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How to choose and where to buy a Doberman puppy


Everyone (not to mention a passionate lover of this breed) will agree that doberman - One of the most beautiful, proud and elegant representatives of the "dog brotherhood".

Due to its short coat, doberman a very clean dog, which allows you to keep it in the apartment without causing any particular inconvenience without causing dissatisfaction with the hostess.

Doberman likes to completely share the life of the owners in a warm family environment. Indeed, it is a very warm, affectionate dog. If he feels like a child in the family, if he is loved in the family more than anyone and everyone, if you are familiar enough with the psychology of dogs to educate him correctly, you will see that he will change your life!

His eyes, full of love, will constantly look for what would be done to please the owners and give them pleasure.

Only for God's sake be on top! Do not disappoint him! Doberman it will be unbearably hard if one day his Master, his God, his Friend, whom he fully trusts, for whom he is ready to give his life, leaves him. Very often you can see how the Dobermans, who were left at the shelter for several weeks on vacation by the owners, are languishing with longing.

You have just brought home not a product, but a living creature, whose heart will henceforth beating only for you. But - attention! Doberman - not a pony or a workhorse, it is a "thoroughbred horse"! This is not a car that anyone can drive, it is Formula 1, a ride that requires professionalism. If he feels that he is loved, if you provide him with enough freedom and entertainment to discharge, if you have the opportunity to pay enough attention to his upbringing, the development of his mental abilities and quick wits, then you will get a great companion.

Doberman - An exceptionally gifted dog. He very quickly remembers what he is taught. Otherwise, do not rush to scold the dog, look for the reason, first of all in yourself ... Change the manner of training. Consider his psychology more. Clear and energetic commands with a gesture and voice, supported by affection and praise, will help the dog "work" with pleasure, will awaken the desire to learn in it. In short, try to "think like a dog" so that your companion understands you more easily. A very calm master, with a quiet voice and soft gestures, will achieve truly wonderful results from his student!

This breed belongs to Group 2 FCI - "guard dog". Doberman will be a great watchman of your property: home, things, cars. Possessing amazing quick wit, open and loyal character, he will completely devote himself to his family and everything that belongs to her.

From an early age, try to give him as much freedom as possible, because:
- a dog with a maximum of freedom is attentive during classes, work (obedience, pursuit exercises),
- doberman, who lacks freedom, will still take his own, but ... during class, of course, to the detriment of the latter!

As early as possible, starting from 2 months of age, teach the Doberman to the “to me” team. It's so easy to do in the game! You can say more: if you do as you should, work out the command “to me”, in the future you will not have to use a leash or a collar. But sometimes you still need to keep the Doberman on a leash. After all, your well-mannered and sociable companion can meet more or less aggressive fellow tribesmen.

All teams that do not require physical effort from the puppy ("to me", "next to", "stand", "lie", "sit", "voice", "be silent", "place", "aport", "trace ") must be practiced starting at 2 months of age. By the age of 6 months, the dog should perform all commands well.

Naturally, the movement "near" without a leash can be practiced only after the dog has learned to "perfectly" walk "close" on a leash.

Your doberman very sensitive to the manifestations of your love. If you bring him up without much affection, he will love you, but only ... On the contrary, if he feels that he is for you, all that you put him above all else is then.

Doberman he will try to please you in everything, and not only meeting after work, he will need more ... He will search and find, for example, your slippers ... Not at all then to find, but in order to bring them to you with a proud look. Perhaps he will find another way to express his gratitude to you. However, a calm, measured life in the house provides so few opportunities! The business is yours! After all, it is you who must create situations to maintain the mutual love of the owner and the dog. Otherwise, you are depriving your ward of the opportunity to express affection. But this should be the meaning of his life.

The dog must have a purpose in life. And even if you are not going to participate in competitions, try to give her a decent upbringing. As a result, she will often be near you, and you will see that the game will never interfere with work.

Doberman puppy enters your home! You just got a puppy - and your life has become completely different. You have just created an alliance by appropriating the title of commander, master. Do not forget that your duties are inseparable from your rights, and the former are more important than the latter.

