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To all lovers of bath procedures, a huge hello!

The East has always been and will be a source of a peculiar, exotic culture for us. Here, literally, everything is different from the worldview to which we are accustomed. Japan, one of those mysterious countries where the ancient traditions of its people are appreciated and revered.

At the same time, the Japanese are considered one of the most developed and advanced nations in the world. They devote a lot of time to work, but they also know how to take good care of their health of mind and body. One of these aspects of maintaining and improving health is the traditional Japanese ofuro bath. How is it different from what we are used to? Let's try to figure it out ...

From this article you will learn:

Features of the Japanese bath

The first associations in a Russian person associated with a bath were the high temperature in the room and the presence of steam with a broom. But in the Japanese bath there is no hot air, no familiar birch broom, no stove stove, which is so used to splashing hot water. Everything is different here, except for one - the goals of bathing procedures. And they, as you know, are the same in all baths - healing, purification, pleasure of the soul and body.

The main feature in the Japanese bath is the presence of warm water procedures plus a kind of "dry bath" (we will talk about them below). Ofuro Japanese bathhouse is a kind of large wooden font made of cedar, larch or oak. It constantly maintains a water temperature of 40-45 degrees. In enclosed spaces, electric heaters are used to heat water, and a small wood-burning stove is provided for fashionable outdoor fonts.

Ofuro sizes are different. Somewhere capacities are applied only for one person, and somewhere for a large company. For greater convenience, a bench is installed around the perimeter of such a bathtub. At the same time, a person can comfortably sit down and relax. The level of warm water should not exceed the chest level of a sedentary person.

This is an important condition and should be observed. Otherwise, the heart of a person taking such a bath will experience additional unnecessary loads. The healing effect of such a bath will be minimal, and in some rare cases, the opposite.

A wooden barrel is installed in a spacious cool room, where there is a constant influx of fresh air. There are also couches for relaxation. The Japanese bath also has a shower and as a mandatory attribute - a room for tea ceremonies. The whole sauna meal takes place in a strictly defined sequence, which cannot be violated in any way. After all, the Japanese people have developed these traditions for centuries.

Procedures in the Japanese bath and their sequence

Following the instructions of distant ancestors, all procedures in the Japanese bath begin with the preparation of a mental attitude, as well as with warming up and massage of the feet of both legs. As you know, a person has a great many biologically active points on his feet. Thanks to the preparatory massage, almost all internal organs of the human body are affected. It creates a kind of mental attitude for relaxation and relaxation.

Then they take a shower and go directly to the warm water procedures. Being chest deep in warm water, the body relaxes perfectly and gets a deeper warm-up compared to hot air exposure. The time spent in such a font is 10-15 minutes. This is quite enough to "get to the right condition." To diversify, embellish and increase the healing properties, rose petals or other aromatic additives are added to the water.

After leaving the warm font, they wrap themselves in a sheet and lay down to rest on the couch. After a short rest and complete drying of the body, they begin to take the so-called dry baths - furaco. Furaco are large wooden crates made for a lying man. They lack water, and there is a filler that also warms the body and has a healing effect. The so-called dry steaming of the body occurs.

In one of the boxes there are dry cedar sawdust, often there are added fees of various herbs (chamomile, mint, oregano, etc.). Cedar is generally a “magic tree”. No wonder the Japanese use it for such interesting recreational purposes. Sawdust from below is heated to 45-50 degrees, as they are the heaters and heat carriers.

A person lies in such a bath with sawdust and falls asleep with them. The body feels a warm, light and pleasant tingling sensation. The skin begins to absorb all the healing properties of cedar and herbs. And the sawdust at the same time take away with it all the slag and unnecessary salts. Dry steaming in a Japanese bath lasts 10-15 minutes. A man during this time manages to warm up well and relax.

After such an “exotic procedure”, a shower is taken again. And there comes a time of executions with stones. Instead of sawdust, the second furaco is filled with sea pebbles. These stones also warm up, but already up to 50-60 degrees. A person lays down on them with their stomachs, and individual specimens can fit on the spine and lower back. Thus, the human body is already heated with stones, not sawdust. At this time, a light massage will not be superfluous, since the effect of it at the moment is simply wonderful.

