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Varieties of aristocratic hound dogs: French harier, European, American and other beagles


Using:hunting dogs
Dimensions:46-51 cm at the withers
Life span:13-15 years old
A rare breed of beagle hounds is a vivid example of a combination of a hunting dog and a faithful companion. The compact size, dexterity and developed instincts of these dogs attract hunters. At the same time, exceptional friendliness and affectionate nature help animals to become faithful companions. Often they are considered a variety of ordinary beagles, but the International Cynological Federation recognizes the Beagle Harera as a full-fledged breed.

Origin history

France’s beagle homeland is definitely The original origin of these beagle dogs is not exactly known, but researchers believe that the breed of harier formed already by the 18th century. In its formation took a direct part:

    Bloodhound, Talbot Hound, Basset Hound.

Breed standard

The current standard and description of the Beagle Harrier breed require the following characteristics:

  1. The average size of the head with a wide skull and a weakly pronounced occipital protuberance.
  2. The muzzle is the same length as the skull.
  3. The back of the nose is straight, the lobe is large, black.
  4. Eyes wide open, dark iris.
  5. Short, wide ears set on the line of the eyes. They are always hanging, have small folds and are slightly turned back.
  6. A short straight back goes into a slightly curved neck and muscular croup.
  7. The sternum is round, deep and long.
  8. The abdomen is somewhat lowered.
  9. The front legs are straight, strong, parallel.
  10. Hind legs with sloping tibia set back. The joints are low.
  11. The heavy large tail is of medium length.
  12. Thick coat of medium length fits snugly to the body.
  13. The color combines red with black and white shabrak. A variant with a reddish-gray-white palette is also acceptable.

In the presence of the above distinguishing features, a beagle hare is allowed to hunt only after successfully passing the tests of working qualities.

Breed dossier

Country of origin: France


Group 6. Bloodhounds and related breeds

Section 1. Hounds

Training: Training and socialization are very important for these dogs, you need to start training the dog from an early age.

Color: Color is found in two-tone (from brown to dark yellow), and even three-color (black-red-white).

Dimensions: Height at withers 45-50cm. Weight is about 20 kg.


Hunting dogs. It works well in a pack and is not afraid to go even into the thickest thickets of thorny bushes.

This calm, open dog is a good, enjoyable companion.

Physical exercise: They need long walks, with fairly large physical exertion. It is necessary to constantly walk and train.

Character: The Beagle Harrier has a friendly, welcoming character. Dogs are balanced, faithful and intelligent. They are considered great companions.

Content: A beagle hare is not a suitable dog for people living in apartments.

Grooming: They do not need complicated care, the beagle-harier is a very clean dog. A weekly combing of these dogs is enough, during the molting period you can pay more attention to this aspect. Ears should be inspected and cleaned regularly.

Survivability: Beagle-hare - the breed is funny, affectionate, gets along well with other animals. To strangers is very rarely aggressive. He loves his master very much, he will never betray. Dogs are smart, curious. They constantly need to be in company with someone.

Disease Dogs are prone to obesity due to malnutrition.

Diet: A distinctive feature of the beagle haul is its tendency to overeat. They are not picky about food, so they grab everything they see edible. It is necessary to monitor the dog so that it does not have obesity.

Life span: about 15 years.

History of the origin of the breed:

The breed appeared by crossing a beagle with a hare, hence the name of the breed. The breeding of the beagle-hare lasted long enough until they received a single type of breed, which included the best from their descendants. From a beagle - hunting passion, agility, clear voice. From the harrier the dog received a wonderful flair, external data, stamina.

The homeland of the beagle-hare is France.

The breed is considered rare, even in France these dogs are very few.


The head is quite wide in the parietal part. The transition from the forehead to the muzzle is unsharp. The back of the nose is straight, the muzzle tapers to the nose

Eyes wide set. The dark ones.

The ears are medium sized, rather short. In the middle part of the ear there are small folds. The ears hang flat, fitting snugly to the dog’s head. The ends of the ears are slightly bent.

The case is strong, stocky. The neck is relatively long, with a beautiful bend.

