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Don Sphinx: character, care and maintenance


Sphynxes are called cats that have almost no hairline, their skin is not covered by either the outer coat or down, as a rule, they are completely bald. According to beautiful stories, the sphinxes were found in ancient Egypt, but in fact the oldest breed of sphinxes is only about 50 years old, we are talking about the Canadian sphinxes. In addition to them, the St. Petersburg and Don Sphinxes were bred, however, these breeds appeared recently, 15 years ago, and they are still in the process of formation.

Breed features

A distinctive feature of the breed is the complete absence of wool. The animal has well-developed muscles, huge ears and slightly slanting eyes. This appearance gives him mystery. Sphinxes are pretty smart, friendly and completely non-aggressive. They have a good memory and are easy to train. There are three varieties of the breed: Canadian, Don and St. Petersburg sphinx. The Canadian sphinx has a wedge-shaped head, pronounced cheekbones, slightly flattened forehead and oval eyes. The Don Sphinx is characterized by a developed bone system, many folds on the skin and large almond-shaped eyes. Petersburg Sphinx has green or blue eyes, bulging ears and a large trunk with long legs. Some varieties are covered with short hair.

Sphinx Skin Care

Sphynx cats do not need hair care because they are hairless, but their delicate skin requires care. As a result, you have to take care of the sphynx much more than a regular, even long-haired cat. The sphinx skin needs to be wiped daily, otherwise sweat and dust will accumulate on it and cause inflammation. For wiping, it is best to use cotton swabs or a soft towel. Do not use hygiene products that contain alcohol for skin care of the sphinx. If his skin dries, you can lubricate it with baby cream.

A bit of history

You should not be seven spans in your forehead to understand: the breed is native and bred in the south of Russia by Rostov felinologists. The ancestor was the most common bald-headed mongrel found at a city dump. The path of the breeders was long and thorny, for 10 years of hard breeding they managed to get a new breed - the Don Sphynx. She received worldwide recognition in 1996.

Description of the Don Sphynx breed

Unlike the Canadian sphynx, the Don sphynx is completely hairless, although a slight fluff may appear by the winter period. The body is wrinkled, tender, slightly velvety and hot to the touch. Excess skin gathers in large folds in the lower body: on the stomach, groin and legs.

Cats are distinguished by a powerful physique, strong skeleton, and well-developed muscles. They have high legs with thin elongated fingers, a triangular head with triangular huge ears, rounded at the ends, and slightly slanting eyes. Dimorphism is expressed: males are much larger than females.

At birth, kittens have a faint soft fluff that falls out over time. A distinctive feature of newborn sphinxes is the presence of a twisted mustache and eyebrows - vib crosses.

Inside the breed, individuals with coarse short hair resembling a brush with areas of alopecia in the head, back and neck are born. Such cats and cats cannot get high titles at exhibitions, but they are actively involved in breeding. Their use in breeding reduces the appearance of "defective" kittens with heart disease, inversion of the eyelids, malocclusion and other pathologies.

Color is allowed and recognized by absolutely anyone.

The nature of the Don Sphinx

Peaceful animal, completely not suffering from any aggression. Very affectionate, gentle, kind, strongly attached to the owner, but behaves not as an dependent pet, but as an equal member of a home society.

Sphinxes are calm, lazy, but at the same time playful. Most of the time they prefer to spend in a nap, curling up in a warm place. In the wakeful period, they will gladly rush about the apartment in search of entertainment.

Don Sphinx Care Rules

Bright representatives of the breed are not adapted for life in natural conditions, they require increased care and compliance with special maintenance rules.

The lack of hair made animals dependent on the cold: the slightest draft, lowering the ambient temperature below a comfortable level will inevitably lead to colds, therefore they must be kept warm and not taken outside without unnecessary need.

If suddenly it becomes cold in the apartment for some reason, then you should take care of either additional heating of the room with an electric fireplace, or warm clothes for your pet - it’s easy to find catsuit for cats these days.

Bald skin reacts negatively to ultraviolet, so in the summer you should not get carried away with excessive sunbathing. To protect against burns, some lovers suggest using a regular sunscreen for people.

Increased metabolism requires enhanced feeding: the animal is not able to retain the heat of its own body for a long time, and it needs a lot of energy to maintain the desired temperature. Usually sphinxes are fed 3-4 times a day, the diet should include protein-rich foods. They are happy to eat sweets, pastries, fruits, but it is impossible to indulge all the whims of pets, otherwise there will be problems with digestion or allergies.