Do not forget that you will receive a moral right to exercise your rights only after you fulfill your duties. In order to properly perform duties, one must know them, since good intentions alone are completely insufficient. It is necessary to have certain knowledge whether it is about hygiene, nutrition, psychology or upbringing. From birth, especially if the puppy doberman Had a fortune to be born to a breeder worthy of this title, he communicated with a person every day, was familiar with his warmth and smell. This first human smell, which the puppy felt from infancy, was forever imprinted in his brain, and another voice, the beautiful sound of the voice of its first owner. Always, even after many months of separation, the meeting will be joyful.

And so, this little creature has just been torn out of the familiar environment in which he lived. The Doberman will not see his first master, mother, brothers and sisters. You are a stranger to a puppy. Try to calm, protect, caress, encourage him. This manner of behavior, especially in relation to the Doberman, which is very impulsive in nature, should be maintained throughout the entire period of education. A dog is a reflection of the owner. If the owner is a nervous and disorganized person, the dog will be unbalanced. Very soon, if you create a confidential atmosphere, the puppy will find shelter and shelter near you, you will become its owner. There can be no question of starting training immediately. The dog works only to please the owner. Wait until the atmosphere of love and trust is established.
On the contrary, you need to accustom your pupil to cleanliness from the very beginning. Do not set unrealistic tasks for him. The dog usually releases the intestines after eating. Keep this in mind and take her outside after every meal. Praise the puppy as soon as he empties on the street. For those who have their own yard or garden, the task is greatly simplified.

Those who live in apartment buildings will have to bring the Doberman puppy out onto the street immediately after eating. Take a walk to train your puppy not to confuse the sidewalk with a place to send natural dog needs. You can teach your puppy to observe the necessary discipline in less than two weeks, which will allow your dog to become completely civilized and beloved by all.

Puppy doberman empty the intestines in the first 10 minutes of a walk. Keep it on a leash. Watch him, and as soon as he prepares to empty himself on the sidewalk, strictly say to him "no!" and take to a suitable place. As soon as he completes "his job" where it doesn’t hurt anyone, praise him, give him a treat and, if possible, immediately take off the leash so that he walks free. You will be surprised how quickly the puppy learns a simple truth: "did his work as quickly as possible - and free." If occasionally house troubles happen to him (which we don’t recommend), you should scold him only if you find him "at the scene of the crime." Try to notice the characteristic preparations, immediately take the dog out to the street before the "crime" is committed. Thus, you can quickly teach your puppy cleanliness.

The qualities of the owner. Dog training needs to be learned. You can not properly raise a puppy without learning the basics of dog breeding. Would you yourself respect a selfish and evil leader? A leader who daily shows you his contempt, is unfair to you, a tyrant, finally? If you behave this way with your pupil, he will not be able to endure the mood swings for a long time, his attachment to you will weaken. On the contrary, you should:
- be smart and insightful,
- be morally and physically balanced,
- have strong nerves,
- try to always treat the dog exactly, without mood swings, not to be unreasonably rude with her.

If you are not sure that you will remain calm, that you own yourself, it is better that day to abandon classes with your pupil. During classes, be extremely careful, constantly monitor the dog. Talk to her. Each time, praise good work, calmly, but firmly point out the bad. Repeat the commands repeatedly until they are fully assimilated.

As soon as you notice that the Doberman understands the commands, demand their unquestioning execution the first time. As an exception, if you fail to execute a command, you may recall: “What did I say?”. The hardness of the voice should indicate the inappropriateness of the vibrations.

Provide your puppy with a consistent upbringing. If you have no desire to educate him, then you will get a mediocre result. Two ten-minute classes every day is much more effective than 1 hour of classes per week.

Learn to own a voice. The owner of the Doberman must own his voice correctly. The intonation of praise, command, affection, reproach should not be the same.

There are owners who are talking with their pet in the same imperious and evil tone. The Doberman, with whom they communicate in this way, is always sad, does not enjoy life, does not feel happiness from being near the owner.