The limbs are strong, muscular. Paws are dense, in a lump, not too long, with strong pads.

The tail is medium long, rather heavy.

The coat is not too short, rather thick. It fits well to the body.


Despite the fact that the beagle hare belongs to small dogs, they possess all the qualities of hunters. The breed is characterized by a large energy reserve, endurance and determination.

French beagles are overly curious, carried away by new smells, these dogs often lose caution.

They have a naughty disposition, like to be naughty, prefer funny active games. For their training will have to make a lot of effort, they respond poorly to commands and are stubborn.

Beagles hareiers are not the most silent dogs, they meet with the voice of people, animals, birds.


Initially, the French beagle was bred to track hares and foxes by smell. Now the animal is used in flock hunting for roe deer, deer and rabbits.

The dog has a fast run, does not lose its scent at high speed, is able to follow the trail of blood. The compact size makes it easy to pass through the bushes, to track prey in the forest.

This breed does not show high results in sports, has insignificant protective qualities, but can become a faithful active companion.


Beagle hare coexists perfectly with other dogs. They never show aggression first, since they are genetically bred to work in a pack. If cats have been around since puppyhood, the dog will not pursue them in the future. Otherwise, an adult pet may perceive them as prey.

The dog is strongly attached to the owner, friendly with members of his family, and also loyal to children, regardless of age.

How to choose a puppy

When choosing a baby, it is not enough to be guided by the appearance of the animal in the photo. It is worthwhile to carefully study the pedigree, puppy documents and remember that the Beagle mestizo and the hare do not belong to this breed.

When buying a two-month beagle hare, you need to evaluate:

    compliance with the breed standard, bite and condition of the mucous membranes, active playful behavior, quality of coat, density of knee joints, fatness.

Features of care and maintenance

In the homeland, the beagle of the quarries is lodged with packs in large enclosures. In the company, they require less attention and do not try to escape behind the fence. Beagles dig the ground well, and are also able to jump over the fence up to 2 m, becoming interested in the outside world.

It is better to leave a single dog with people, since the compact size allows them to be kept in a house or apartment. In this case, the beagle hare must be provided with a large amount of physical activity and constant activity. The dog needs to be combed out, cut its claws, and keep its teeth and ears clean.


The hair of the beagle of the hare is not long, which greatly facilitates the care of it. Sheds undercoat by season and with constant care does not cause inconvenience. It is enough to comb out from 2 to 4 times a month, but not more often than 1 time per week. To do this, use a brush with thick bristles or a glove specialized for short wool. Bathe the French beagle with severe contamination of the coat, 1-2 times a month.


Unlike other medium and small dogs, beagle hareers need long daily walks. Puppies are difficult to learn to leash, even as adults prefer free running.

With inadequate physical activity, the beagle harier is anxious, naughty and poorly obeyed. Walking should be several hours a day, and the owner will have to run and play with the pet. Cycling and jogging are suitable for walking an adult dog.


Beagle puppies puppies grow very quickly, so from the first days of feeding they need quality food. It is based on animal proteins, 60-70% of the diet is meat. The balance of carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals must also be respected.

In food, cereals, fruits, vegetables and sea fish, cleaned of bones, are added. When making a diet, you should avoid eating a fat-rich meal to prevent the animal from becoming obese. Completely excluded from nutrition:

    legumes, starchy vegetables, bones, offal, salted, smoked, sweet.


With good care and balanced nutrition, the French Beagle rarely gets sick. After buying a puppy, it is necessary to show the veterinarian, and in the future, regularly carry out scheduled examinations. In conditions of regular vaccination and antihelminthic measures, the pet will live a long healthy life.


Beagle vaccinations for hareers are done according to the general scheme, suitable for all thoroughbred dogs. The first vaccination is carried out at the age of 2.5 months, provided that the puppy is healthy, and the second - after 21 days. It includes drugs from:

    hepatitis, plague, leptospirosis, adenovirus, parainfluenza, parvovirus enteritis.