They bathe sphinxes more often than fluffy counterparts, about 1-2 times a month. Once a week, the skin is wiped with warm rags or wet wipes without alcohol. During bathing, all folds are especially thoroughly washed, in which dirt can accumulate, accompanied by the growth of bacteria and, as a result, the appearance of an unpleasant odor. The animal is washed in a warm, even hot room, the water temperature is not lower than 38 ° C. Immediately after the procedure, the pet is wiped dry with a towel, smeared with baby cream or petroleum jelly and wrapped in a warm blanket.

By the way, any hygienic procedures (cutting off claws, brushing ears, teeth, etc.) are transferred stoically by sphinxes - they completely trust their master.

The eyes of Donetsk residents are sensitive to infection, since there is no natural protection - eyelashes, so they are wiped several times a week with chamomile broth or ordinary tea leaves. Huge ears are prone to pollution - they are cleaned every 7-10 days.

Don Sphinx Health

Very hardy and strong pets, which with proper care do not cause health problems.

One of those breeds that does not require the presence of a person during childbirth - almost always they pass quickly and without pathologies. Kittens are born strong, already on the third day their eyes open. In rare cases, babies are born with already cut eyes, which requires immediate treatment with a weak solution of potassium permanganate - this will prevent the development of infection, lacrimation and souring.

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Maintenance and care

Representatives of this breed due to the lack of coat are completely unsuitable for life on the street. They need only home maintenance and appropriate care. Moreover, a comfortable air temperature should be maintained in the apartment. The Don Sphinx is easily exposed to colds, so if it gets cold, it will require specially made clothes in the form of a warm vest or overalls.

Short-term sun baths have a positive effect on pet health. The skin of these cats is very susceptible to ultraviolet rays and quickly acquires a peculiar tan. At the same time, the body enhances the production of vitamin D and calcium is better absorbed. But such procedures should not be abused, otherwise the animal may get burns or sunstroke.

Particular attention to the owners require the eyes of the Don Sphinx. They need more careful care than in the case of other breeds. This is due to the fact that sphinxes lack not only wool, but also eyelashes. Eyes have to be regularly cleaned with a cotton swab dipped in water, and 2 times a week, special eye drops should be instilled into them. If the slightest signs of inflammation appear (especially if it concerns a small kitten), you should immediately contact your veterinarian.

Ear care is simple and usually does not take much time. They are cleaned as usual - with a cotton swab dipped in a 3% solution of boric acid or boiled water. It is only worth considering that in the Don Sphinx, sulfur in the auricle accumulates very quickly, so you have to clean them weekly.

We also have to take care of the claws. About once every two months, the animal needs to be trimmed to prevent damage to furniture and other items.

For a person who is allergic to wool, this breed is a real find.

Essential Care Supplies

Caring for the sphinx will be much simpler and easier when the house has all the necessary tools for this:

  • Shampoo intended for naked animals (a special one is needed for a kitten), and other cleaning products (lotions, foams, etc.), wet wipes.
  • Cotton pads, drops and ointments to provide eye care.
  • Cotton buds, boric acid and ear drops.
  • Nail clipper.

Bathing sphinx

Another advantage of hairless cats is that they do not require grooming. It is enough to wipe the body from time to time with a soft damp cloth or towel. Nevertheless, it is necessary to bathe a pet much more often than cats of other breeds. The fact is that the sphinxes sweat very much, which makes the skin quickly becomes very oily and gets an unpleasant odor.

An adult cat or kitten should be washed at least once a week. It is necessary to bathe animals of light colors more often, because the secret secreted by the feline glands has a brown color, which is very noticeable on the trunk, especially on the neck and armpits.

Sphinxes are not afraid of water and tolerate a similar procedure quite well, so it’s easy to accustom them to swimming. First you need to warm the room well. The water temperature should approximately be 38 ° C. Wash the cat using a special shampoo or baby soap. After bathing, the animal is thoroughly wiped and lubricated with baby cream.

Many owners of this breed prefer to use lotions instead of bathing to provide care for problem areas of the skin, eliminate pollution and unpleasant odors. It is only necessary to choose products without alcohol. In addition, it is worth considering that some animals are allergic to them.


Don Sphynx does not require any special nutrition. They are completely picky about food, and if you accustom your pet to a variety of foods, then no problems will arise in the future. Don sphinxes have increased energy exchange, unlike their fluffy relatives, so they need more food.