Warnings are easier than fixes. Master doberman must guess the thoughts of your pet. He must anticipate possible mistakes and try to avoid them. Any skill that you want to teach your dog will be perceived in a few months or in a few days - depending on your training methods.

The faster the dog learns the commands, the better it will fulfill them in the future. Consider working out the “lie down, don't move!” Command, which many of you are familiar with.

The first way to learn (wrong). Your Doberman lies in obedience to your order. Without your permission, he gets up. You scold him and return to the "lying" position. Thus, the Doberman did not fulfill your command, and you demand repetition from him! Since he managed to outwit you, why not try again? "You see, I do what you want!" - This can go on for months.

The second way of learning (correct). You have learned dog psychology. You caught the dog’s intention to rise at the moment of tension of her muscles, but even before she gets up, you tell her: “Lie down”. Soon after, you finish the exercise without forgetting the praise and reward.

The difference between these two methods. In the first case, the Doberman learned not to obey the owner’s order, to do only what she wants. This will always manifest itself: the dog will execute the command “to me” only when it wants. The owner will suffer from this, he has nothing to be proud of. The dog also will not be happier from this. She will not be able to enjoy great freedom, since the owner will not risk letting go of her poorly educated student.

On the contrary, in the second case, the dog learned that all the orders of the owner must be carried out. "I finish the exercise not when I want, but on the command of my friend and master."

Think and say "doggystyle." A good guide should be able to think and say “dog-like”, be able to act when and how, when and how it is necessary.

A person perceives a large amount of information: sees, hears, thinks, makes decisions in accordance with the information received.

Why don't the Doberman do the same? Avoid animal abuse. If the dog executes the command out of fear, she will work without pleasure, be nervous, she will always be afraid of punishment. Do not forget that the dog does not execute the command at all not because you don’t want to obey, but because you couldn’t think correctly (“dog-like”) and explain everything to her correctly.
Training on the training ground should always be for doberman reward. Imagine her condition if she would have to spend an entire hour at her master's foot, enduring poking and punishment. You need to create an atmosphere of mutual affection and trust.

Very quickly, the Doberman will understand that classes are the best opportunity to give pleasure to the owner, to be pleasant and useful to him. She will try, listen and understand everything that you tell her. What will be her joy after mastering each new team!

A caring and gentle attitude towards a dog does not at all imply a lack of authority. You may have an "iron hand in a velvet glove." You just need to learn how to use it correctly. All exercises should end with victory, never stop at defeat, it is better to return to a simpler exercise so that pleasant memories remain in the animal's memory.

If you succeed in perfectly raising the first dog, you will gain invaluable experience and will subsequently ask yourself the question: “Which of us is the owner? Who is the student? After all, she taught me everything!” Attention! Best the enemy of the good. It takes years for the dog to be brought up correctly and one minute is enough to ruin everything, sometimes irreparably.

A teacher who teaches poorly has the opportunity to subsequently explain to students their mistakes, they will understand. You do not have such an opportunity. It is better to anticipate and prevent possible errors than to correct them later. Be an alert and insightful psychologist, as many failures and difficulties will fall on your lot, and you have to overcome them together with your faithful friend.

Nickname of your Doberman. When you bring your puppy home, call him by name as often as possible. Then, as soon as the puppy learns his nickname, any team should be given along with the nickname. This will attract the attention of the dog, and it will be better to do everything that is required of it.

Teams are stereotypes. Talk more with the dog. However, teams should be clear and not in doubt when executed. For a call command, for example: “Come here!”, “To me!”, “Come!” etc. The team should always sound the same. This rule must be observed for all teams.

Respect the personal life of the dog. Puppy doberman - not a toy. He needs a long sleep. Try not to disturb anyone, especially the children, while he sleeps. Otherwise, it will affect his mood. Never stop him from eating. Give the puppy the opportunity to have a "personal corner", "personal habits", and "little personal life."Nevertheless, use his age to teach him to give everything from the mouth, whatever it is. This will allow you to avoid many troubles in the future when the puppy becomes an adult dog with powerful fangs (especially if you have children).

