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Dog horoscope by date of birth, which dog is suitable by date of birth


Many people are confident that not only the nature of people, but also animals depends on the zodiac sign. Moreover, many are convinced that the dog and the owner should approach each other zodiacally. Then their friendship will be stronger, and the dog will understand and obey his master more. By the dog’s birthday, you can calculate what her zodiac sign is. The nature of the dog and its potential capabilities may depend on this.

-Dog-Aries, born from March 20 - to April 20, is distinguished by its courage and energy. Those born under the sign of Aries are simple-minded and easy to train. They can be great watchmen. Aries are very attached to the owner, feels his mood and are attentive to his desires. True, Aries dogs may be too sensitive. And if you offend her, she can become very aggressive.

-Dog-Taurus, born April 21 - May 20, excellent watchman. They fiercely defend their territory and are loyal to their master. Feels when the owner is treated badly and is able to growl or even bite the offender. Taurus love walks. Another distinctive character trait is stubbornness.

-Gemini dog, born May 21-June 21. These dogs are very mobile and friendly to people and animals. They are diligent during training, though they can flirt and begin to fool around. But one has only to strictly stop pampering, when they immediately return to classes without offense. The twins are very smart and sociable.

-Dog-Cancer, born June 22 - July 22. Crayfish can be extremely lazy and touchy. But they are very attached to their master. If the dog was brought into the family, then he chooses a leader and remains faithful to him. This dog loves when a lot of attention is paid to it, it cannot stand loneliness at all.

-Dog –Lion born July 23 - August 23. Like people born under the sign of Leo, these dogs are very proud. The lions are smart and brave. Taking them out for a walk is not easy, as the Lions are always looking for adventure and are able to run away from the owner. Lion dogs get along hard with other animals in the house, as they constantly need to prove their leadership. Dogs born under this sign love praise and attention.

-Dog-Virgo, born August 24 - September 23, have a calm disposition. These dogs are very clean and practically do not cause trouble to their owner. Get along with children and other animals. They love to play and indulge. Dogs of this sign are suitable for home. Do not show aggression. Virgins often turn out to be born empaths, and if the owner feels unwell, the dog will move away from him, and will try his best to support him.

-Dogs-Libra, born September 24-October 23. Dogs born under this sign are proud, at the same time complaisant and easy to train. By nature they are peaceful and do not like to show aggression. At the same time, the family in which she lives will never be offended. Libra loves walking and talking with other dogs, so staying home or walking when there is no one on the street is not for them.

-Dog-Scorpio, born October 24 - November 22. Scorpios are very wayward. These dogs need a special approach. They are not angry and not aggressive, but if they don’t like something, I will growl and show my displeasure in every way. Scorpios are always responsible for their actions. And if they messed up somewhere, they won’t hide under the closet, but they will suffer all the punishment. Scorpion dogs are very attached to the owner, they will never trust a stranger, and if they feel unwell, they will lie on the owner’s lap, fully trusting his actions.

- The Sagittarius dog, born November 23-December 21, is very independent in nature. Hard to train. They love their masters, but still remain on their minds. Sagittarius needs physical activity. If you do not devote time to training, then the dog may get sick or run away from the owners.

-Dog-Capricorn, born December 22-January 20, is very sensual and vulnerable. Dogs born under this sign love attention and comfort. They adopt the habits of the owner, as well as his life rhythm. It suffers if it is undeservedly offended. She is ready to serve her masters, and is given to the family without a trace.

-Dog-Aquarius, born January 21-February 20. These dogs hate loneliness. If you have a Aquarius dog, make sure she has a friend. You can get a cat or a guinea pig, Aquarius will not offend them. Aquarians love to play with toys and walk a lot. Great for children and not aggressive towards strangers.

-Dog-Pisces, born February 21 - March 20. This sign is characterized by indecision, and sometimes even cowardice. They are very obedient and love to please their owners. Dogs - Fish don't like noise. Feel good in a friendly family. These dogs are smart and easy to train, but not as good as guards.

Dog horoscope by date of birth

Like humans, dogs by birthday relate to some kind of zodiac sign. At birth, this can affect their nature and character. Each zodiac sign describes a certain type of personality. The Aquarius dog, for example, is different from the scorpion.

In combination with the breed, the true character of your puppy can be determined. Dog horoscope is more accurate when you know the time of birth, planets and other astrological data. And the following information is provided as a general guide.

Dog aries

Aries Dogs (March 19 - April 21)
Planet Mars, the sign of fire. Bright red color. Perhaps you understand the character of the Aries puppy. The jewel is a diamond. Aries is bright and very determined.