Feeding can be of two types - natural food or dry food. In the first case, these are mainly meat and sour-milk products. The diet should include:

  • Raw meat. In its fresh form, it contributes to the development of parasites in the intestines - it must be boiled or frozen.
  • Vegetables. Cats with pleasure eat boiled carrots, beets, cabbage.
  • Sour-milk products - kefir, cottage cheese, sour cream. It is not recommended to feed the milk of adult cats. As soon as the kitten's interest in him disappears, you can immediately remove it from the diet. But access to water in this case should be provided.
  • Sphynxes need to feed eggs and fish no more than twice a week.

It is very convenient to use ready-made dry food. It is fully balanced and contains all the necessary substances for the full development of the animal. It is important to ensure that where the feed is located, there must be a bowl of clean water.

Pets, like little children, are always waiting for something tasty. You can let the cat indulge a couple of times a month with a raw chicken neck (only without skin!). This is a delicious treat that looks like a mouse that you can drag in your teeth and then eat.

Features of feeding a kitten

For every person who purchases a kitten, there is a huge responsibility for its maintenance and care. The main factor affecting the animal’s health is nutrition. Food for a small pet is selected especially carefully. Especially in the period from 3 to 5 months, when the kitten's body grows most actively, it is necessary to approach the preparation of the diet very responsibly. Boiled fish (seedless), cereals, offal should be present in it. You can feed your baby with raw meat, but you must first keep it in the refrigerator for at least 10 hours. It is very useful to add dill to food, but not all cats like its smell.

For babies under the age of 9 months, there is a special dry food for kittens.

Character and education

The Don Sphinxes, despite their severe appearance, are unusually friendly and sociable animals. They are very affectionate and distinguished by great affection for their master, trying to constantly be with him nearby.

Owners of this breed consider the sphinxes to be very smart and smart cats. They can even be trained. True, due to their independent character, they are not always in a hurry to carry out commands. These cats are very fond of any outdoor games, they can chase a ball for a long time or play with a mouse. Great partners for them in such games are children.

It does not take much time to train the kitten to the toilet. It happens that the first time they bring it to the tray, the baby understands what they want from him. Thanks to an inquiring mind, sphinxes quickly learn the rules of behavior and behave very dignified.

A cat with such a developed intellect and unusual external data should have a corresponding nickname. Therefore, acquiring such a pet, it is advisable to responsibly approach the question of what to call it.

If you correctly organize all the conditions for a comfortable living of the Don Sphinx (nutrition, skin care, outdoor games, etc.), then, you can say, a healthy and long life is provided to the pet. And he, in turn, will answer the care with his love and devotion.

Briefly about the breed

Don Sphinxes - a young, new breed. These cats deftly became favorites and subdued others with their appearance, interesting behavior, now they know this breed as popular.

And this is not surprising, because such animals have many advantages. The good thing that other breeds of cats have is inherent in the sphinxes.

One can say it is a pleasure to keep this breed at home. Some say that there are inconveniences with the content of this breed, so that the pets are finicky and often sick. But remember, these are just rumors. You may notice that they are in good health.

You can quickly describe the nature of these animals: these are playful and cheerful children in whom there is no aggressiveness. These pets, in principle, like many other breeds, love people. For some, their love of abundance can be boring. Since not having had time to sit down on a sofa or on an armchair, here, as you can see, Donchak will appear next to him.

Sitting on your knee you probably will want to "sing a song".This breed likes others to pay attention to it, they also need to be aware of what is happening around. Even those whom animals see for the first time, show friendliness and attention.

Sphinxes will quickly find an approach to children because they love children. And with other pets they will not have conflicts. The Don Sphinxes are attentive, intelligent, they notice in what mood the owner is.

If they notice that you are in a good mood, the sphinxes will be nearby and will gladly entertain the owner, but suddenly they will notice that you are not in the mood, they will simply leave. Arriving home, a faithful and reliable friend will meet, but do not expect him to wag his tail.

Important: If the sphinx next to you is a real and, in addition, a live heating pad. The body temperature of these households is approximately 40 degrees.

Features of care and maintenance of this breed

This breed requires increased care, and some rules will have to be taken into account in how to maintain it.

Since these cats, as already understood, have no coat, they react sharply to the cold. Therefore, make sure that pets are not sitting in the drafts, the ambient temperature should not be less than comfortable. And the pets will be healthy and fun. Without excess need, cats are better off not taking them outside.

If there are reasons and it becomes cool in the apartment, then find a way out of this situation. Either turn on the heater, or take care in advance of the warm and comfortable clothes for your pet. Today it is not difficult to purchase overalls for any animal.

Naked skin does not respond well to ultraviolet, for this, make sure that in summer the cat is not under the sun for a long time. To avoid burns on the body, some advise sunscreen, as for people.

