actions and behavior of others.

Aries divides all people into good and bad, in his palette there are only two colors - black and white, no halftones.

In Aries, the realist and idealist coexist wonderfully. It’s rare that anyone can demonstrate such perseverance and fortitude, and at the same time few people are just as sentimental, poetic and so sacredly believe in miracles. The people whose protector is Mars are completely unable to accept defeat, even when it is obvious. They believe in a happy ending - whether in love or in a baseball game. Being very capable players, Aries in the game always rely only on themselves. They are not one of those who will wait until success falls on their heads. They prefer to conquer it themselves.

If Aries believes in something, then you can spend at least your whole life proving his mistake, but you won’t achieve the desired effect. He kind of puts blinders on his eyes and puts his ears with cotton wool, while in a matter of seconds he is able to change his mind or come to a completely different decision. Then try to prove to him that his opinion was just the opposite - he would not even remember it.

The ability of Aries to instantly discard the old and comprehend the new is truly fantastic (one of the main explanations for why he so easily adapts to new people and circumstances). He perceives those who try to dissuade him from hasty conclusions as an obstacle in his path and, without a twinge of conscience, discards everything that impedes his forward movement. Aries especially does not get along with conservative people, weighing every word and deed, most often they become his worst enemies.

In Aries, the spirit of quixoticism is alive, he boldly rushes into the battle with injustice. The fire burning in his soul is like a lighthouse, illuminating the path in the darkness and giving hope to the afflicted. He is sincerely convinced that life is full of miracles, and will gladly share them, if, of course, you yourself want it.

Aries specifics

The rams that were born from March 21 to 31 will have a modest and shy character, but a great mind and internal culture, well-developed intuition, a great desire for education and self-education. These are intelligent and affable people, self-possessed and having a strong influence on others. True, in the sphere of love and marriage, they are very capricious, but always honest and decent, faithful and faithful, noble and generous. Their personal charm, winning the sympathy of other people, helps them achieve their most important life goals.

Those "rams" that were born from April 1 to 10, already have a different appearance, less powerful than the previous ones. They are more fragile and more elegant, although their health is excellent, the psyche is stable. As a rule, they skillfully and successfully resist all the blows and vicissitudes of fate. They have a philosophical mindset and often have excellent artistic talent. They are very sociable, but, unfortunately, they often change their love partners, although they love them both passionately and passionately.

Those “rams” who were born from April 11 to April 20, already noticeably differ from their other counterparts, while clearly standing out from the environment. Despite their shyness and shyness, restraint and self-control, these “rams” are extremely proud and proud, they have a bright mind, noticeable quick wits and a good memory. Of the negative traits, cynicism and a thirst for praise should be noted. In the realm of love and marriage, they are more complex. On the one hand, they always try to arouse trust and respect, and on the other, they impose their will, their whims, their whims.

So, a brief summary:

Only in that case, a joint married and family life with a “ram” will be long and more or less happy if the spouse is always a lover for him, that is, a beloved and desired woman who knows how to captivate her master not only with her body and intimacy, but also with her soul, loyalty and devotion, a sense of camaraderie.

The "Golden Key" from happy love, a marriage and a married life with the "ram" is in the hands of his partner and is completely dependent on the skillful communication with him, the microclimate created by her, the understanding reached, and the relationship established.

First steps: how to start a relationship with Aries

You must be sincere, because Aries recognize lies well. You can confidently start a conversation on an intellectual note: they think of themselves as people of reason, not emotions, and believe that they are respected if they appeal to their intellect. On the other hand, they treat you with respect if you make no attempt to command them or impose your views on them. You can come to Aries with your problems, and you will find understanding and support.

You will meet them where something happens, in a place different from the others: in a bar with a special atmosphere, at a party that goes beyond the usual, on an unusual tour promising adventure.

Aries are looking for excitement. They are originals and clutch at the new Idea. To offer them such an idea is like saying the magic phrase "Sesame, open!" their feelings. If an idea takes their attention, they will go to pave the way (implement it).

Favorite "hangouts" Aries: theatrical, musical circles, local museums. Usually they are leaders surrounded by fans. The surefire way to identify Aries: look for those who simply cannot walk past the mirror without stopping to admire their reflection. Others do it from time to time, Aries - always!