At the end of the heating on the stones, a final and important stage follows. This is a tea ceremony. It uses only green tea. It is much better than black, restores the loss of water from the body. It should be clarified that all actions in the Japanese bath are slow and relaxed. By tradition, there is always an assistant in the bathhouse - a geisha who provides massage and assists in all activities.

Useful properties of the Japanese bath

Since the Japanese bath carries out heating of the body in various ways (water, sawdust, stones), then the healing effect of such complex procedures is very noticeable. We can say that under milder and not familiar conditions, a person receives the same therapeutic result as from higher-temperature brethren. A similar example can be given with the Turkish hammam. There are also no hot and "harsh" conditions, as in a Finnish sauna or a Russian bath.

So, what kind of positive therapeutic results does the Japanese ofuro give? Here is some of them:

  • Excellent joint prophylaxis and treatment
  • Improving blood circulation and heart function
  • Increased immunity and overall body tone
  • Rejuvenation and improvement of the skin
  • Excellent stimulation of all internal organs
  • Metabolism is normalized and excess weight is eliminated.
  • Stress Relief, Nerve Calming and Sleep Recovery

From the above it becomes clear why the Japanese ofuro bath is gaining more and more popularity. Today, many reputable SPA salons are opening that offer the services of such an exotic bath. And ordinary citizens who want to install a similar design at home can buy a rectangular bathtub or a wooden model equipped with a stove in stores. Of course, the full stage of a real Japanese bath with sawdust and stones in it you will not spend, but warm water procedures will bring a lot of pleasure.

Quote of wisdom: Not success, but effort deserves a reward.

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Examples of the use of the word furo in the literature.

Turned out to be a repeat offender nicknamed Wagon is on the All-Russian wanted list.

The same source suggests that Wagon He is one of the most influential gentlemen of fortune who came to the capital from the provincial Great Onions.

No, when the snake and Wagon they learned that the Vakhitov transported money; on their own initiative they wanted to find rich people.

Everything ahead fell into place: and wagon, and the horse, and the guerrilla figures, obscure in a cloud of dust.

This is the same wagonwhich noble Willigot lost along with the harness on the high road during his too hasty escape.

He climbed in furu, wrapped himself in a sheet, unscrewed the horn from the clarinet and, hiding in the forest, began to blow into it, terrifying Willigot and his captive.

A few minutes later, the Canadian and his friends saw their furuabandoned on the eve of the Black Eagle.

Black eagle stopped furu under the shadow of a fig grove and went up to the conversation.

Vorobyov was thinking about how not to frighten Vakhitov and podgrestsya to talk about Fure and snake.

The German stopped moaning and, in surprise, even looked with fear in front of him, trying, perhaps, to understand whether his weak neighbors wagon and this girl, bending under an excessive burden, or it seems to him delirious.

After a touching farewell to Carby and his family, Canadian, Olivier and Dick fit in wagonto rest a bit after nightly worries.

Source: Maxim Moshkov library

Transliteration: furo
Backwards, it reads: Oruf
Furo consists of 4 letters

Sentences with the word "furo"

  • Just making sure that we were completely clean, we plunged into a furo, a bathtub full of hot water, over which steam rose, and plunged into it to the very chins.
  • According to Japanese doctors, sento and furo relieve stress, stimulate the activity of the cardiovascular system and kidneys.
  • Therefore, the furo was the only place where the Japanese, without violating religious laws, could wash and warm up in comfort.
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Furo in the crossword dictionary

Modern Explanatory Dictionary, TSB

The difference between ofuro and furo is that instead of water, the barrel is filled with cedar sawdust, dried leaves and all kinds of aromatic herbs, the total amount is about 60¤.

The triple hybrid column, furo (white ferret) and mink turned out to be significantly larger in size than any of the parent species.

Mandatory conditions furo - this is a hat on the head moistened with cold water, and so that the heart area is above the water.

We exchanged a few words, then I cooked a furo for him and heated a sake jug - this was the only carnal joy he allowed himself on Sunday evenings.

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