The Aries-Dogs motto is quick and simple: “If you don't succeed right away.” His approach to life is very specific. The character is solid and demanding. You must be persistent in training such a puppy. In addition, choosing a method of training and education is not an easy task.

Puppies learn fast, but love to get ahead of themselves. They are bored. They crave change. Puppies are very happy with their new toy, new make-up, new team, they want to move.

If the Aries dog doesn’t come running to your team, it’s not because it is stupid or deaf. She heard. This will clearly create a problem for you. Are you ready for this?

Sagittarius and Leo are the best owners of the Aries dog.

Dog taurus

Dogs Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
Gemstone emerald or agate. The bull is by nature. Earthed, born under the sign of the earth.

The motto of the bull dog: "I can sing." In fact, it depends on the dog. Most dogs love to bark.

Taurus puppies combine exciting shyness and perseverance. This creates difficulties for instructors. Sometimes a taurus seems to be stubborn in order to be stubborn. However, it is often true that puppies are embarrassed by the trainer and simply do not know what to do. You must make sure that the puppy is safe to keep at home and help him learn the basics necessary for survival in the world.

Dog bodies are committed to loyalty, kindness and devotion. On the one hand, it’s just great. But, unfortunately, in some dogs this need goes beyond the line. Depending on the breed and circumstances of birth, puppies may become too loyal.

Dog bodies, however, are practical. They have a methodical, if not creative mind. The owner will need help with home schooling and other basic instructions. When the bull puppy makes a decision, it will be final.

Owners of Capricorn, Virgo or Cancer are best suited for Taurus dogs.

Twins dog

Gemini Dogs (May 21-June 20)
The planet Mercury rules Gemini puppies. These air dogs. Their color is orange, and the precious stone is beryl, aquamarine, agate stone or navy blue. The tree is a hazel.

The motto of the Twin Dog explains a lot in nature: "all to all beings." This indicates the duality of this dog. In principle, you do not have one dog. You have two dog personalities.

As a result, born in Gemini, this dog is aggressive and passive at the same time, introvert and extrovert. Restless and demanding of change, the Gemini dog cannot finish what he or she has already begun. This is not a lack of mind. It is rather an impatient character.

A puppy can become quite inventive to avoid what he or she does not like or wants to do. Gemini Dog wants new things, new places and stimulating smells. Puppies are diverse, creative from an early age. They will find a way out of the situation. You must hire a trainer or be smart to raise such a puppy.

Aquarius and Libra are the best owners for the Gemini dog.

Dog Cancer

Dog Cancer (June 21-July 22)
Cancer is a child of the moon and water. The color is yellow-orange, like a full moon. Gemstones are pearls and black onyx, although they often love emeralds.

The puppy's cancer motto is simple: “Glue it.” You can observe how quickly you can connect it to a person, to a toy or other object / person. It’s hard to ignore the dog’s cancer. And not only because of their loyalty or attachment to the object. Cancer dog is very sensitive. As a result, he or she is vulnerable and needs ongoing support for confidence.

The moon makes the dog cancer passionate, moody and even anxious from time to time. She loves water, and she's just bastard of swimming.

Pisces, Scorpio and Taurus are the best owners for dog cancer.

Lion dog

Dogs Lion (July 23 to August 22)

The lion shines like a fiery sign. The planet is the sun. The colors yellow and gold are suitable for lion dogs. Gemstones are ruby ​​and sardonic. Trees - real palm trees, laurel and walnut, olive and citrus fruits.

Motto: ".. I am the king / queen of the Beasts, I am the boss." This gives a clear idea of ​​the essence of the puppy or dog Leo. They are proud of their loyalty and dignity. And even a little arrogant. Nevertheless, the Lion puppy love to walk in nature and does it with great enthusiasm.

The lion dog is the instigator. He or she is full of life. They clearly show what they want and when they want. Leo’s dog shouldn’t control too much.

Sagittarius and Aries are the best owners for the Lion dog.

Dog Virgo

Dogs Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Planet Mercury, greenish yellow. Virgo is the sign of the earth. Gemstones are jasper and pink sapphires.

The motto is "silence." Virgo must be handled carefully, softening intonation, without rudeness. She also loves to dig. She's a real digging fan. From this dog you need to protect the garden or lawn, or forget about the perfect lawn. Nevertheless, in general, the Virgin dog is a pleasure. This puppy or dog is the quietest of all signs.

Virgo, as a rule, is friends in response to friendship. She easily adapts to chaos, which can crush other puppies, or become harsh. At the same time, Virgin Dogs love a routine and are sometimes timid with strangers or in a crowd without preparation.