With the breeding of Beagle dogs, certain difficulties will arise, since it is quite difficult to find a worthy partner among the individual representatives of the breed in Russia. Most likely, for the sake of mating a pet, he will have to be taken abroad.

General principles for breeding beagle haires:

  1. The partner must be thoroughbred, have the necessary documents. The class of the male should not be lower than that of the female.
  2. In the first estrus, the female should not be knitted. It is preferable to allow dogs to breed from 2 years of age.
  3. The mating is carried out on an empty stomach, in the territory of the male or in a neutral place.
  4. It is advisable to carry out a control mating after 24 hours.

It must be borne in mind that dogs of the pet class are subject to mandatory sterilization and are not allowed to breed.

How much do puppies cost?

Beagle hare, as well as related breeds, have a fairly high cost. An upscale hunting dog with a well-known genealogy and track retention skills will cost between 40-65 thousand rubles.

In France, the maximum cost reaches 2500 euros. In US nurseries, their price is lower and is at least $ 500.


It is impossible to freely acquire a beagle puppy in Russia and neighboring countries. There are several breeders in the USA and Europe.

The breed is common in France, there you can find nurseries that sell puppies by prior reservation. You can agree on a purchase at major international cynological inserts where representatives of this breed are brought.

When choosing the Beagle Harrier breed as the future pet, it is important to remember that this is a hunting dog that needs to constantly release its energy. The dog is unpretentious in care and maintenance, but demanding attention and communication. A loyal, faithful, cheerful French beagle is best suited for young, energetic dog breeders.

Varieties: description and photo

In fact dog handlers distinguish five varieties of beagle: European, French, English Beagle, Irish and American Beagle. The differences between the breeds are insignificant, but still exist. Basically, these differences affect the height and weight of the dog.

Fluctuations in growth reach up to 10 centimeters, and in weight 7 kg. The breed often has a distinctive standard color tricolor. Before buying a dog, it is better, of course, to familiarize yourself with all the subtleties of this breed.

Let's take a closer look at each variety individually.


European beagle is characterized by relatively low growth and weight. Sometimes this kind of unscrupulous sellers give out for dwarf. The height of the dog is at least 36 cm, maximum 42 cm. The weight of the dogs is from 13 to 18 kg. Dogs are very active, friendly.

Despite their small stature, they love to eat. So future owners should take note of this. Yes, and due to the activity of the pet, it is advisable to take him out more often.

French hare

These dogs have a muscular physique, weighs up to twenty kilograms, and the average height at the withers can reach 50 cm. The French beagle harier often has a light brown coat color. On average, Beagles will live with you for 13 years.

English - British Hound

For the first time, the Beagle breed was mentioned precisely in Great Britain as far back as IV BC. The English beagle was originally used for hunting rabbits, hares and foxes. Also english beagle sets standard breed sizes. The height of the dog varies from thirty-five to forty centimeters. Weight does not exceed 18 kilograms, of course, it depends on the gender of the dog.

A wonderful dog for the family, despite its hunting instincts, the breed is very friendly, energetic, an excellent friend to children and adults. Shorthair breed of dogs, without undercoat. Very convenient in caring for her.

Kerry is a baby from Ireland

The Irish Beagle, or as Kerry used to call it, is the pride of Ireland, since they are very kind, quick-witted and smart. Although this breed is a hunting one, it fits very harmoniously into the role of a pet.

Kerry is a strong and stately hound dog, its height is between the numbers 48-52 cm and weight 20-25 kg. Very elegant breed, has a more elongated fashion and a taut belly.


In America, a beagle appeared around 1870.. The first breeders of this breed contributed to its appearance, trying to change it. The result of all the changes was a lighter head, muscular body and an angular skull.

Over time, the breed spread throughout America and became much stockier. A very good hound for hunting, has an excellent scent, endurance.


For beagles any colors of hounds are admissible:

  • tricolor (a combination of three colors: red, black and white),
  • bicolor
  • very rarely a single color.

But the main distinguishing feature, regardless of color, is a white brush on the tip of the tail. And on the face - a brown "mask". Let us dwell on each color coloring individually.