Good preliminary gambit: suggest something intellectual - read a new entertaining book, go to an art exhibition or a performance whose premiere has just taken place. Show the Aries men that you share their interests.

After you make an appointment with Aries, never be late. Being late will really mean that you started from the wrong place. Aries attach great importance to punctuality.

If you want to maintain a relationship with Aries, there is no doubt that it is better to be a slave than a leader. Just say: “Yes, sir” or “I obey, Madame” to these “senior sergeants” of the Zodiac.

Do not plan an evening with Aries, let he or she lead you.

Last steps: how to end a relationship with Aries

When the clock shows that the time of this love story is over, you can end it in the same way that you started.

How did you meet your Aries? Accompany him or her again to meetings, parties, meetings. Be with him among fans, encourage acquaintances, sit on the sidelines and watch them. Moths will quickly begin to flutter around Aries's attractive personality.

The chances are that after the first company you will be free, because with the slightest encouragement, Aries is inclined to move forward.

If the company doesn’t work, go to bed with a good book when Aries is set up for something more exciting.

If you just have to leave, leave the riotous night party at ten because you feel "exhausted" (or "exhausted"). Make "practical" gifts. Stick to a routine. Become intolerant of the demands of Aries and his habit of pleasing yourself.

Born under the sign of Aries

Giordano Bruno (03.25.1548), Pierre Laplace (03.23.1749), Nikolai Przhevalsky (04/12/1839), Sergey Vavilov (03.24.1891), Wilhelm Roentgen (03.03.1845), Alexander Mozhaysky (03.21.1885), Nikolai Sklifosofsky (06.04.1836), Leonardo da Vinci (04.15.1452), Vincent Van Gogh (03.30.1853), Francisco Goya (03.30.1746), Charles the Great (02.04.742), Maximilian the First (03.22.1459), Thomas Jefferson (04.13.1743), Napoleon the Third (04.20.1808), Peter Stolypin (04.14.1862), Sergey Kirov (03.03.1886), Alexandra Kollontai (03.31.1872), Otto von Bismarck (01.04.1815), Adolf Hitler (04.20.1889), Thomas Mine Reed (04.04.1818), Nikolai Gogol (04.04.1809), Maxim Gorky (03.28.1868), Paul Verl Yen (03.30.1844), Charlie Chaplin (04.16.1889), Nikita Demidov (04.04.1656).

If your child was born under the sign of Aries, get ready for the fact that a son or daughter will require a lot of time and attention.

Element - Fire

Patron planet - Mars

A rock - (diamond) diamond, granite, ruby, amber, jasper.

Day of the week: Sunday.

Number: seven.

Colors: blue, lilac, red, white

Flowers: violet or daffodil, as well as cornflower.

Fragrance: bergamot, cloves, rosemary, juniper, lemon, rose, verbena, sandalwood.

Main character trait - fight and be the first

Positive character: energetic, assertive, independent, enterprising, pioneer, purposeful, strong, confident.

Negative character: impulsive, masterful, eccentric, egocentric, at all costs wants to be ahead of everyone, inconstant, changeable, rude, self-confident.

If your child was born under the sign of Aries, get ready for the fact that a son or daughter will require a lot of time and attention. In infancy, he is mobile, active and curious already from the cradle. He cries loudly and requires your attention. Know that Little Aries cries only for a specific reason: either he is wet or hungry, or he cannot reach the toy that he needs immediately. He has absolutely no patience.

Just like that, because of loneliness, your child never cries. It is sensitive to temperature, so the room should be warm, but not hot. He will love swimming only when he gets older and learns to swim. A particularly difficult period will come when the child begins to crawl and walk. He grabs everything, explores everything. He is attracted to everything new. Take away all sharp dangerous objects; it may be injured. Lock all household chemicals. Do not let him into the kitchen, this is too dangerous a place for him. He loves to climb stairs, trees, overcome obstacles. Limiting it in physical activity is harmful. Equip for him a sports corner where he could spend his energy, or drive him more often to the playground. When your child grows up, he will love sports, because he is stimulated by the atmosphere of competition. In general, he likes to be the first. But if he does not succeed, he loses interest in this activity and looks for another one where he could succeed. With all the energy he has enough perseverance in achieving the goal. Try to develop his missing qualities in childhood, then it will be too late. Palms him different puzzles, suggest building a house of cubes, assembling a pyramid or a car from designer parts. He can scatter everything if he doesn’t succeed. Do not lose your patience and slip the same puzzle another time.