Capricorn and Taurus are the best owners for the Virgo dog.

Dog libra

Dogs Libra (September 22, October 23)
Planet of Libra Venus. The airy sign Libra prefers pastel shades. The colors are pink and pale green. Gemstones can be sapphire or jade.

The dog's motto may be either "not enough money" or "Should I make a decision?"

Dogs Libra is a dual sign, consists of two parts: part devil and part angel. Harmony is beautiful, but it is chaos. Very bright Libra wants to learn, but usually very slowly. But at the same time they prefer to quickly move on to the next task and find out the answer.

Dog scales also tend to be a little lazy. They like to lie on a sofa or bed, listening to music. Owners should be encouraged to get the dog off the couch. Therefore, the learning process is difficult for the trainer. Moreover, group training does not work, individual training is needed.

Aquarius and Gemini are the best owners for the dog Libra.

Scorpion dog

Dogs Scorpio (October 21 - November 23)
The god of the underworld of Pluto rules scorpions. This is a sign that loves blue topaz and malachite jewelry.

The motto is "Willful body." This is reflected in the physical and psychological characteristics of the Scorpio dog. Dog scorpions are athletic and tough. They like to beat everyone. They require a lot of exercise and love.

A Scorpio puppy may be offended, so be careful. However, the dogs are loyal. However, it is better if the puppy is the only dog. This will prevent damage to the house and the gloom between animals. Be firm and loving if you have a Scorpio dog.

Aries, Sagittarius, Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio are the best owners for a Scorpio dog.

Sagittarius dog

Sagittarius dogs (November 21 - December 22)
The largest planet Jupiter, father However, Sagittarius discipline. This sign of fire prefers the color of the sky god, blue and wood, oak. Gem stone topaz.

The motto of Sagittarius dogs: "Do not worry, be happy." That is, these dogs are funny, playful and a bit even clowns. They love to be loved. They are optimistic and love the attention of others.

Sagittarius Dogs are always curious. They love their activities. They want to go somewhere just to be and be there. Easy to learn and with a sense of adventure. Sagittarius puppy is the perfect travel companion.

Sagittarius, Leo and Aries are the best owners for dog Sagittarius.

Capricorn dog

Capricorn dogs (from December 22 to January 19)
The mighty planet Saturn rules this earth sign. Colors range from dark green to purple and black. Amethyst is the preferred gem.

The motto is "Do it right." This is part of Capricorn’s complex nature. Since Capricorn always yearns for admiration and love, these dogs tend to be coquette. They love attention. They want everyone to admire their appearance, as well as their minds. Capricorn dogs are generally good show dogs. They love to look good and want to go up the social ladder.

At the same time, Capricorn dogs never go beyond acceptable behavior. Capricorn puppy from the first day of his life, resting, goes forward to success.

Taurus, Virgo and Libra are the best owners for the Capricorn dog.

Dog Aquarius

Dogs Aquarius (from January 20 to February 18)The planet Uranus rules this sign of stagnant air. The colors are blue and purple. Gemstones are also blue and purple - aquamarine and amethyst.

Dog Aquarius motto: "I just want to see how it works." Because of this, they can get into trouble. From puppies to adults, Aquarius are curious from the first step of their lives. They must know everything.

Dogs Aquarius - it's just free spirits. They are confident, fearless and courageous. They can bark incessantly.

Aquarius Dogs are great food lovers, good athletes and independent in character. They have one problem - find out earlier. In addition, Aquarius has his own idea of ​​how and when they should learn.

Aquarius dogs are loved by people, but they simply endure other pets. Be aware of this and take appropriate measures when another person or animal enters the house.

Libra, Gemini and Aries are the best people for Aquarius dogs.

Dog fish

Dogs Pisces (February 20 - March 19)
Neptune is the planet of this sign of water. Color - soft marine green.

Motto: "Life is a beach." If you do not like water and water everywhere, then do not choose dog fish. This puppy itself is very affectionate and attractive. Sometimes he can also be smart enough, but he can be crazy because of his great passion for life.

Although they are not the smartest dogs, puppies can succeed in everything related to water, in sports and in competitions. In training, you can use water as a bait or reward.

Dogs fish are exciting and very affectionate. Water sometimes makes them a little dreamy. It also helps to slow them down. When you are not near water, Dogs Fish seeks peace and quiet.

Aries, Cancer, Scorpio and Virgo are the best owners for the Pisces dog.

A big request. Does the dog’s horoscope match your pet’s date of birth? Waiting for your comments.