It is not recommended to constantly be near the dog. Doberman has an amazing gift of observation. She will guess your thoughts! And if you are always nearby, she will think that you are constantly following her. You simply cannot follow the dog 24 hours a day - and it will be outrageous until you see it. Thinking that you saw her and didn’t scold her, she won’t understand why tomorrow you will forbid her to do what she was supposedly allowed to do yesterday.

Access to society. Go out more often, not forgetting to look around and see everything that happens around. Accustom your dog to the noises and movements in the city. If you happen to see an advertisement for shooting in a neighboring village - great! A great opportunity to train your dog in shots. Go there, take a walk near the shooting venue. If you carry a dog in a car, teach her not to leave the car without your permission.

Conviction in communication. Practice all teams with great confidence, confidence in achieving an exceptional result with your super dog. If, for example, you do not like overcoming obstacles, if you are afraid that the dog will get hurt, if you think that this exercise is harmful to your back or paws, you can be sure that your dog will not achieve any results in this discipline. Surprisingly it may seem, but the dogs are very sensitive to any manifestations and changes in the mental state of the owner.

Be firm and fair. Do not let the Doberman growl or "show teeth" at any member of your family. Be firm and fair. A young dog will quickly realize that you are the “dog-chef”, as the dogs have a well-developed sense of hierarchy. Society and subordination are necessary for it for more complete development. The dog perceives its owner and his family as his fellow tribesmen, members of the same pack, assigning each a specific rank. Hence the great importance of your behavior as a leader from the very first moment a puppy appears in the house. Use every opportunity to say: "Good, bravo, my dog!" - when the puppy behaves well, and say sharp, like a click of a whip, "yuck, you can’t!" when he will be outrageous. In order for the dog to better understand what is good and what is bad, it is imperative that your appropriate reaction to the dog’s action be followed immediately.

Thus, never raising your voice, not using violence (since the hand is intended only for affection), you will receive a well-bred, civilized dog. To love does not mean to allow everything to such an extent that the dog becomes unpleasant for others or disturbs neighbors. On the contrary, the owner, who loves his pet, educates him so that he becomes cute and enjoyable for everyone.

As a summary. What is the basis of "dog psychology?" Here is a small example: your puppy doberman nibbles furniture. Most owners in this case punish dogs. What will the puppy think? He will not understand why he was punished, because he has no idea about the value of things and does not see the difference between expensive furniture and a stick found in the garden. But it’s so nice to "brush your teeth", so he will think: "My master is evil, he beats me!"

A shadow of mistrust can overshadow the union of a person with a dog! Despite everything, the dog should not be allowed to continue to nibble on furniture. Let’s see what’s best to do in this situation: knowing the nature of your “bandit”, you can predict what stupid things he can do at the next moment. You need to stand behind the puppy. Immediately at the time of the commission of the crime, abruptly and violently slap his hands on the thighs so that the puppy does not understand that you did it. When, quite naturally, he turns around, thinking that this is a punishment coming from you, caress him, saying: “What a beautiful dog I have!”, In no case showing that the dog did a bad deed. After that, the puppy will make the only possible conclusion: "To bite this furniture? Never in my life! It hurts me! And my master is good, he is petting me." From this moment, the love between the owner and the dog will be further strengthened.

Choosing a Doberman puppy - what you need to know first

If you have already made the final decision that the Doberman is a breed for your family, you just have to find where to buy a puppy and choose it correctly. And this, as you know, is not an easy task, especially for those who are just starting to get acquainted with this breed. In order to avoid the mass of some common mistakes, you first need to understand that you cannot compromise - make your choice, being content with a poorly trained, unhealthy poor model from a breeder from a neighboring yard or a puppy born on a “dog farm”. This is exactly what nurseries are called, where puppies of several breeds are produced and raised for sales. The best kennel is always one where only one breed of dog is promoted. In this case, all the owner’s attention is focused only on its development, which helps to achieve serious results.