These kids love noisy games. They are attracted to drums, musical instruments, emitting sharp sounds, all kinds of horns, whistles, moving mechanisms. When the child becomes older, he will bring noisy groups of friends to the house. But this is better than suffering in ignorance, where he spends his free time.

If your child is a boy, he can be quite aggressive. Never respond aggressively to his aggression, cruelty to cruelty, otherwise he can grow up cruel and prone to violence. Cruelly suppress cruelty, you need to deal with it firmly, but affectionately. Despite the bravado, he is afraid that he might stop loving him. Do not encourage boys to love weapons and rude games.

You will have to show a lot of patience to accustom the child to intellectual pursuits. If you do not do this as a child, he can grow up physically healthy and strong, but rude, empty-headed. Accustom him to books from childhood. He has little patience and it is difficult for him to learn to write and read. Surround it with bright, attractive books. Let these books tell about noble heroes, your child loves exploits and adventures. Try to give him a good education, then his adult life will be much richer.

Your child is impulsive and often resolves a dispute with his peers with his fists, and he can become the instigator of fights and conflicts. Moreover, he has a completely innocent look. It can even be a girl with angelic blue eyes and touching linen curls. In companies that often violate discipline at school, Aries are almost always “ringleaders.” These are children who have not succeeded in their studies, but the desire to excel has resulted in other, undesirable forms. It is useless to read notations. It’s better to come up with than to entice such children, and to find some more useful field for applying their energy.

It is difficult for a child to discipline. It is difficult for him every day at the same time to sit down for lessons. If you cannot develop discipline in him, he will suffer from it when he grows up. As a result, ardently tackling the matter, he will abandon it at the first difficulties.

Your child is ambitious. If you want him to achieve a certain goal (to study better), try to offend his pride, noting him that his comrades are learning much better than he is.

About health. Aries symbolizes the head of a person. Your child may have headaches, injuries, accidents. It is necessary to monitor the condition of the teeth and ears. Make sure that the baby does not lie in wet diapers for a long time, it is harmful to him. In cold and windy weather it is better not to walk. Possible colds, fevers. At school age, nightmares can torment a child. Most often, this means a neurosis, and in this case you need to see a doctor. But first, try to find the cause yourself. In general, your child's vitality is very high.

With children born under the sign of Aries, one must be firm, but affectionate, one cannot use physical violence, one cannot force them to do anything, one must try to convince them.

It is often undesirable to change the school in which they study.

What does your child need?

Develop a habit of discipline and order in it. Set to solid mode. Teach him to achieve his goal and not to quit the job he has begun because of difficulties.

Child - Aries is egocentric. Teach him to take care of others. Direct his indefatigable energy into a useful channel.

Try to give him a good education.

Teach him the money-saving attitude.

Little ARIES always want to be the first. They do not need to be called for activity in the lesson, as a rule, they themselves pull their hand. Own "I" for Aries means a lot, so do not underestimate the self-esteem of your child. It's one thing to say: “Well, you have to, again you have a deuce. Can't you really write a single line without mistakes?” And quite another: “Listen, I know very well that you could write a dictation for five. But I guess you got a deuce because you just didn’t try as it should, right?” The Aries easily succeeds in the exact sciences, but there are not so many “lyricists” among them.

Little Aries is a passionate and impulsive nature, and therefore it will not be easy for him to take care of a pet for a long time and patiently. However, if he is really interested in animals, you will be surprised by his energy and enthusiasm. And his favorite, most likely, will be as active and cheerful as his master. It is possible that in this case, Aries will be interested in communicating with other animal lovers, and his cat or dog will take part in various competitions. Be sure Aries will prepare her pet for victory!

Aries compatibility with other zodiac signs
Aries is perfectly compatible with Leo, Sagittarius, Libra.
Aries is not compatible with Capricorn, Cancer.