These animals have an increased metabolism, and this requires proper nutrition. The pet is not able to retain the heat of his body for a long time, so he needs energy to maintain the desired temperature.

Sphinxes need to be fed 3-4 times a day, in feed, so that there is a lot of protein. Households love sweets, pastries, as well as fruits, but care must be taken so that there are no problems with digestion and allergies.

You need to bathe this breed more often than other cat breeds, two to three times a month. And once a week, wipe the body with wet wipes. Immediately after bathing, dry your pet with a towel and wrap it in a warm blanket.

Important: Any hygienic procedures (brushing, bathing, clipping, etc.) are well tolerated by pets because they fully trust themselves in their master.

How to feed the Don Sphinx

Like any other cat, this breed needs proper and balanced nutrition. Therefore, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, proteins and trace elements must be present in the diet. For this, it is desirable that the food be prepared by the owner at home.

The main and necessary diet will be meat - a source of protein (low-fat beef, poultry or lamb).

Of no less importance are offal - heart, liver, kidneys. It contains many useful substances.

Fish and seafood. You can pamper a couple of times a week.

Cereals. This is an important element in nutrition. Porridge with meat is a favorite, as well as suitable food for a pet.

Special thermoregulation

The body temperature of an adult animal is about 38 ° C. Hairless skin has a high level of heat transfer, so it feels hot to the touch. Sphinxes contraindicated cold. They like to sleep under the covers with the owner, looking for warm places in the house. In winter, the pet may even need clothes. In summer, hairless skin is in no way protected from ultraviolet radiation, and the cat can get sunburn, so sun exposure should be moderate. Sphinxes spend a lot of energy on maintaining body temperature. Compared to fluffy cats, they need more calories.

Lack of eyelashes

Eyelashes are also hair, they are just stiffer and grow along the edge of the eyelids in order to protect the cornea of ​​the eye from pollution, foreign bodies and damage. Accordingly, the sphinxes do not have this hair either. To compensate for the lack of eyelashes, cats of this breed group produce more tear secretions that wash their eyes. There are so many of him that he cannot go through the nasolacrimal canal. Therefore, the sphinxes periodically "cry." In air, a tear oxidizes and turns brown. It looks like mucous brownish lumps in the inner corners of the eyes, so regular hygiene procedures are recommended.

Special skin secret

Sphinxes have many sebaceous glands to protect hairless skin. As a result, the animal is covered with grease, which leaves marks on the palms, clothes, bedding. It is because of this feature that such cats need regular bathing: if too much sebum is produced, the glands can become clogged, which can lead to acne, acne and inflammation on the skin of the sphinx.

Ear cleaning

The ears of the sphinxes are large, on the inner surface they do not have hairs, therefore, due to the active release of sulfur inside the shell, secretions constantly accumulate. About once a week it needs to be cleaned with a cotton pad dipped in a special lotion, such as Bars. Cotton buds are not used, as they can damage the ear.

Eye care

From the corners of the eyes, as necessary, remove accumulated secretions. No need to use tea leaves or antibacterial drops unnecessarily. The eyes are wiped with cosmetic-hygienic lotion or boiled water. If the discharge has become opaque (yellow, gray), the eyelids stick together, or if the eyes look sore, you must definitely show the pet to the veterinarian.

Caring for kittens of the Don Sphinx

It is not difficult to get a sphinx kitten. And to look after a kitten is also not at all difficult. It will take time for the kitten to get used to the new place. You need to be careful if there are animals in the house that visit the street.

Because bacteria can be brought in from the street. So for the first time it’s better to isolate the kitten so as not to contact with other animals. In the first year, it is important to take all the necessary vaccinations - from rabies and antiviral.

You need to change the diet gradually so that there are no upsets in the stomach. Feed regularly three times a day.

These are the main aspects of caring for the Don Sphynxes.


At this point, it is important to choose the right shampoo. For hairless cats, as well as for hairless dogs, they create detergents that are subject to special requirements. They must effectively remove sebum without overdrying the skin. Usually they include anti-inflammatory components of plant origin, which fight against the formation of acne. For example, the Elite shampoo of the Elite Professional series contains a mild detergent complex and an exclusive composition of allantoin for gentle care for delicate skin, moisturizing ingredients and natural extracts of medicinal plants (juniper, aloe vera, Asian centella, hazelnut, thyme, sage), which have anti-inflammatory, wound healing, bactericidal, emollient and soothing effect. The tool refers to professional cosmetics, adapted for use at home. Before using shampoo, you need to read the instructions.

In addition to shampoo, you will need a soft towel, a gentle baby washcloth and a small bucket. If you do not want to bathe the sphinx in the sink or bath, you need to prepare a basin.