The main nuances that should be considered when choosing a dog breed Doberman:

  • Only accredited breeders are recommended. Of course, the price of the Doberman will be slightly higher, but this approach creates some protection, for example, if something goes against the contract, the animal can be returned to the cattery with a replacement or full reimbursement of costs,
  • You should never buy a puppy without seeing its parents. Familiarity with the dog’s ancestors will allow you to pre-evaluate the animal’s temperament and potential health status, which is very important for a breed like Doberman
  • should never be allowed to deliver a puppy. After the animal has been selected, it is generally not recommended to leave it from its field of vision,
  • Do not choose dogs on online forums or public bulletin boards. The price will be lower, however, all those promises that the owners give may never be fulfilled. If you still had to contact a similar point of sale, you need to follow the same rules that are observed when buying a dog in a serious kennel. We remember - no compromises.

Owners of puppies have one goal - they need to sell their dogs and earn money on this. Therefore, it is extremely unlikely that their verbosity and promises will coincide with reality in the future, if all conditions are not documented. If the breeder does not want to draw up a contract or if there are no points of interest in the contract - it is better to refuse immediately

In addition, it must be remembered that after examining puppies even from one litter, some of them may be disqualified due to non-compliance with pedigree standards, either due to illness or defects. Therefore, if the puppy's parents are the "gold standard" of the breed, this does not mean at all that the puppy has the same value. If the thoroughbredness of the dog is extremely important, you need to require the appropriate documents primarily for the specific puppy, and not be content with the achievements of his parents.

How to buy a Doberman - a breeder survey

After the Dobermans nursery is selected, the next step will be a detailed conversation with the breeder. You need to get answers to all of the following questions, and during the conversation you should pay attention to how willingly the owner of the dogs conducts a dialogue.

  1. where was the puppy born? If the dog was born elsewhere, this may indicate that the animals are purchased on "dog farms" or from random individuals for the purpose of outbid. If the puppy was born here, as we have already noted, it is very important to get to know his parents,
  2. what age is the mother? A bitch who has given birth to a puppy must be at least two years old,
  3. when was the last time the puppy's mother had a litter? Female Dobermans should bring offspring at least once a year, otherwise the risk of developing genetic diseases in their offspring increases,
  4. how many litters did the puppy's mother have? It makes sense to take a puppy from the fourth or subsequent litters,
  5. How can I see the documents for the puppy and his parents? First of all, interest should be shown in relation to the puppy's health, and then - recognition of his pedigree. You should not believe the phrases “They are not available right now,” “I have no papers in my hands,” “I have lost documents,” or anything else like that. If you cannot see the documents that should be, you can safely leave this nursery right now,
  6. how can you see puppies from past litters, maybe photos? If the mating was carried out earlier in the territory of this nursery, and the breeder has photos of puppies from previous litters, this is a good sign. If the breeder maintains constant contact with his customers, this means that he has nothing to hide and, in addition, he values ​​his dogs,
  7. How socialized is the puppy for children, other pets, and so on? If the breeder begins to answer in confusion and talk about the well-known features of the breed, then no preliminary training of the puppies was carried out at all.

What to look for when choosing a puppy

If the conversation with the breeder is completely satisfied, you can proceed to the last step - inspection of the puppy. We pay attention to the following details:

  • the sanitary condition of the enclosure where the puppies are kept. Every self-respecting breeder will provide almost perfect cleanliness for his dogs,
  • the puppy should not be separated from the mother before 8 weeks of age,
  • the coat should be shiny, the eyes bright, the temperament inquisitive and attentive to its surroundings,
  • all preventive vaccinations should be carried out with all relevant documentation, including a map of the condition of the animal,
  • there must be documents confirming thoroughbred and thoroughbred.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that each puppy must be sold through a contract of sale, which should include a clause on the possible return of the puppy to the kennel. If for some reason the breeder does not include such an item in the contract, it is worth choosing a Doberman puppy in another place.


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