Among Aries there were many prominent people: A. Hitler, Pront Valent, Septimius Severus, Barbaross, Bismarck, G. Kohl, N.S. Khrushchev, Van Gogh, Z. Freud, Bach, Stepan Razin.
Famous Aries: Russell Crowe, Pavel Bure, Sergey Lazarev, Facundo Arana Tagle, Evan McGregor, Dmitry Nagiyev, Nikas Safronov, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Stephen Sigal, Maria Sharapova, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, Alla Pugacheva, Valeria, Reese Witherspoon, Elena Kori Carmen Electra, Alyona Babenko, Julia Styles, Oksana Akinshina, Tatyana Navka, Victoria Tolstoganova. If we talk about geographical astrology, then Germany is associated with Aries.

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At the end of March and April, when nature awakens from hibernation, and the Sun gives all living things a powerful energetic impulse of development, active, confident, passionate leaders of Aries are born.

Aries. General characterization

Period of stay of the Sun in the sign: March 21 - April 20.

The governing planet is Mars.

Mars endows with masculine qualities - activity, energy, fearlessness and hot temper.

In the life of Aries there are many passions and bright events. They are accompanied by struggle and victory.

Lucky numbers - 4, 7, 9, 11, 18, 27.

Time for success. Days of the week: Tuesday, Sunday. Months: end of July - beginning of August, end of November - beginning of December. Years: 2009, 2010, 2016, 2017, 2023, 2024, 2030, 2031, 2037, 2038, 2044, 2045.

Unlucky periods. Days of the week: Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Months: end of June - beginning of July, end of September - beginning of October, the month before the birthday. Years: 2011, 2014, 2018, 2021, 2025, 2028, 2032, 2035, 2039, 2042, 2046, 2049.

Significant years of life - 18, 27, 30, 36, 45, 54, 60, 63, 70, 75. In these years, Aries seem to concentrate time, turning it into a bunch of energy, and fate either “hits” them or encourages them.

Items of power. Golden fleece, a figure of a deer. The talisman should be made of metal, preferably steel. Keep it near the place where you spend a lot of time, or wear it as a decoration.

Talisman stones. Main stones: diamond, garnet, ruby, heliotrope, emerald, amethyst, hematite, aquamarine.

Colors that bring luck. Blue, lilac, purple, orange, red.

Flowers Anemone, hawthorn, sweet peas, violet, cornflower.

Famous Aries. Karl the Great, Otto von Bismarck, Nikita Khrushchev, Stepan Razin, Charles Baudelaire, Nikolai Gogol, Nikolai Gumilev, Emil Zola, Hans Christian Andersen, Sergey Rachmaninov, Johann Sebastian Bach, Modest Mussorgsky, Franz Josef Haydn, Vincent Van Gogh, Charlie Garry Kasparov, Alla Pugacheva.

The energies forming the Aries personality. Aries opens the zodiac, his place in the circle of signs is the first. In life, these people tend to be the first in everything. And they succeed! The element of Aries - Fire - symbolizes the material embodiment of the spirit, power and transformation.

In the fire of the signs of fire, this is the primary manifestation of cosmic fire - the fire of life that has just flashed, giving obsession and the desire to unleash its natural potential. Mars, the planet that controls Aries, gives its children a huge supply of energy and enviable creativity. The mythological hero, whose name she bears, is associated with victory and gigantic forces, in ancient times he was depicted as an angel with a magic sword that cuts through the darkness.

The energy of Mars and Fire makes Aries the most active and powerful people of the zodiac, who have the greatest chances to conquer the most inaccessible peaks.

(+) activity, courage, assertiveness, impulsiveness, tenacity, directness, enthusiasm, self-confidence, love of risk, passion, leadership abilities, enterprise, ingenuity,

(-) aggressiveness, conflict, ruthlessness, rudeness, vulgarity, selfishness, arrogance, arrogance, irritability, recklessness.

(Do not take the listed character traits with which the planet endows this or that sign as a sentence. Some traits may never manifest themselves if you know how to control yourself. In any case: warned means armed!)