Bicolor ("bi" -two) is the presence in the color of two colors. In most cases, this is the predominance of white and second color. The second color can range from light red to black. You can often meet a beagle:

  • redhead
  • chestnut combined with white,
  • very rare - a combination of black and white colors.


Their names are repelled by the predominance of a particular color:

  1. Motley - This is a combination of red and black on a white color mixed.
  2. Black-eyed - when the color predominates black mainly on the back.
  3. Brilliant - the basis of color in a predominant amount is white.


Like any breed, the beagle has its own standards. The size of this breed should not be less than 33 cm and not more than 40 cm at the withers. The head is powerful, but at the same time not large.There are no folds on the face. A wide nose, mostly black, but a brown nose is possible. Ears are soft with rounded tips, set low and firmly pressed to the cheekbones.

By the length of the ears, if pulled, they reach the tip of the nose. The beagle’s tail is strong, even with a white tassel on the tip; when moving it stands vertically to the ground. The tail should not bend, it will be considered a marriage of the breed. Eyes shallowly set, large, light brown in color.

The mini beagle has been known since the reign of Elizabeth I. The mini beagles were so small that they fit quietly in a hunting bag on a horse saddle. But over the years, thanks to the continuous work of breeders, the size of the beagles has increased significantly.

Sometimes cunning breeders offer mini-beagles 20–29 cm tall. In fact, such a variety of breed does not exist, this is officially confirmed. If there are any deviations in the growth of the dogs, this is a sign of a “defect”, not a pure breed or the cause of the dog’s disease.


On the Internet you can find ads for the sale of dwarf beagles. Bumping into such announcements, one should be careful, since the estimated size of the proposed specimen is about thirty centimeters. But experienced dog handlers argue that this cannot be and photos are most likely processed in a photo editor.

The height of the withers of the beagle varies from 33 to 40 cm, according to the standard. But more or less will be the growth of the dog, depends on the variety of the breed, and there are only five of them. If the purpose of your purchase of this dog is breeding or participating in competitions, then be careful.

But if you do not plan to take your pet to the exhibition, then he does not need to meet the basic standards, and you can hope that your pet is dwarf.

There are five main varieties of beagles with different color variations, sizes and character. The smallest beagles - European - are often given out as a "false" breed - a mini beagle or a dwarf one. But, despite this diversity, they have one thing in common. Beagle breed is very friendly, funny, energetic, has a sharp sense of smell and hunting instincts. So you definitely won’t be bored.

Beagle Harrier breed history

As for the color, it can be absolutely anything, but only such as is customary for hounds. Although, while breeding dogs of this breed, breeders do not set the main goal of their color. At one time, Baron Gerard was engaged in crossbreeding beagles and harriers, in order to thus breed a dog breed that would be a close relative of the Foxhounds. It is worth noting that the baron was engaged in this business for a long time before he managed to get a single type of dog, which combined all the best qualities that are available to the beagles and harriers.

From Beagle, the new breed acquired qualities such as a passion for hunting, agility, a lively and mobile disposition, as well as an excellent sonorous voice. From Harrier she got a unique flair and a beautiful appearance. It is worth noting an interesting fact that both breeds used to create a harrier beagle were at one time the same breed of hounds.

As a result, doing their crossbreeding, Gerard was able to simply close up what is called a circle, and the result was a unique breed that perfectly copes with work on deer and hares.

Hunter Beagle Harrier

It is worth noting that dogs of this breed are not frequent guests at special dog shows. In most cases, they can be found only in small packs of hounds by French hunters. Beagle harriers have such hunting qualities that they can rightly be called perfect dogs in this regard.

In addition, they have an amazing temperament, balanced and friendly character. Thanks to the meek disposition, the Beagle Harrier gets along quite easily in any family, where he shows great affection for his masters.

It is worth noting that outside the borders of France, dogs of this breed are almost impossible to meet, and even in their homeland the Beagle Harrier is a rather rare breed of dog.

Similar breeds: Ariege marriage, Bavarian mountain hound, Beagle.

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