Temperature and water level control

Cats do not like the sound of pouring water, they try not to wash in the shower. They put a rubber mat or towel in the bathtub, sink or basin so that the paws do not slip and the animal is not nervous, they collect water by about 15 cm (for an adult animal). Water temperature should be between 36–38 ° С. If there is no thermometer at hand, they are guided by their own feelings, checking the water at the bend of the elbow. She must be warm. Too cold water can cause a cold, and hot water can cause increased release of sebum.

The washing up

Hairless kittens are taught to wash from childhood. It is very important not to scare the cat, to speak with her in a soft but confident voice. The animal is placed in water, the level of which reaches the abdomen. If the cat is afraid of water, create foam on the surface. The back and neck are wetted by pouring from a bucket. Then a shampoo, previously foamed in the palms, is applied to the skin. When using a shampoo concentrate, dilute it in the recommended amount of warm water. For problem areas (tail, sacrum) where exfoliation is required, a baby washcloth can be used. After shampooing, wash thoroughly.

No need to lather your head - cats don’t like it, and there is a risk that water will get into your ears. It is better to wipe this area with a wet cloth or sponge.


They wrap the pet in a soft towel and hold it in their hands until it dries completely.

Although hairless cats dry fairly quickly, releasing them wet is dangerous because a draft can cause a cold. The hairdryer is not used. While the cat is sitting on the hands in a towel, you can do ear hygiene and check if the brown secret has accumulated at the base of the claws - these places sometimes have to be wiped additionally.

Although it may seem that caring for the sphinx gives owners a lot of trouble, this is not entirely true. Naked cats often need to be bathed, but they do not need to be combed every day. With proper care, they delight the owners with good health and high life expectancy, and an exotic appearance invariably attracts the attention of households and guests.

The content of the article

  • How to care for a canine sphynx cat
  • Where does the sphinx look
  • How to care for a Thai cat

Canadian sphinxes are hairless, but the heat transfer of animals is quite high. Their skin is always warm to the touch, so it may even seem that the cat has a fever and she is sick. Body temperature ranges from 38-39 ° C. The most interesting thing is the psychological connection between man and animal. The Sphinxes have an understanding, deep and meaningful look. They subtly feel the mood of their master. Pet's love for a person is immense, he does not get tired of proving it.

Canadian Sphinx Content

The content of the sphinx is different from that of other cats. Numerous skin folds accumulate secretions that attract dust and dirt like a magnet. Therefore, it is necessary from time to time to bathe your pet in warm water using a special shampoo for cats (you can use baby shampoo without a pronounced smell). Wipe off lightly soiled sphinx skin with special wet wipes designed to care for animals. Do not let your pet spend a lot of time in the sun, as the skin quickly burns.

The Canadian Sphynx is a fairly clean cat, so you should always keep it clean in the tray. Cut the claws as they grow. Gently push the paw using sharp tweezers, cut off the transparent tip. Try not to touch sensitive areas. So that the cat does not tear off the furniture, you can seek help from the veterinarian and remove the claws of the sphinx (or purchase a claw brush).

Care for ears, eyes, teeth

Canadian sphinxes are endowed with large ears. Due to the accelerated metabolism and increased body temperature in the animal’s ears, excreta quickly accumulate. Brush your cat's ears once a week using a regular cotton swab. Do not clean the ear too deep; this can lead to otitis media or damage to the eardrum. By the way, in stores for animals there are special products for ear cleaning.

Since the sphinxes have practically no eyelashes, soils often form in the eyes. If the cat has watery eyes, purulent discharge appears, you should consult a doctor, this indicates the presence of infection. Transparent and brown discharge are normal. Wipe the sphinx with a cosmetic disc dipped in chamomile infusion, tea leaves, a warm solution of furatsilin or boiled water. You can use special products for rubbing the eyes.

To avoid plaque and tartar, gently brush your cat’s teeth with a brush. Accustom the animal from an early age to dental hygiene. Gums should be pink with no visible signs of inflammation. There are special feeds for cleaning teeth on sale.

Sphinx nutrition

Canadian sphinxes have a good appetite, are omnivores (since they have a faster metabolism due to lack of hair, it requires a lot of energy). These cats are distinguished by the lack of fastidiousness to food. Do not let your pet overeat. When maintaining the sphinx, a choice should be made between natural nutrition and industrial feed. Ready-made feed is the most balanced. Natural nutrition is also a worthy option, but it is difficult to balance (calculate the correct proportion, the required amount of minerals and vitamins). Sphinxes are strictly contraindicated in fatty foods.