Astropsychological portrait. The creed of a person born under this sign is self-affirmation: "I am." This is a great initiator and an unconditional leader. Going ahead, not worrying about the consequences (those who will follow them will worry about them), guided by an idea that would inspire, inspire - this is the highest cosmic task of Aries.

The symbol of Aries is a ram, an animal that directly and courageously meets the challenges of fate. Aries behave in the same way. These people conquer the world by force, assertiveness and aggression. They are courageous and fearless. They go straight to the goal, sweeping away all obstacles.

Aries is never discouraged, he is always on the rise, he devotes himself to the cause with passion, stuffs cones, “steps on the rake” and, in the end, wins. Life for Aries is a battlefield. He is ready for anything, he is not afraid of insults, nor humiliation, nor difficulties, failures do not stop him.

Fearlessness often puts these people at risk. If it's worth it, Aries can even risk her own life. But, getting into a crisis situation, he relies on intuition and, as a rule, copes, and without outside help.

The excess of Fire gives Aries activity, the desire to always be the first, the best, the thirst for glory and recognition. Aries literally ignites at the sight of a new business, begins to radiate joy and charge others with it. He is able to lead huge crowds, exerting a magical effect on people, and the emphasis is always on strength - either physical or mental.

Aries is completely absorbed in his own person, he considers the world around him as an application to himself. The feelings and interests of others are of little interest to him; he cannot penetrate the caches of the human soul. Do not blame him for this. Being an individualist is Aries's destiny. It is thanks to this turn of character that he manages to succeed in life.

But Aries has something that representatives of other signs do not have: he is honest, noble and absolutely sincere in all its manifestations, lies and cunning are alien to him, and this brightens up his egoism. Another valuable quality: Aries always comes to the rescue in moments of grief and need.This is a strong shoulder that you can lean on in misfortune. Moreover, having assisted in a difficult situation, Aries, without hesitation, will do it again and again, although it will hurt if his chores and worries are ignored.

For all its courage, assertiveness and aggressiveness, Aries is very sensitive and defenseless in a childish way: it is easy to offend him, to lose his temper. However, the grievances are immediately forgotten, you just have to praise, caress and warm him. Despite the hot temper (it can sink to rudeness, scandal and even a fight), Aries quickly leaves and is not forgotten, he will not sulk for a long time and will soon forgive the offender, especially if he hears laudatory words addressed to him.

But what is useless to expect from Aries is tact, the ability to smooth out contradictions and avoid sharp corners - these qualities are not included in the list of its advantages. All his diplomacy boils down to directness, ingenuity and honesty.

Thanks to their amazing performance, Aries are usually wealthy. But they never tremble over their wealth and willingly share it with others. Indeed, despite egoism, one of the vital needs of Aries is to give joy to others. This man does not need wealth if he has no one to share with.

Aries born on March 21. On this day, the most powerful Aries are born, capable of defeating fate. By nature, you are a leader and a pioneer with tremendous powers. You are capable of what is beyond the power of others.

In order to succeed and make a decent fortune, choose a business where you will organize something, manage someone and bear responsibility. And what exactly you will be engaged in does not really matter. If your energy does not find a way out, you will begin to create difficulties for yourself, in order to overcome them later with hard efforts.

Aries born March 22 - April 5. Aries that were born during this period of time are distinguished by their talent for leadership, penetrative power and the desire for personal freedom and independence. That is why it makes sense for them to organize their own business and work for themselves. They are active, proactive, decisive, full of energy, ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of victory and better than all other Aries, they understand people.

They have the greatest chances to realize themselves and achieve material well-being in the military field, in forensics, intelligence, economics, medicine (especially in psychiatry, neurology, dentistry, surgery), art, show business, sports, commerce, law, and pedagogy.

Aries born April 6-18. These Aries are extremely proud and proud, more than anything else they love praise and flattery. The energy and enterprise of these people gives them a very high percentage of success.

In youth, they are driven by courage and enthusiasm, they want things to be done quickly, they have neither rationality nor caution - at first they do, and then they think. Haste and recklessness often lead to the opposite result. With age they calm down, become prudent and realistic, achieve a high position in society. These Aries have an organizational talent, they make excellent leaders.